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Shi Shaochuan remarked as he buckled up his seat belt, which made a loud clicking sound, “Your mother is really something. Her son just got divorced, and she’s already finding him a blind date.”

“Why? Does your heart ache for An Xiaoning?” Jin Qingyue rolled her eyes at him.

“Why do you always make it about An Xiaoning? Why would my heart ache for her, I don’t even want to see her.”

Jin Qingyue then replied, “That’s more like it. Why did you come and fetch me today when you didn’t come yesterday when I asked you to?”

“I was busy yesterday. I came over today because I’m free. I’m fetching you home to make a baby. We’re already married, having children is naturally a must.” As Shi Shaochuan spoke, his hand continued to touch her and he continued, “Tonight, let’s go somewhere exciting, shall we?”

Jin Qingyue’s face lit up at what she heard. “Somewhere exciting? Where?”

“Come with me.”

He drove all the way to the entrance of an entertainment city. Jin Qingyue thought that he wanted to drink and dance, but he secretly brought her to the public toilet at one corner. The both of them sneaked in when there was nobody around and entered a cubicle together. Locking the cubicle door from inside, he flashed a smug smile and whispered into Jin Qingyue’s ear, “Honey, is it exciting here?”

“It’s exciting indeed.”

Shi Shaochuan chuckled and started getting intimate with Jin Qingyue.

But unbeknownst to the two, the scene of Shi Shaochuan entering the women’s bathroom was captured by the surveillance camera. The guard on duty immediately noticed and felt that a man entering the women’s bathroom with a woman would definitely be up to no good.

What on earth are they treating this place as, how outrageous!

And so, the guard immediately sent some men to the women’s bathroom.

Shi Shaochuan and Jin Qingyue had their bottoms stripped off. The two were beyond excited and were ready to make a baby in that environment. When they were at the climax and had just begun, there came the sound of footsteps approaching the bathroom. The two ignored it, thinking it was another female who came to use the bathroom.

Jin Qingyue deliberately tried to stop herself from making any sound, but a soft moan still came out from her mouth. The two were enjoying their moment of stimulation when a voice came roaring from above them, “Are you two having a good time in there?!”

The two were taken aback and panicked immediately. Shi Shaochuan looked up, and his face changed instantly as he saw a man holding a camera and capturing a footage of them.

He pulled up his pants and was about to open the door when Jin Qingyue stopped him. “Let me wear my pants first.”

Shi Shaochuan held himself back and waited for her. When she was finally ready, the two went out. He looked at the man before them coldly and said, “Delete that video.”

“Master Shi, I urge you to soften your tone. After all, this is our Master Ye’s territory. Whatever happens to the video, I need to report it to our Young Sir.”

“How much do you want? Just tell me, I’ll pay you,” Jin Qingyue offered.

“Sorry.” The few men turned to leave.

Shi Shaochuan could not possibly let them leave. He could not risk them making a copy of the footage.

He immediately raised his voice. “Give us the video, and you’ll get five hundred thousand. Otherwise, whether or not all of you can make it home safely tonight, I cannot guarantee it.”

“Master Shi, we don’t give in to threats.” The few men were fearless and turned to leave immediately.

Shi Shaochuan quickly called to get some men over. Very soon, he brought his men to snatch the footage away.

The group got into a huge fight. After getting instructions from Ye Xiaotian, the men under him called the police and spread the news about this incident. They even spread fake information intentionally and exposed the footage.

In a short time, things escalated to a point beyond salvation.

The footage spread around the internet like wildfire and was shared among netizens so many times on different media platforms.

Shi Shaochuan and Jin Qingyue became famous people who were the talk of the town.

When Jin Qingyan learned about the incident, it was already beyond being controlled. But he still made an official statement, saying that he would hold the person who exposed the footage responsible.

While on the surface, he claimed that he would pursue the matter, there was also a video footage to prove that Shi Shaochuan had sent his men to snatch the footage and started a fight. Hence, both parties eventually reached a consensus and decided not to pursue the matter.

It was obvious that both parties suffered losses. In reality, Shi Shaochuan and Jin Qingyue suffered the greatest loss. Their intimate affair became a topic of entertainment for the public, and they became the main characters of an erotic film for free. Although the footage was very short, it did not stop the matter from escalating.

When Mr. and Mrs. Jin heard about the incident, they called and scolded Jin Qingyue harshly for it. Jin Qingyue naturally did not dare to go back home and went back to the Shi residence with Shi Shaochuan.

In a short time, the internet was buzzing with news of them. Shi Shaochuan was extremely regretful while Jin Qingyue cried non-stop, feeling that she had no face to show the world anymore.

Shi Shaochuan had no choice but to console her. The two’s plans to make a baby were pushed back just like that, as they had both lost the mood for it.

“Hahahaha!” After seeing the news, Gu Beicheng could not help but burst into uncontrollable shouts of laughter.

An Xiaoning passed the milk to him. “Is it that funny?”

“How is it not funny? I can’t believe there are such stupid people in this world. At first, I was still thinking that there was something wrong with Shi Shaochuan’s brain — he married you, but he didn’t want to touch you and looked for other women. Now I see, he is really beyond hopeless.” Gu Beicheng sipped the milk slowly. “This couple is really a match made in heaven. No wonder there are so many news about the Jin family recently, it must have been to push up the news about this joke.”

An Xiaoning sat down and said leisurely, “Shi Shaochuan is a complete player. I think that he married Jin Qingyue not because of love but because his parents and grandmother are all dead. There’s no one left in his family anymore, so following the marriage arrangement is probably to continue his family line. It’ll be impossible for him to actually turn over a new leaf for Jin Qingyue now and stay loyal to only her.”

“You understand him so well?”

“I was married to him for two years. Although we had no close interactions, during the marriage, I was completely aware that he was going around to find other women frequently. Shi Shaochuan is the kind of person who likes the satisfaction of conquering women, so his targets are not really based on their looks. Having beautiful looks is the best, but even if it were someone with only a good figure, he would have a sense of achievement. Someone like him will never be able to find a partner to grow old with.” As she spoke about this, An Xiaoning could not help but snigger. “No matter what kind of surprising news he appears in, I won’t ever find it shocking.”

“What do you mean by him having no partner to grow old with?” Gu Beicheng inquired. “Don’t tell me he’ll be alone until the end of his life?”

“Umm. He’ll probably be that kind of person, someone who changes partners all the time. Let’s not talk about him, just mentioning him gets on my nerves.”

Gu Beicheng placed the cup on the table, a hint of joy arising from his eyes. “There’s a new comedy film which just started screening. Do you want to watch a movie together?”

“Comedy film? Sure.”

He took out a pair of tickets from the pocket of his suit. “I was going to invite you to watch a movie. Now, I finally found a good opportunity to do so.”