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After hanging up the phone, Mei Yangyang proceeded to relay Gu Beicheng’s message to An Xiaoning, “Sis, Mr. Gu wants you to meet him at the entrance of the academy once you’re done eating. He’ll be waiting for you there. He mentioned that he has something to tell you.”

“Okay, got it.”

An Xiaoning proceeded to make her way to the entrance immediately after she finished her meal.

Gu Beicheng did not drive and instead arrived on a motorbike. He was dressed in a black leather jacket, which made him appear rather suave.

“Hop on.”

“We’re on lockdown, I’m not allowed to leave.”

“Ms. An, I’ve already spoken to your trainers and requested for a short break on your behalf. We’ll be back in an hour. I’d like to take you to a special place,” Gu Beicheng said smilingly.

An Xiaoning remained still and said, “Where is it? Tell me first.”

“You’ll love it, trust me,” he answered confidently.

“Let me inform the trainers again, it’s a must to abide by the rules here,” said An Xiaoning as she gave Chen Xu a call, only to hear that her request for a break had indeed been approved.

“We’ve got one hour.”

“Yes, one hour indeed.”

She rode pillion on the motorbike and put on the safety helmet. “Hold on tight, don’t fall off,” said Gu Beicheng as he grabbed her arms and wrapped them around his waist.

An Xiaoning felt a little uneasy but kept her hands there, nevertheless.

The motorbike then sped off like lightning.

The engines of the motorbike roared loudly as it sped along the streets. It was An Xiaoning’s first time riding a motorbike.

Her very first time indeed.

The high speed he was travelling at made the entire ride much more thrilling.

She glanced at the scenery around her and exclaimed in exhilaration, “This is so exciting!”

“There’s more to come. You’ll know soon,” Gu Beicheng answered.



After a journey of fifteen minutes, they soon arrived at the destination. It was a vast and empty land. An Xiaoning removed her helmet and asked, “Where are we?”

“My secret hideout,” Gu Beicheng answered, pulling her along as he made his way towards the light where an airplane was parked.

Is this his private hangar? she wondered.

An Xiaoning scanned her surroundings and said, “It’s huge. What have you got up your sleeve?”

Putting his arm around her shoulder, Gu Beicheng answered, “A game, of course. There are people waiting for us in the jet.”

An Xiaoning seemed to have a rough idea of what the game was. “I’m afraid of heights,” she said, rather reluctant to move forward.

“It’s alright, I’m here,” Gu Beicheng insisted. An Xiaoning was then dragged onto the plane by Gu Beicheng, only to be greeted with the sight of Ye Xiaotian and Mo Li.

An Xiaoning was surprised to see Mo Li with Ye Xiaotian again, though she had heard the news of Mo Li’s divorce. However, she did not know that Mo Li had gotten back together with him.

“Hello, Ms. An,” Mo Li greeted smilingly.

“Hi, Mo Li, long time no see,” said An Xiaoning as she sat down beside Gu Beicheng, facing Mo Li and Ye Xiaotian.

“I just returned. I’ve been wanting to see you, Ms. An. I heard from Beicheng that you had signed up for an exercise boot camp. Xiaotian wanted to gather for some fun tonight, and so Beicheng suggested we invite you to come along,” Mo Li answered while nodding.

“Are we parachuting?” An Xiaoning asked worriedly, forcing a smile.

“Wow, you’re spot on, Ms. An,” Ye Xiaotian answered while clucking his tongue.

“Can I back out?”


“How many meters above ground?” An Xiaoning asked eagerly, feeling like she was almost going to faint.

“Hmm, about four or five thousand. You’ll know later, Ms. An. You will realize tonight how beautiful this world is with all the city lights bringing life to the darkness of the night,” Ye Xiaotian said with a grin.

An Xiaoning clutched her chest in shock and fear. She turned towards Gu Beicheng and said, “I’m actually really scared.”

“What’s there to be afraid of? I’ll be with you. You think I would allow you to do it alone?” Gu Beicheng reassured her with a smile on his face.

That was at least something…

An Xiaoning felt like she was being forced to do something beyond her limits.

As the plane flew to a greater height in the sky, An Xiaoning looked out of the window to see that the sky was in complete darkness.

An Xiaoning swallowed her breath, too afraid to imagine the feeling she would experience after taking the plunge…

“Will we be carrying a parachute each? I don’t know how to open it,” she said worriedly.

“No, the two of us will be sharing one large parachute, which I’ll be responsible for opening,” Gu Beicheng explained.

An Xiaoning was too tense to even think about anything else.

Several moments later, Ye Xiaotian and Mo Li stood up.

“We can go now,” said Ye Xiaotian.

The second large parachute would be shared between him and Mo Li. Standing by the exit of the airplane, Mo Li dared not look down below her, for she was almost as terrified as An Xiaoning.

Without warning, Ye Xiaotian jumped off the airplane with Mo Li in his arms. However, the latter did not scream at all.

Soon after, Gu Beicheng got himself all geared up and said smilingly, “This will be a very thrilling and exciting game as usual. Don’t worry, I won’t allow anything to happen to you.”

“Hold on to me tightly,” he added, standing by the exit.

“Are you doing this on purpose so you could take liberties with me?” said An Xiaoning.

“Yes,” he admitted.

Without hesitation, An Xiaoning stepped forward to hug him tightly, after which they plunged into the air almost immediately. An Xiaoning shrieked at the top of her lungs in exhilaration.


Gu Beicheng opened the parachute while they were in each other’s embrace. By the time An Xiaoning finally opened her eyes, she realized that her initial fear and anxiety had completely disappeared.

She looked down at the magnificent view of the city lights which seemed like beautiful constellations in the sky. In that moment, she felt like all her woes and troubles had vanished without a trace.

An Xiaoning broke into smiles, gushing with joy and euphoria from within.

Gu Beicheng was elated to see that she was enjoying herself.

However, someone was raging with fury at this very juncture.

That person was none other than Jin Qingyan.

Having discovered that An Xiaoning applied for a break just to go out with Gu Beicheng, Jin Qingyan simply could not sit back and relax.

He then reprimanded Chen Xu and gave him a stern warning. He demanded that Chen Xu report to him right away the next time An Xiaoning requests for a break, which could only be approved with his consent.

Otherwise, she would not be allowed to leave.

After hanging up the phone, Jin Qingyan arrived at the entrance of the boot camp academy in his car, after which he switched off the lights and leaned back against the seat while waiting for An Xiaoning to return.

Before long, he heard the rumbling sounds of a motorbike approaching.

He squinted to see An Xiaoning getting off the motorbike and handing the safety helmet to Gu Beicheng while murmuring something to him smilingly. Jin Qingyan had also caught sight of her wrapping her arms around Gu Beicheng’s waist.

Gu Beicheng then left after dropping An Xiaoning at the entrance. Just as the latter was about to enter the door, she was stopped in her tracks by a sudden bright beam shining at her from a car.

An Xiaoning knew who it was right away upon the sight of the white Bentley.

Instead of waiting for him to alight from the car, she proceeded to walk towards the door while Jin Qingyan hurriedly chased after her. Hearing his footsteps approaching from behind, she quickly picked up her tracks and began walking faster.

She was trying to avoid him not because she felt that she had done something wrong, but rather, she had expected him to get touchy-feely with her, especially since they were alone and it was nighttime.

She hurriedly ran towards the hostel without stopping to take a breath.

Panting heavily, she slowed down after realizing that she could no longer hear the footsteps. She took a deep breath and began walking towards the entrance of the hostel.

Before she even knew it, Jin Qingyan grabbed her tightly all of a sudden, causing her to turn her head around in shock.