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During dinnertime, Xiao Ke called for everyone to gather at the restaurant for a meal together, so as to get to know each other better.

Hand in hand, An Xiaoning and Mei Yangyang made their way to the restaurant. An Xiaoning froze in shock upon seeing Jin Qingyan at the entrance and stopped in her tracks.

Mei Yangyang glanced at Jin Qingyan in astonishment and turned towards An Xiaoning. “Sis, it’s so obvious,” she said softly.

“What’s obvious?”

“That he’s here only because of you.”

The people inside then welcomed them warmly with a round of applause. “Come in, quick.”

After entering the restaurant, An Xiaoning took a seat beside the trainer while facing Jin Qingyan, who was seated opposite her.

All eyes were on the both of them, for everyone was well aware of the fact that they were once married.

Instead of asking why he had shown up at the boot camp, An Xiaoning proceeded to introduce herself, “Hello everyone, I’m An Xiaoning.”

“Hi everybody, I’m Mei Yangyang.”

All the members present then stood up one after another and began introducing themselves.

“I’m Da Long[1: Da Long: directly translates to Big Dragon.].”

“I’m Xiao Long[2: Xiao Long: directly translates to Little Dragon.]. Da Long is my twin brother.”

“I’m Shi Bin.”

“I’m Lin Mingxi.”

“I’m Jin Nana.”


They were a total of 12 members, consisting of six males and six females.

Lastly, it was the two male trainers’ turn to introduce themselves.

“My name is Chen Xu, you may just call me ‘Coach Chen’.”

“I’m Jin Shan, nice to meet all of you.”

Finally, Jin Qingyan too rose from his seat and said with a gentle and charming smile, “You guys might be wondering what I’m here for. Well, I’ll tell you the answer. I’m here as your commander.”

Everyone turned to look at each other in puzzlement as they began to wonder what he meant by commander.

“To put it simply, I’ll be in charge of all of you. It seems we’ve all met each other today. Those who are unable to pull through the entire duration of the boot camp may choose to excuse themselves halfway. But for those who manage to stay until the end, I assure you that you’ll leave here equipped with all the skills you’ll require to defend yourself in times of need. At the very least, average crooks won’t be a match for you. The boot camp will be conducted in a confined environment. During the entire course of training, no one is allowed to leave on their own, unless instructed by the trainers. You’ll also be allowed a fixed amount of time each day to surf the internet. I hope to gain all of your understanding. Regarding the food and accomodation fees, I understand that it was supposed to be charged separately, as agreed upon prior to the signup. However, we have made changes to our policy and we’ll now be absorbing the fees, which also means food and accommodation will be free for all.”

Everyone put their hands together excitedly and gave a round of applause upon hearing the piece of good news. An Xiaoning followed suit and clapped along, though she was curious about what Jin Qingyan had up his sleeve.

During dinnertime, An Xiaoning came to know that Jin Nana was Jin Shan’s sister. She also realized that Jin Nana was constantly staring at the trainer Chen Xu, seeming to have a crush on him.

On top of that, An Xiaoning also noticed that Lin Mingxi had been keeping her eyes fixed on Jin Qingyan. Recalling what Lin Mingxi said in the room, An Xiaoning seemed to have guessed what was going on.

Anything could happen, indeed.

After she was done eating, An Xiaoning stood up in advance to greet everyone goodbye before quickly excusing herself. She sat down by her bed upon returning to her room, overwhelmed with perplexity.

She rested on the bed for a few minutes before proceeding to take a shower.

Just as she entered the washroom after removing her clothes, she heard a sound coming from outside.

Thinking that it was either Mei Yangyang or Lin Mingxi who had returned, An Xiaoning asked, raising her voice a little, “Yangyang, is that you?”

However, there was no answer, and she could only hear the footsteps approaching nearer and nearer to her.

Sensing something amiss, An Xiaoning wrapped herself with a towel and turned off the shower tap before pushing the door open.

To her astonishment, it was Jin Qingyan who was standing by the door and staring at her.

“What are you doing here? Get out.”

Not only did he not go out, he audaciously entered the bathroom and locked the door from inside.

“Jin Qingyan!”

“You don’t have to shout, I can hear you,” said Jin Qingyan, walking towards her. An Xiaoning remained still and stared at him coldly.

“I’m here for an exercise boot camp, but why are you here? I highly doubt the only reason you’re here is to be a commander. You can’t be that bored.”

Instead of answering her, he remained silent and continued to stare at her. They stood there, only inches apart from each other.

Yet, it felt just like they were thousands of miles apart, so close yet so far. They could no longer find any trace of love or affection in each other’s eyes, and they seemed nothing more than a pair of strangers.

“I didn’t expect myself to be this bored either.” Jin Qingyan reached out to pinch her face and continued, “Just leave and divorce me for all I care. But why do you have to take away what’s most important to me?”

“Which important thing of yours… did I take with me?”

“You took my heart. Return it to me.”

Tears began to well up in An Xiaoning’s eyes all of a sudden as she answered, “I didn’t.”

His hand began to hover towards her decolletage. All of a sudden, he pulled her forcefully into his arms, catching her off guard. In a moment of shock, she accidentally let go of the towel, which then fell to the ground instantly, exposing her naked body.

Just as An Xiaoning was about to pick it up, Jin Qingyan stopped her and said with a smirk, “You don’t have to wear any clothes in front of me.”

“Jin Qingyan, have you any shame at all? We’re already divorced, get lost!”

“So what if we’re divorced? To me, you’ll always be mine.”

An Xiaoning pushed him away and bent forward to pick up the towel. At this very moment, he wrapped his arms tightly around her waist, leaving her with no choice but to have her back facing him.

Jin Qingyan then thrusted his hips against An Xiaoning’s bottom, entering her from behind while pushing her neck down against her chin. As much as she was taken aback, she did not forget to react and instead lifted her foot backwards, kicking him in his groin.

Jin Qingyan winced in pain and let go of her immediately.

“An Xiaoning, how dare you kick me.”

“I want to strangle you too. Hurry and leave before they come back,” An Xiaoning hissed and wrapped herself with the towel again, before walking away from him.

“Of all areas, did you really have to kick me there?” said Jin Qingyan, taking a deep breath.

“Who told you to start touching me inappropriately? I’m not your wife anymore…” Before An Xiaoning could continue to speak, she heard Mei Yangyang’s voice coming from outside.


Greatly startled, An Xiaoning said, “I… I’m here. I’m showering.”


Afraid that Mei Yangyang would find out about Jin Qingyan’s presence, An Xiaoning kept her voice low and reached out to turn on the tap. Hot water began to flow out of the tap, filling the entire bathroom with steam.

“I’m going to start showering if you won’t,” he mouthed silently.

Before An Xiaoning could even react, he began to unbuckle his belt and removed his clothes slowly.

She began to feel pins and needles in her feet, causing her body to go numb.

“Jin Qingyan! Do you really want to be branded as an indecent man who’s still hooking up with his ex-wife?” she chided softly.

“Doesn’t matter to me.” Jin Qingyan could not help but feel an urge to kill her at the thought of her getting together with another man in the future.

He had never once had such extreme thoughts, ever.

However, he could not deny that he had indeed fallen for her completely, before he even realized.

“It doesn’t matter? Do you know just what you’re doing?” An Xiaoning questioned in exasperation.