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The past few days were pure happiness for him. He could brazenly look at how she meekly obeyed him; it was extremely enjoyable for him.

His heart was full of satisfaction.

The moment Ye Xiaotian thought of what would happen once she found out it was him who had been treating her like that, he wondered what her reaction would be like.

If she were not to find out by herself, he did not wish to tell her himself. After all, seeing her act so docile like a little kitten, he wanted to have her like that for a longer time.

After it was over, Ye Xiaotian personally helped her to put on her clothes and took her by her hand to the door. After that, he closed the door shut and locked it from inside before switching on the lights at last.

He then put on his clothes in an orderly manner.

At this moment, Mo Li who was just sent out felt that something was amiss. Not only did Byron not talk the whole time, but he was also acting strangely. As she was about to knock on the door, she received a text message: “You go home first, I’ll be back soon.”

She could only leave the place then, since the message was without a doubt sent from Byron’s number.

Mo Li could never have expected that her phone was hacked with a special software by Ye Xiaotian, and the message sent to her was not from Byron’s number at all.

Once the car reached home, Byron did not arrive right after. Feeling a sticky sensation between her legs, she decided to get a bath first. After putting on clothes again, she waited for him at the front gate.

After about one hour, Byron’s car finally entered the house slowly.

Seeing the car approach the garage, her lips curled into a smile and she followed behind closely.

But even when she reached the rear of the car, she still did not see Byron get off.

Mo Li walked in front of the car window and looked in, realizing that the inside of the car was blocked by the car window. She could vaguely hear some rough sounds coming from inside, which sounded like people kissing. Her face turned as white as a sheet instantly.

A familiar sound like this was one impossible for her not to recognize.

Mo Li stood there rooted to the ground and finally moved to another car with light footsteps. She took out her phone and rang Byron. His ringtone sounded from inside the car.

At that moment, Mo Li’s heart was pierced into a thousand pieces. Did he bring a woman home?

He had another woman outside?

She did not dare to think any further. She wanted to know who exactly the other woman he brought home was.

And so, she continued to listen to the sound of his ringtone chiming, but he eventually never picked up her call.

Mo Li felt it was weird too. It was only a while ago when he had a good time with her, and yet he was instantly with another woman…

It was simply unbelievable, but she had heard it with her own ears. But then again, could the sounds have come from a video clip playing?

She kept her body low as she moved back near to his car and carefully listened again. The sounds came from him indeed.

Mo Li moved back to the other car beside his, her mind completely blank. However, she was not too disappointed either. After all, she was indeed not good enough for him.

Since he had another woman, she would leave the picture sensibly.

After standing there for two minutes, Byron finally got off the car.

What really made Mo Li dumbfounded was that there was no woman who got off from the car, only Byron and his assistant Lance.

Her heart skipped a beat as she thought of what Byron’s ex-wife Annie had said when they met previously.

Was he bisexual?

After they left, Mo Li knocked on the window of Byron’s car, confirming that there was no woman inside.

Returning back to the bedroom doorway in a rather distraught state, she composed herself and finally pushed the door open before entering the bedroom.

“Where have you been?”

“I went out to take a walk.” Mo Li looked at him, smiling warmly as usual, and suddenly thought that his tolerance and warmth were like poison coated with honey.

She thought that it was too good to be true as well, for such a good man in this world to actually exist.

His marriage with her was for the sake of having children, so that the elders will have nothing to say about it, as well as to hide his true sexual preference.

“When you called me, I was about to reach home already so I didn’t answer.”

She nodded with a grin and acknowledged him. “Alright, go and get a bath. I’ve already bathed.”

“Okay.” He reached out to touch her head, then headed to the bathroom.

Mo Li sat at the side of the bed, smiling bitterly to herself.

When they went to bed, he fell asleep exceptionally quickly while Mo Li could not get to sleep.

Despite that, she did not want to toss and turn for fear of waking him up.

At around one or two in the morning, when it was said that people were in the deepest sleep, she secretly got up. She took the phone he placed on the table to the bathroom but realized that it was locked with a passcode.

After a few unsuccessful tries, she placed the phone on the table again and put on a sweater before entering his study room.

Switching on his laptop, she found that it was also locked with a passcode without exception.

Mo Li could not get any sleep for the whole night. When Byron left in the morning, although she was so sleepy to the point that her eyelids were twitching, she still could not fall asleep.

She did not know either what she wanted to verify. She had already heard it with her own ears, what other room for reservation was there left?

Forcing herself to sleep, she found that even her dream was full of instability. She dreamt that she was running continuously while someone was chasing behind her endlessly, forcing her to a corner.

When she suddenly woke up, it was afternoon already. She packed some stuff briefly and made a trip to Byron’s office.

Byron was having a meeting, so she waited for him in his office.

When Byron came back from his meeting, he asked her with a grin, “Why’re you here?”

“I wanted to have dinner with you outside.”

“Umm, okay.” He leaned in to kiss her forehead, then sat on the chair as he replied, “I still have some matters to settle, give me a moment.”

“Alright.” She stood up and stretched herself lazily. “I’ll go to your lounge to lie down for awhile, call me when you’re done.”

He nodded in acknowledgement.

Mo Li went to his lounge and rested on the bed, feeling rather sluggish.

She felt like she had slept for a long time. When she looked at the time on her phone, it was already 6 pm.

But he was not done yet.

She could only get off the bed and look out from the doorway. Seeing that he was still busy, she closed the door gently and continued to wait.

After ten minutes, she heard footsteps approaching. Opening the door, she came face-to-face with him.

“I’m done, let’s go,” he said with a faint smile.


The two went downstairs together. Mo Li sat on the seat beside the driver’s position. She had never observed him driving so closely before. The car was wide, and all the windows were covered by blinds. The seats on the back row were very spacious and were even retractable. They could basically be used as a small bed.

She turned her gaze back and asked with her face not changing, “Do you have any engagements tonight?”

Byron nodded. “Yes, sorry. I often have to work until late before I can go home to accompany you.”

She shook her head; it was already very clear to her. “It’s alright, work comes first.”

“I really like girls like you, pretty and obedient at the same time.”

Mo Li did not answer. When the car stopped at a restaurant, the two had a meal and even ordered some red wine.

Byron did not detect anything wrong with her. The two had a peaceful meal, and at the end, she finally said, “Honey, come home earlier later.”

He nodded. “l’ll try.”

Mo Li beamed at him. “I’m done, I’ll go home first.”

“I’ll give you a lift.”