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Mo Li’s family burst into tears upon hearing the news, after which they fell silent.

At last, Mr. Mo said, “Mo Li, it’s up to you. We’ll support you no matter what decision you make.”

“Father, Mother, Mo Xun, let’s leave this place together tonight. When we return to S Nation, you guys shall move back in with the Long family, at least you’ll be safe there. I’ll have other plans of my own,” said a teary-eyed Mo Li, hanging her head low.

“Mo Li, tell me the truth, are you planning to get back with Ye Xiaotian?” Mrs. Mo asked worriedly.

“I don’t know, I’ll decide when we return home. But, Mother, somehow I just feel… there’s no way out for me at all. In the end, I’m still back to square one even after so much has happened. I’m better off dead.”

“I know you detest Ye Xiaotian to the core, but no matter what, there’ll still be some hope left as long as you’re alive. How are we supposed to live without you if you’re dead? Do you wish to see me die of grief and agony? There’ll be a way out no matter what. I really couldn’t tell that Byron was such a malicious person, he even tried to kill you. I’m seriously…”

Mo Li pulled Mrs. Mo into an embrace and said, “Mother, don’t bother bringing any clothes or unnecessary items along with you. Just some cash will do.”

“I know.”

After having come to a consensus, Mo Li proceeded to send Ye Xiaotian a text message to inform him of her decision. She felt a huge sense of relief and assurance after receiving his reply. She would have never guessed that she would end up requiring help from the person she detested the most.

In low spirits, she returned to her bedroom and gave Long Tianze a call.

“Hello, Mo Li. Little lass, why the sudden decision to call me?” Long Tianze asked cheerily.

“Tianze, is everything going well at home?” she asked slowly.

“Yes, everyone’s getting on fine. How about you? How are things at your side?”

“I’m alright, I guess we’ll be seeing each other very soon.”

Thinking that she was just making a visit home, Long Tianze answered, “Hurry and come back then. I haven’t seen you in a while, I really wonder how you’re doing.”

“Alright, gotta go.”

Mo Li ended the call and remained seated on her bed, appearing rather flustered and anxious.

She patiently waited for the clock to strike six in the evening.

Mrs. Mo had already left the house at about three o’clock, followed by Mr. Mo at half past four, whereas Mo Xun had decided to leave a little later.

Time crawled by slowly, and Mo Xun managed to leave at eight past five to meet up with his parents, after which they successfully boarded the car Ye Xiaotian had sent, at six o’clock sharp.

However, Mo Li had yet to come out. Just as everyone was waiting for her, Byron returned home.

Thus, the car sent by Ye Xiaotian had no choice but to drive off, leaving another car to wait for her in secret.

Just as Mo Li was about to leave, she quickly jumped into bed and covered herself with the duvet upon hearing footsteps approaching. Byron entered the room as soon as she was done.

He then placed a box of snacks on the table and said, “I bought this especially for you. It’s delicious, try some.”

Sitting upright, Mo Li nodded and opened the box. “Why are you home so early today?” she asked calmly while taking a bite of a piece of snack.

“I guess I must’ve startled you. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

“I know,” she answered, pursing her lips.

“I won’t go out tonight and stay at home to accompany you instead, alright?”

Mo Li felt her heart sink upon hearing his words. However, she still managed to force a smile and agreed to his suggestion.

“I’ll go take a shower.”

“Mother has made me some soup, I’ll make a trip down to her place to collect it. I’ll be back in no time,” said Mo Li, after which she slowly placed the box of snacks onto the table, not appearing to be in a rush at all.

“Alright, go ahead.”

Mo Li put on her slippers and headed towards the entrance, after which she changed into her shoes.

She never once turned to look behind.

As soon as she stepped out of the entrance, Mo Li picked up her tracks, almost running by the time she approached the car.

She knew the consequences she would have to face, once she was out of here.

However, there’s no turning back once she had already made up her mind. Besides, there was no way her marriage with Byron would have lasted forever, given the whole string of issues which existed between them.

She did not stop feeling overwhelmed by pangs of worry and anxiety, despite having already gotten inside the car.

Traveling at top speed, the car finally arrived at the airport.

Everyone was waiting for her inside the plane.

She stood nervously by the cabin entrance before proceeding to enter.

The rest of her family felt a huge sense of relief upon seeing her arrival.

“Ms. Mo, Young Sir is waiting for you in the First Class cabin.”

“Got it,” Mo Li acknowledged and began walking towards the First Class cabin.

Mo Li felt a strong urge to berate Ye Xiaotian when she saw him from behind.

“You’re so shameless.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Ye Xiaotian said, “How rude of you to be saying that to your savior.”

“You know very well what I’m referring to,” Mo Li retorted as she moved closer towards him.

“I don’t know,” said Ye Xiaotian, feigning ignorance. He leaned in towards her and continued, “I just know that my back feels like it’s about to break after the consecutive nights of getting intimate with you.”

Mo Li pushed him away and proceeded to take a seat. Just as she was about to sit down, he grabbed her by her arm, causing her to fall into his arms.

“If you obey me, you won’t have to meddle with the matters regarding your divorce. I’ll settle everything for you,” he said, wrapping his arms around her.


“What do you mean why?”

“Why did you come to Y Nation to look for me?”

“Because I found out that he’s bisexual and that he had never gotten intimate with you before. Do you think I’d still want you if you’ve already given yourself to him?”

“Well, how about the time before you found out about these, didn’t you still go ahead…” Mo Li sneered.

Ye Xiaotian moved her onto the spacious seat and looked down at her before saying, “Your body is the only thing about you that satisfies me. Now, while I’m not sick of you yet, you’d better take the chance to pleasure me often while I’m still interested. Got it?”

“I don’t know how to pleasure you,” Mo Li said with her eyes closed.

“I’ll teach you.”

“How do you plan to settle the divorce?”

“I have my own ways which you don’t have to know about. This is a secret of mine. Just do what you’re supposed to,” he said confidently.

“You have your ways, but you were still nearly killed by a hitman.”

“I know Byron was the one behind that. He only managed to get near me by fluke. It won’t be the same the next time,” Ye Xiaotian remarked sternly.

He looked down at Mo Li, who then cocked her head towards the side to face away from him. “What’s the matter? You were so compliant and passionate the past few nights, thinking that I was him. Why are you acting all innocent and demure now?” he sneered.

“I’m not.”

Grabbing both her arms tightly, he said, “In that case, you better do a good job serving me. You’ll get to live well only when I’m pleased.”

“Ye Xiaotian, you’re still the same old tyrant I knew.”

“I’m only like this to you, just think about how lucky you are.”

Mo Li was completely speechless. She resented herself for being completely clueless and allowing him to get intimate with her, without even realizing that it was him.


PS: I understand that the chapters may be a little long, since there is an average of 2000 words in each chapter. But, please refrain from skipping chapters, because you’d risk missing out on important and exciting details! You won’t be able to link the story properly then~