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Byron waited patiently for Mo Li to return, but to no avail. Mo Li and her family had already been on the flight for two hours by the time he realized that they had left Y Nation.

It had never once occurred to him that Mo Li would ever leave everything behind and flee without hesitation. To his surprise, he received a text message just as he was about to order his men to chase after them.

Byron was filled with rage after reading the content of the text message, though he did not proceed to instruct his men to chase after the plane. He remained infuriated for the rest of the night.

Turns out, it was a text message from Ye Xiaotian, who told him to initiate a divorce with Mo Li, which would benefit him since he was the one who brought it up first. He then threatened to expose Byron’s homosexual relationship with his assistant, should he not comply and agree to divorce her. Ye Xiaotian also mentioned that he had found out about Byron’s secret a long time ago, which meant, in other words, that Mo Li was not the one who had leaked it.

By midnight, the plane landed in Ye Xiaotian’s private hangar.

Ye Xiaotian then arranged for Mo Xun and Mr. and Mrs. Mo to be sent to the Long family home while he and Mo Li returned to his place in Ming Yuan Estate. The servants in the villa were shocked beyond words to see Mo Li.

They could not believe their eyes, for it was a well-known fact that Mo Li was already married.

Why did she appear here at this very moment then?

Clearly, it was Ye Xiaotian who had brought her home.

“She will be staying here for a long while. Tighten security, nothing must go wrong,” Ye Xiaotian instructed the butler.

“Yes, Sir.”

Ye Xiaotian held Mo Li’s hand in his and made his way upstairs.

Standing by the door of the bedroom, Mo Li was surprised to see that the room had been redecorated and that the bed had been replaced, completely different from before.

“You must’ve never expected to return to me, have you?” Ye Xiaotian said gleefully as he pinned her down onto the bed. Mo Li struggled to breathe with his heavy weight above her.

“You’re happy?” she asked, panting heavily.

“Of course, I’m very happy.” Grasping her chin with his hand, he said, “Stay here and be obedient from now on. I won’t let you off easily if you try to run away again.”

“I don’t plan to run away,” said Mo Li.

“You’ve said that countless times before, I’m not buying it,” said Ye Xiaotian as he lowered his head to bite her.

Mo Li grimaced in pain and retorted, “Can you stop biting me? It hurts. It’s already so late, can we just go to sleep?”

“Take my clothes off for me,” Ye Xiaotian said calmly as he stood upright.

“Do you think you’re an ancient emperor who needs to be served by a peasant girl?”

“Peasant girl? Great choice of words, you’re indeed my peasant girl, aren’t you?” Ye Xiaotian said with raised brows.

Who wants to be your peasant girl!?! Mo Li cursed in her head.

Ye Xiaotian put an arm around her as they laid beside each other on the bed, after which he said arrogantly, “Let me tell you, Mo Li, you belong to me completely. I’ll treat you very well in the future, as long as you’re obedient.”

“Obedient? Haven’t I been obeying you in the past?” Mo Li retorted.

Ye Xiaotian gave her a pinch on her nose and said, “Were you ever obedient at all in the past? You never failed to make me upset.”

“Could you stop being so violent with me? My nose really hurts. Thank god my nose is real, otherwise it would’ve been destroyed by you.” Mo Li crinkled her nose and continued, “I’ll obey you in the future and try my best to be a demure and virtuous lady.”

“Demure and virtuous? You?” he scoffed.

“Yes, me. What’s wrong? Ye Xiaotian, I’ve been with you since I was 18. In the blink of an eye, it’s already been four years,” said an exhausted Mo Li with half-closed eyes.

Four years is enough to make me detest you, she thought to herself.

Ye Xiaotian remained silent. Listening to her steady breathing, he lowered his head to kiss her on the cheek.

The image of their first sexual encounter began to pop up in his head. She was blushing red with shyness as she laid on the bed, too shy and afraid to even look him in the eye.

In hindsight, that Mo Li back then was indeed very pure and innocent.

After going round in circles, she was still back in his arms at the end of the day.

Somehow, it was an enjoyable feeling.

Although they went to bed late, they did not sleep in.

Instead, they had woken up by seven o’clock in the morning, all because of Sun Weiwei.

Sun Weiwei immediately barged inside his bedroom before the servants could even stop her.

Due to the fact that no one had dared to enter without his permission, Ye Xiaotian had never had the habit of locking his bedroom door.

However, Sun Weiwei had committed that act of audacity.

Sun Weiwei flew into an uncontrollable rage at the sight of Ye Xiaotian sound asleep while cuddling Mo Li in his arms.

“Brother Xiaotian!”

Ye Xiaotian opened his eyes immediately and bellowed, “Get out!”

Taken aback by his sudden outburst, Sun Weiwei trembled in fear and quickly exited.

Ye Xiaotian and Mo Li were then woken up from their sleep.

They headed downstairs together after washing up, only to see Sun Weiwei seated on the couch, appearing extremely upset.

“Brother Xiaotian, isn’t she already married? How did she…”

Not allowing her to finish, Ye Xiaotian glowered at her angrily and hissed, “Who are you to interfere with my matters?”

Sun Weiwei fell silent immediately.

She was completely thrown off guard as her plan to make herself his had completely been foiled. She had initially thought that she would stand a great chance, since Bai Ranran was dead and Mo Li had already gotten married in a faraway country.

Little did she expect to see Mo Li return.

She had never expected for that to happen.

To her surprise, Mo Li actually returned although she was insistent on leaving Ye Xiaotian back then.

“Come and eat,” Ye Xiaotian said to Mo Li, not concerned about whether Sun Weiwei had eaten or not.

“Brother Xiaotian, I’ve yet to have breakfast,” Sun Weiwei had no choice but to say it herself.

“You may eat but cut the crap.”

Sun Weiwei proceeded to take a seat opposite Mo Li.

Well aware of Sun Weiwei’s true colors, Mo Li did not feel the slightest desire to entertain her at all.

Sun Weiwei was filled with jealousy as she ate her breakfast begrudgingly.

Mo Li was the first to finish her breakfast, after which she sat down on the couch and pulled her hair back into a ponytail before securing it loosely with a rubber band.

She picked up the TV remote and tuned in to the morning news.

“Welcome to the latest global news. This morning, we have a piece of news from the royal family of Y Nation. Prince Byron has publicly announced his divorce with his newlywed wife, Mo Li. The reason is stated to be because they had contrasting personalities and could not get along well with each other. Due to the fact that Prince Byron had filed for a one-sided divorce, his request has already been approved by the Royal Family, allowing them to proceed with the divorce…”

Mo Li was over the moon upon hearing the news.

Y Nation had a very different administration system compared to S Nation, where even the wealthy and powerful, like Jin Qingyan, had to get their divorce processed at the Civil Administration Bureau, under the condition that both parties were present. Whereas in Y Nation, one could file for a divorce one-sidedly and the divorce would take effect once approved by the Royal Family. Besides, Byron was a prince, which meant that his request would have been approved and processed even more quickly.

Indeed, Ye Xiaotian had put Byron’s secret to good use and turned it to his advantage.

Being a royal, Byron could not afford to have such news about him spread and leaked to the public.

Hence, his marriage with Mo Li ended in no time.

There was not even a need for them to agree to a divorce, face-to-face.

The news caused an uproar amongst citizens worldwide.

Mo Li then switched off the TV. Having heard the news too, Sun Weiwei placed her spoon down on the table and looked up at Ye Xiaotian. “Brother Xiaotian…”