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An Xiaoning nodded her head. She was indeed not in such a good mood, so watching a comedy film would be useful to soothe her mood.

The two bought some popcorn and warm milk before sitting down in the theatre. The movie was yet to start, so Gu Beicheng suddenly thought of her position at the police station and asked under his breath, “If you’re at the training camp, what will happen to the cases at the police station?”

“When I return,” An Xiaoning answered in a relaxed tone, “the many unsolved cases that await me will be uncovered. Being away for a few months won’t hurt the unsolved cases anyway. If I strengthen myself, it’ll be useful in solving cases too. I won’t become a burden due to my own physical condition.”

Gu Beicheng reached out and poked her face. “This is why I like women like you. You always know what you want, and you never drag your feet in everything that you do.”

An Xiaoning flashed a sweet smile at him. “Since ancient times, the status of men and women have not changed much. Even though the role of women has improved by quite a lot in today’s society, it still can’t be compared to the status of men. For me, I think that if a woman does not have the choice to live her own life, her life will be meaningless. I want to live differently from others.”

Gu Beicheng stared at her, his eyes full of admiration for her.

The comedy film made An Xiaoning burst into loud, uncontrollable laughter while it ran. While Gu Beicheng was not easily amused like her, he was also tickled by a few points. The two watched the movie for two whole hours, 120 minutes, and came out of the movie theater in high spirits.

They came without driving and left the same way, since the cinema was not far away from the Gu residence.

“Let’s have a competition, shall we?” An Xiaoning was in a great mood and decided to play a small game with him.

“What competition?”

“Actually, it’s a rather childish game, but I just suddenly felt like playing. We play ‘scissors, paper, stone,’ the winner gets to take a big step forward, while the loser stays where they are.” An Xiaoning had her hands tucked in her pocket, and she looked at him with a wide grin. “Two adults playing this game is rather absurd indeed. If you’re not keen on playing, then forget it.”

“Why would it be absurd? I still think I’m younger than 15 years old.”

His words made An Xiaoning blurt out, “How do you manage to say such things?”

“With my mouth, of course.”

“Alright, alright. We’re both younger than 15 years. Come, let’s start.” She rolled up her sleeves and stood beside him, playing ‘scissors, paper, stone.’

While the walk back home originally took only slightly more than ten minutes, the two spent more than half an hour playing the game and still had not reached home.

On the other side of the road, a slender figure continued to look in their direction and could even hear the sounds of laughter coming from the two.

Was she that happy?

It seemed like the divorce had no effect on her at all.

After all, she was the one who insisted on it, wasn’t she?

Watching a movie with Gu Beicheng, and playing such a childish game with him, with no qualms of being photographed at all.

The position beside her was meant to be his.

But now, he could only look at her from afar, witnessing how she smiled at Gu Beicheng more than once. How he wished he could rip her face off. See if she could still laugh like that!

Jin Qingyan stood beside a tree, having secretly tailed them for a long time.

Was he mad?

If he were not, why did his legs not follow what his mind told him to?

His mind kept telling him that he should not have come, he should not have followed her. However, his legs defied his will and went forward continuously.

If he went forward more, he would soon come to the Gu residence. Thus, he had no choice but to stop in his tracks and turn to leave.

When he reached home, Jin Qingyan was terribly troubled. He drank some wine while listening to music to relax himself. His eyes were suddenly covered by two hands, and the sound of a sharp voice rang beside his ear, “Guess who I am?”

“If you don’t remove your hands in five seconds, I’ll wash your face with this glass of wine.”

Long Tianze took back his hands. “I’ve some news for you, I wonder if you’re interested to hear it?”

“Just say it if you want to.”

“It’s about An Xiaoning. Since you’re not interested to hear it, then forget it.” Long Tianze poured himself half a glass of wine and chuckled.

“Umm… you can tell me, since you wouldn’t be able to keep it in.”

“It’s you who can’t keep it in, isn’t it?” Long Tianze leaned forward and said mysteriously, “I’ve accurate news that An Xiaoning has signed up for the devil training camp. She’ll be gone for four to five months. She’ll be leaving in one week’s time.”

“Devil training camp?” Jin Qingyan’s eyes twinkled. “Are you sure?”

“Of course, because my girlfriend’s going too.” Long Tianze pointed his index finger at him. “Both of them have paid for the fees already. It’s three hundred thousand dollars per person, all paid by An Xiaoning.”

Jin Qingyan swirled his wine glass in a slightly proud manner. “She can join whatever she wants, it’s none of my business.”

Long Tianze understood what he meant without him saying it. He nodded in agreement as he replied, “Indeed, the two of you are divorced already. You should go for blind dates, and she should start a new life too. You two are no longer related. Qingyan, it should be like this. Good job, I’m all behind you, brother. Continue to have this mindset. But, I’ve also heard that An Xiaoning moved into the Gu residence. Gu Beicheng seems to harbor other thoughts about her. I wonder if he’ll snatch her away? Well, it’s hard to say. I’ll get going first.”

He put down the wine glass and got up, loosening his collar before heading out with his head held high.

Once he got out, Long Tianze hid behind the living room entrance, looking inside furtively.

He realized that Jin Qingyan first sat there without moving at all, then made a call to someone thereafter.

Long Tianze covered his mouth while laughing non-stop, then ran out of the house with the lightest footsteps. When he reached his car, he finally muttered to himself pleasantly, “I’ll see how long you can put on an act in front of me, while being ridden with anxiety inside.”

Mo Li’s body was aching all over for a few nights consecutively. Yet, she was also immersed in happiness, for they never stopped these few nights.

Tonight, Mo Li received Byron’s message, which invited her to have dinner at a private room in a restaurant.

She went there with her guards.

Standing at the entrance of the private room, her heart was thumping furiously. She, who was dressed exquisitely, appeared exceptionally charming.

Pushing the door open gently, she found that it was pitch black inside. Thinking it was a surprise from Byron, she pushed the door close and suddenly felt a hand touching her.

Her eyes were covered with an eye mask, and she was then led in slowly by a hand guiding her.

The high-class restaurant had a sofa in the private room. Mo Li was guided to the sofa, and her voice trembled slightly as she muttered, “Honey.”

Ye Xiaotian knew she was not calling him, but he was extremely willing to play along and pretended it was him she was really calling for.

Not allowing her to say another word, he immediately kissed her.

The forceful and intense kiss left her breathless, and she was soon weak in the knees.

Her hands continued to hold onto his neck, allowing him to lead her.

For the few years Ye Xiaotian was with her, he only wanted her every few days. It was never frequent like these few days with her, where he wanted her a couple of times in one day. The desire for her was not as strong either. Just like after this time, he did not know when he could have her again — he was afraid it would be the last time. This sense of insecurity was overwhelming.