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Ye Xiaotian did not look at Sun Weiwei at all, clearly completely disregarding her presence.

“Brother Xiaotian… were you behind this…” Sun Weiwei asked in disbelief of what she had just seen.

“So what if I was? From now on, don’t keep coming here unless absolutely necessary,” said Ye Xiaotian, glaring at her.

Ye Xiaotian’s words struck Sun Weiwei like a million daggers piercing through her heart. She seemed to no longer have a place in his heart, now that Mo Li had returned.

“Mo Li was once married, don’t you find her filthy at all? You still want her?” Sun Weiwei scorned in disdain.

“That’s none of your concern. Weiwei, you’ve gone overboard today. If there’s nothing else, please take your leave,” Ye Xiaotian said coldly. He then wiped his mouth and stood up to leave while tugging Mo Li along.

“Where are we going?” asked Mo Li, staring at Ye Xiaotian who was seated in the driver’s seat.

Staring at the roads ahead of him, Ye Xiaotian answered, “Shopping. You didn’t bring anything back with you, we’ll need to get you new clothes. Let’s get everything you need all in one go, shall we?”

Mo Li felt a little confused as she was not used to seeing such a gentle side of him.

“Can I meet Tianze for a while after we’re done shopping?” she asked.

“You can go anywhere you’d like as long as I’m accompanying you.”

Mo Li gave a nod as she felt a huge sense of relief. They soon arrived at the shopping mall.

They proceeded to buy some clothes, shoes, accessories, as well as other necessities altogether, all of which they stuffed into the trunk and back seat of the car.

After they were done shopping, Mo Li gave Long Tianze a call and agreed on a meeting place.

Long Tianze was stunned beyond words upon hearing the news, as he did not see Mo Li’s family at home since he had returned home late.

He was not expecting to meet Mo Li again under such circumstances.

Long Tianze understood the situation at the instant that he saw Mo Li entering the dining room in the teahouse together with Ye Xiaotian.

“Tianze,” Mo Li greeted him while taking a seat.

“What’s the matter?”

“Tianze…” Mo Li hung her head low, unsure of how she should break the news to him. On the other hand, Ye Xiaotian spilled the beans without hesitation.

“The man you and Jin Qingyan introduced her to turned out to be bisexual. That’s what happened,” he said.

Dumbfounded, Long Tianze hurriedly asked Mo Li, “Is what he said true?”

Mo Li nodded and answered, “Yes, it’s true. Tianze, things have already come to this, stop prying further.”

Staring at Ye Xiaotian, Long Tianze said, “I suppose you took advantage of the situation and made Mo Li come back to you, am I right?”

“What do you mean I took advantage? I saved her. Please don’t slander me based on your inaccurate assumptions,” Ye Xiaotian retorted with a smirk.

“Ye Xiaotian, do you actually plan to keep Mo Li by your side for the rest of her life? I want to know what your plans are,” said Long Tianze.

“Just because you want to know doesn’t mean I’ll tell you. This is my personal matter, I don’t have to explain myself to you.”

“Well… Mo Li is part of my family, my home address is registered in her household register. You don’t have to be the one taking care of her,” Long Tianze insisted.

“So what if it’s registered on the household register? Wouldn’t it be easier if she doesn’t have one at all?”

Mo Li felt a shiver down her spine upon hearing his words. She knew right away that he still intended to keep her by his side and never be shown off to the world. She would forever be just an object which he could toy with whenever he pleased and cast aside once he gets bored.

No matter how much he seemed to have changed, his mentality would still stay the same.

Upon noticing that Long Tianze had gotten angry, Mo Li quickly said, “Tianze, I’ll be fine. He’s a little different from before.”

However, Long Tianze could tell from the look in her eyes that she did not genuinely wish to stay by Ye Xiaotian’s side.

“A leopard never changes its spots. I shall take my leave,” said Long Tianze as he rose from his seat.

Mo Li did not try to make him stay and remained seated instead.

However, there was actually more she had intended to tell him. Having grown up together with him, Long Tianze was just like her blood kin.

Ye Xiaotian stood up and said, “Long Tianze is becoming ruder the older he gets. Let’s go home too.”

Noticing the look of austerity on his face, Mo Li said, “That’s how Tianze is, don’t mind him.”

“Of course I won’t, who would be bothered with a fool like him?”

“Tianze is intelligent, he’s definitely not a fool. Don’t say that about him,” Mo Li said sternly.

“But you’re perfectly fine with hearing him criticize your man? Hmm?” Ye Xiaotian questioned as he looked down at her.

“You’ve already told him off, that makes you two even. Okay?” Mo Li chided in frustration.

“Alright, if you say so,” said Ye Xiaotian, interlocking his fingers with hers.

“Let’s go,” said Mo Li as she looked up at him before shifting her gaze away quickly.

Ye Xiaotian turned to face her while walking and said, “You’re not allowed to take any medicine during this period of time, including flu or fever pills. Remember that.”


“Because I want you to bear my child.”

“What!” Mo Li gasped in shock.

“Are you deaf? I said I want you to bear my child. What’s wrong? You don’t wish to?”

Given how much Mo Li detested him, she would obviously not be willing to bear him any children. Besides, she was still infertile at the moment.

“I’m very sickly, my body is too frail for me to be able to get pregnant. You should be aware of that,” Mo Li answered.

“We’ll just get you treated slowly. Besides, it’ll feel even better now that we don’t have to use protection, don’t you think?”

“Ye Xiaotian!” Mo Li snapped, flabbergasted at how ridiculous he was. Has he got any brains at all? she thought to herself.

“Why? Was I wrong? Think about how much sense I’m making,” Ye Xiaotian said with a smirk.

“I don’t know why you’d think of that, but can you consider it carefully from all aspects before running your mouth off? Although it’s difficult for me to conceive now, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. What if I really get pregnant? How are you going to take responsibility for the child? It’s not as simple as just making sure he stays alive. It’s a life at stake, not an inanimate object you can throw away whenever you’d like. Besides, the child is going to be branded as an illegitimate child born out of wedlock…”

“It won’t. I’ll marry you if you really get pregnant.” Noticing how cross she was, Ye Xiaotian continued, “Why? You don’t believe me?”

Mo Li could not sense a tinge of sincerity or seriousness in his tone at all. However, she knew that he always meant what he said, and this was no exception.

What was she supposed to do then? She was not in the least bit willing to bear a child for him at all. Neither did she want to spend the rest of her life with him, for she had already seen his true colors after the past few years of being by his side.

“Looks like you really don’t believe me. Do you feel like you’ve just won the lottery, too stunned for words? That’s right, you better hurry and nurse yourself back to health so you can get pregnant with my child soon. But you’re not allowed to take any medicine. You’re only allowed to supplement your diet with nourishing foods and take herbal showers.”

Remaining unfazed, Mo Li nodded before continuing to speak, “I got it. I read about the news here when I was overseas. How did Ms. Bai pass away all of a sudden?”

“She was infected with a rare virus,” Ye Xiaotian answered calmly.

“Why are you so supportive of Sun Weiwei? I don’t like her,” Mo Li said bluntly.