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He got up to pay, then sent her home thereafter.

Standing at the front gate as she watched his car turn away, Mo Li gazed at the rear of his car for a long time as it gradually disappeared out of her view.

When she finally recovered herself, Mo Li had a slight internal struggle, but this struggle was one that vanished in an instant. Maybe because she did not want to give up before seeing it with her own eyes, she took a taxi to the entrance of his office again. Sitting in the taxi, she saw that his car came out of the building again. It was his assistant Lance who was driving, and he was sitting at the back row. Everything looked exceptionally normal on the surface.

The taxi followed Byron’s car to the entrance of a nightclub.

The two went in first, while Mo Li entered after wearing a face mask and a cap.

After finding a dimmer spot to sit down, Mo Li kept her gaze on the two. She sat there drinking, and after a long time, she still did not see the business partner whom they were supposed to entertain, only a group of people who wanted to perform on stage.

On the stage, the few performers who put on makeup pretending to be women performed with their utmost effort. Byron and Lance, on the other hand, were having a great time talking, and they raised their glasses to drink endlessly.

Mo Li watched them from afar, knowing there was nothing else left to be said.

As it got later in the night, the atmosphere in the nightclub also became more heated.

The two stayed for more than two hours before leaving. As they headed for the car, Byron, who had drunk a bit too much, had Lance help him inside. Lance opened the car door and helped him in. Maybe because he had left something inside, he closed the car door shut and hurriedly headed back to the entrance of the nightclub.

Mo Li opened the car door at the other side and saw Byron lying inside with his eyes shut. Perhaps thinking that it was Lance, he did not open his eyes at all.

She closed the door shut and went around to the trunk of the car at the rear. As it was connected, she could just lay there to hide. It was perfect.

After switching her phone to vibration mode, she placed it in her pocket.

Lance soon returned and drove the car out of this place.

After driving the car to the garage at home, Mo Li thought that he would help Byron get off the car, but he did not. He got off himself, then locked the door of the garage from inside.

Finally, he opened the door of the backseat and went in directly.

Following the sound of belts unbuckling, Mo Li’s heart skipped a beat. She did not even dare to breathe and covered her nose and mouth with her hand, lying there motionless.

Then came the sound of clothes being removed. The lights in the car were not switched on, and Byron was not completely drunk either. He was still conscious and went along with Lance.

“Sit up,” Lance said.

Byron, who was served by him in reality, sat up obediently. Lance sat leaning against the car window, while Byron bent over and lay near his legs.

Mo Li was absolutely shaken by this scene before her.

She felt that if they were to realize she was hiding in the back of the car, she would be strangled to death.

As the door of the garage was locked from the inside, and the sound-proofing in the car worked well, all that sounded in her ears was the sound of low, deep moaning.

For some reason, tears kept flowing out of Mo Li’s eyes. She did not love Byron, and Byron did not love her either.

However, she just wasn’t certain why she was crying.

Maybe it was because she finally realized that a man with a respectable status like him would not have possibly wanted to marry her at first sight. Moreover, it was a woman like her who had been with another man. No wonder Annie would say those significant words to her, and no wonder that although Ye Xiaotian forcefully had her for one night — Byron not only did not blame her, but he even apologized to her.

Perhaps because she had found out the truth and unravelled the doubts in her heart, she no longer thought that she was unworthy of him. At the very least, she never deceived him, ever.

If she was only a tool for giving birth, then how was it different from being with Ye Xiaotian?

Why was it that all of such misfortunes happened to her?

Heaven was really unfair to her.

When it was done, they rapidly got off the car, with various evidence of what they did still left inside.

After seeing it with her own eyes, Mo Li had completely given up, since it was certain that she did not malign him.

After meeting him, she felt guilty that he was such a nice person with a high status. Who was she to gain his kindness? Thus, she maintained the attitude of giving it her everything to be a wife to him for the rest of her life. Even when his mother was nasty to her, she told herself to bear it. As long as he was good to her, and truly genuine, then nothing else was important.

But now, she felt that she’d been deceived. She had used him to block Ye Xiaotian from her, but he had used her too.

Her body was not pure as she had been with Ye Xiaotian, but it was the same for him too. Worse still, it was even more…

Mo Li covered her mouth as she burst out in silent tears. While she thought that she had climbed out of a bottomless abyss, she had unknowingly fallen into a gentle trap.

On the day of Chi Rui’er and Gu Dongcheng’s marriage, it was not being paid much attention to. Other than some people from the commercial world who attended, the media was not really present.

But Chi Rui’er’s face was still lit up with happiness. Wearing her white wedding gown, she was grinning from ear to ear as she collected an endless stream of red packets. She also used her hand to cover her stomach now and then, even though her stomach was already showing slightly.

An Xiaoning only ate a meal and passed the red packet to Gu Dongcheng before returning. To her, Chi Rui’er’s wedding was not a happy occasion at all.

She could not help but feel that her life was not too good. She was once Shi Shaochuan’s sister-in-law; now, Chi Rui’er had become her sister-in-law.

Fortunately, in a few more days, she would not have to see Chi Rui’er’s face for a few months. It was extremely worth rejoicing over.

She read the book that Old Master Gu had given her every night, and she even had its content at her fingertips. After such a long time, the many pages that she had read had accumulated over many months.

She was about to take out the book to read at night out of habit when she received a message. Since her divorce, she had already deleted Jin Qingyan’s number from her phone. But once she saw that it was from such a cliché number with a bunch of 8’s, she still knew it was his number.

She opened it, and it read: “You better run faster, or else when I catch up with you, you’ll never be able to run away again.”

“What is this,” An Xiaoning muttered to herself as she sat on the bed, replying him: “I’m not in the least worried that someone with no legs can catch up with my fast legs. And you probably don’t know me well, I’ve no habit of grazing on old pasture.”

His reply came in very soon: “Habits that you didn’t have all start from me.”

An Xiaoning stared at this message, a ripple stirring in her heart. She suddenly thought of the scene of him going for a blind date and was about to place her phone at the edge of the bed when the notification for another message sounded.

She read the message from the notification list: “I don’t know you well? Which part of your whole body do I not know well? Tell me.”

An Xiaoning lay there, typing a reply to him: “Master Jin, we’re already divorced. Please stop contacting me and hindering me from finding a new partner.”

When he saw the message, Jin Qingyan was absolutely furious. With his gaze fixed on her reply, he was about to go mad with fury. Hinder her from finding a new partner?

He typed rapidly, wishing he could use his fingers to break the phone screen. Using almost all his strength, he replied her: “When I agreed to divorce you, it was just to fulfill the wish that I owed you. You’ve only just divorced me, and you can’t wait to find another man already?”