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His palm was cold and his fingers looked good — they were fair and slender.

“Where are we going?”


“Aren’t you going to the office?”

“Let’s go on our honeymoon this afternoon, pack a bit of clothes later.”

“About the two million, please talk to your grandmother about it, ” She didn’t forget to remind him.

“I already told her about it, she didn’t say anything.”

The moment they got onto the the car, his phone rang.

Jin QingYan took a look at the caller ID, attached the wireless earphone in his ear and started the engine.






When the call ended, An Xiaoning, who was seated beside the driver’s seat, could already guess who had called because she sat so close to him. Her hearing was also good, and she recognized a woman’s voice from the call.

“I’m making a trip to the hospital, I’ll send you home first.”

An XiaoNing stayed calm and did not probe further. “Okay.”

He dropped her off on their doorstep and left immediately. An Xiaoning went in and fed Maomao, arranged all the cash gifts from the wedding, as well as the bank cards. Then, she pulled her luggage out and started packing her things — she wanted to help him pack too, but she didn’t know what he liked to wear, so she gave up that idea and waited for him to come back.

Before she realized, an hour or two passed as she waited.

An XiaoNing had no choice but to call him. “I thought we were going for our honeymoon in the afternoon? Why aren’t you back?”

“We’ll go tomorrow morning.”

An XiaoNing questioned, “When did you decide on this?”


She slammed the phone down and shouted at it, “Go to hell! If I didn’t call you, would you have even informed me? You made me wait here in vain, where’s the trust that a couple should have? Why are you someone who makes people feel warm sometimes but at other times make them feel hurt?”

Seeing that it was still early, An Xiaoning didn’t want to stay at home. Truthfully, she wanted to buy a house, which could become a place where she could seek comfort other than this home, somewhere she could go to if she quarrels with him next time.

An Xiaoning had her own way of thinking and could execute it well — she impulsively went to look for a house.

After looking through a few neighborhoods that weren’t ideal, she went to the real estate agency and took a fancy to a house.

It was a private property, which was valuable if she bought it because she would also own the piece of land forever.

Although its location was not very central, An Xiaoning decided to take a look at the house, so she made the real estate boss bring her there.

It was indeed a distance away from the city, and the house was a small two-storey bungalow which was different from other houses — it had two rooms on the bottom floor, two on the top, and the surrounding wall was very tall. Getting off the car, the real estate boss entered the passcode and said, “This house has been vacant for some time and no one has bought it. First, the price is quite high. Second, it’s a distance away from the city. But there’s a wet market and supermarket nearby, so it’s still quite convenient. Honestly, if you’re interested in it, I can still negotiate the price with the seller.”

From checking the living room to every other aspect of the house, An Xiaoning was satisfied with the interior design of it. “I see there’s not a lot of people residing nearby.”

The real estate boss replied, “The people living here enjoy the peace and quiet. There’s a river not far from here — in the day, many fishing lovers come here. I still have other houses in my hand, do you want to see them too?”

“How’s the security here?”

“Not bad, really. The security is far better than other areas with alot of troublemakers, I haven’t heard of anything happening in this neighbouhood.”

“Let’s go and see other houses, shall we?” she suggested. “Then I’ll make a decision.”


However, the houses that followed either had poor designs or were too noisy, with some surrounded by factories nearby. In all comparison, An Xiaoning still preferred that bungalow. The house wasn’t big, and it was peaceful and quiet.

The only problem was that it was expensive.

“Young lady, two million and three hundred thousand, that’s the least it can get.”

“Sir, can you let me talk to the seller in your presence?”

“No, young lady, his original price was two million and four hundred thousand — that was his bottom line. I saw that you were really keen on it so I helped you reduce it to two million and three hundred thousand. If you still want to lower it further, then I’m sorry, we don’t have a deal.”

“Tell you what, I’ll go back and discuss with my husband about it. I’ll come over again tomorrow.”


Of course, An XiaoNing did not intend on discussing it with Jin QingYan. She only wanted to find out from him if that house was worth that much.

After she had eaten noodles on the streets, it was already seven o’clock when she returned home.

He was reading in the living room, and seeing her return at this timing, he asked, “Where have you been, why are you back so late?”

“Went on a date.” She looked down as she changed her shoes, intentionally saying this four words.

“A date?” Jin QingYan scowled. “You’re angering me on purpose?”

“On purpose? No, I did that intentionally.” She quoted his words from this afternoon.

Jin QingYan couldn’t help but laugh. “Tomorrow morning let’s go on our honeymoon. Where do you want to go?”

“Tomorrow morning, I can’t make it, Let’s go the day after, I’m busy with something tomorrow.” Since he went back on his word, she felt that there was no harm delaying it too.

“What are you busy with?”

She went right upstairs. “An important event of my life.”

“You’re not eating?”

“I’ve eaten already.”

Jin QingYan closed his book and followed her upstairs. As he laid down, An XiaoNing turned over to ask him, “Hubby, which areas near our city have good security?”

“Dongpo Road, Nanan Road, Mingyuan Road are all decent. Why are you asking about this?”

“Just casually asking. Which of these three areas has the most expensive property?”

Hearing her question, Jin QingYan didn’t suspect that she was buying a house — after all, they already had a house now. He didn’t think too much about it.

“They are all about the same and quite expensive. A house would cost about two or three million? But a house in a less central area would be more difficult to sell, so most people who buy a house there reside in it. They rarely use it to invest.”

“I see. Then the house we live in must be quite expensive right?” She smiled. “How much did it cost?”

“You really want to know?” The smile on Jin QingYan’s face grew deeper. “Call me your good hubby and I’ll tell you.”

“What’s so difficult about this, my good hubby my good hubby my good hubby…”

“Forty-five million.”

An Xiaoning already knew that this house wouldn’t have come cheap. After all, it was in a good location. But who would’ve thought that it was so expensive? “Forty-five million. What a shame that the house certificate doesn’t have my name. If it did, I would be a rich woman already.”

He stretched out his hand to touch her forehead. “Little money-grubber, all you think about is money.”

“My husband isn’t dependable, of course I need to depend on money right? We’d agreed to go on our honeymoon this afternoon — I packed all my stuff already — and you spent your time with another woman. She’s more important than me. You tell me, how are we different?”