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Mrs. Gu replied with a laugh, “That’s true.”

“How lively, what are all of you talking about?” Gu Dongcheng had returned, with Chi Rui’er beside him.

“Nothing much. Where did the two of you go?”

As he held onto Chi Rui’er’s hand, Gu Dongcheng sat down and replied, “We went to buy wedding rings, and we took our wedding photos too.”

“Don’t wedding photos usually take a day or two? Did you take enough photos?”

“Umm. We didn’t take too many, Rui’er said those were enough,” Gu Dongcheng muttered. “The wedding gown is tailor-made, it’ll arrive tomorrow.”

Mrs. Gu took a look at Chi Rui’er and didn’t say anything else.

“You’re going to the devil training camp?!” Long Tianze was alarmed. “Have you lost your mind?”

Mei Yangyang darted a glance at him. “No, I haven’t. What’s the big fuss about it?”

“Do you know what kind of place that is? It’s a devil training camp. The word ‘devil’ in its name is not just there for fun. Can you withstand such rigorous training day after day?”

“If other people can, so can I,” Mei Yangyang replied confidently. “I think this is a good opportunity.”

Long Tianze smirked and started analyzing for her. “I dare say, the number of women in there are extremely few. You might be the only one. Also, the fee is really expensive.”

“I’m not the only woman, Sister Xiaoning is going too. We’re going together.”

His mouth remained wide open. “Don’t tell me she’s the one who wanted to go, and you’re going with her?”

“Yes,” Mei Yangyang responded frankly. “Where would I get so much money? It costs three hundred thousand dollars per person. But Sister Xiaoning was considerate towards me and wanted someone to accompany her, so she asked if I was willing to go. I agreed.”

“Both of you are mad.” Long Tianze touched his chin lightly. “Not even I would dare to go to such a place.”

“Is it really that scary?”

“Whether it’s scary or not, you’ll know when you go there. You’re really paying to suffer.” Long Tianze went on to suggest, “So, how about you don’t go, hmm?”

Mei Yangyang straightened herself and looked at him calmly. “Then you tell me, if Sister Xiaoning and I were to meet with some bad people one day and I can’t defend myself, and you’re not around either, what should I do?”

Upon hearing her words, Long Tianze seemed to realize it was important to learn self-defense skills. Whether one would meet with bad people or danger out there, it was something no one could say for sure.

“That’s true. Since you’re joining for this reason, then you should go. It’s just that, if it lasts for four to five months, will I be able to go and see you?”

Mei Yangyang seemed unsure. “I think so. I don’t know if we will be banned from contacting the outside world.”

“If it’s really like that, then when you’re back after a few months, aren’t you afraid that I’ll have found another pretty lady?”

Mei Yangyang reached out and held his face with both hands, answering seriously, “If it’s really like that, then what’s the use of being with you if you’re going to find another woman when I’m not beside you for a few months? I’d rather not have you. Don’t worry, I’ve already inspected you for some time before taking a step further into this relationship with you. Don’t think I’m stupid, I’m not.”

Long Tianze’s face brightened up. His eyes turned and his face moved slightly, kissing her palm. She felt a sudden surge of electric current and immediately released her hands.

The corner of his lips curled up into a smile. “Even if you’re banned from contacting the outside world, as long as I want to see you, I’ll be able to have my way.”

“Umm. I’m getting down, okay?” Mei Yangyang pushed the car door open and got down, then closed the door shut and waved goodbye to him.

Long Tianze drove off and unconsciously looked at the rear-view mirror. He saw Mei Yangyang staring intensely at the hand he had kissed earlier.

He felt like he was about to burst out laughing. This feeling felt exceptionally sweet.

After Mei Yangyang reached home, she told her father about going to the training camp. Her father supported her, of course. He was already worried about her going to work all day by herself. Such an opportunity was too good to be true. When she mentioned An Xiaoning forking out the three hundred thousand dollars for her to join, Mr. Mei repeatedly reminded her to thank An Xiaoning.

The two were chatting happily when Mei Shuangshuang emerged from the bedroom with a cold remark, “People treat you like their maid to order around, and you’re here being over the moon.”

“You brat, how can you say that of Ms. An? I think you can’t tell a good person from a bad one.”

“Father, don’t worry about her. I can’t be bothered to talk to her. I’ll be gone next week so I won’t be around. If you and Mother need to eat anything, don’t scrimp on it. I’ll continue to work when I come back.”

“I know all these. But the crux is about you, it’s going to be tiring and hard on you. Yangyang, if you can’t take it, come back.”

“Father, I’ll be able to take it. No matter how tiring it is, I can’t waste the money.” Mei Yangyang went into the room and opened her wardrobe. She packed three or four sets of clothes for next week and finally sat on her bed, feeling pleased inside.

“Hmph. What’s the big deal about it, you’re not even going there to have fun. You look like you could instantly fly now with some wings.” Perhaps feeling discontented, Mei Shuangshuang used her leg to kick the door, which let out a huge noise.

Mei Yangyang simply ignored her and continued doing what she had to.

“Did you meet Ms. Lin already?” Mrs. Jin asked on the other end of the line.

“Umm, I did.”

“How do you feel about her?” Mrs. Jin was keen on knowing his opinion.

“How do I feel? Her photos were probably heavily edited. When I saw her in person, her whole face was covered in thick powder. I almost felt like puking. There’s nothing special about her looks at all, I’ve already forgotten how she looks like.”

The moment Jin Qingyan finished talking, Mrs. Jin immediately rebutted, “I’ve seen her in person too, she wasn’t as bad as you said. I think she looks rather pretty.”

“Then why don’t you have her?”


“Mother, don’t flare up when you’re already at this age. You’ll get a stroke easily. Don’t bother yourself about my affairs already, I’ve no interest in this right now.”

“Last time, I thought the one you liked the most was Chi Rui’er. Now, it’s changed to An Xiaoning, right?”

Jin Qingyan rubbed his temples. His voice was low and deep as he said, “I’m going to eat now, I’ll hang up first.”

Mrs. Jin was about to say something, but from the other end came the beeping sound of the line cutting.

She could only put down her phone and dart an angry glance at Jin Qingyue sitting on the sofa. “As someone who’s already married, why are you acting like you’re not? Go back to your own house.”

“Mother!” Jin Qingyue pouted her lips. “Can’t I miss my own home? Am I no longer a part of this family now that I’m married?”

“You and your brother always keep me worrying.” Mrs. Jin turned and went into her room.

Jin Qingyue got up and took her bag, heading towards the door. Shi Shaochuan appeared in front of her just in time.

“Let’s go home,” Jin Qingyue nagged as they walked out. “My mother thinks I’m not a part of this family now that I’m married. I came here to accompany her, but it seems she doesn’t want my company.”

However, Shi Shaochuan replied instead, “Your mother’s right. We’ve just been married for a few days. Does it make sense that you’re living here everyday?”

“But my mother still shouldn’t say that, I think she’s taking out her anger on me. She introduced someone to my brother, I think my brother probably pissed her off again.”