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Instead of leaving right away, Chi Rui’er asked, “What’s your name?”

“My name is Xu Jingwen.”

“Are you interested in moonlighting?” asked Chi Rui’er, looking at her.

“Huh?” Xu Jingwen exclaimed, puzzled at Chi Rui’er’s offer since they were merely strangers.

“Here’s the thing, I’m pregnant and I’m really bored at home, so I need someone to accompany me and chat with me. I thought you’d be a great candidate. If you’re interested, I’d be willing to offer you a salary of 3000 dollars a month.”

“I’ll only have to chat with you?”

“Yes, just some chit-chatting. It won’t affect your job here. Here’s my number, drop me a call when you’ve made up your mind,” Chi Rui’er answered, taking out a piece of paper with her phone number written on it from her purse before handing it to Xu Jingwen.

“Alright,” said a puzzled Chi Rui’er, who found the entire situation a little peculiar.

3000 dollars a month just to chit-chat as a sideline?

Is she a conman? Xu Jingwen wondered to herself.

But then again, she was dressed in designer clothing and goods from head to toe — didn’t seem like a conman.

Xu Jingwen stood by the entrance of the store and peeked out of the window, only to see Chi Rui’er driving away in a luxury car.

Xu Jingwen used to research about luxury cars and knew the different brands and their prices like the back of her hand, which was why she had recognized Chi Rui’er’s car to be one. From the looks of it, Chi Rui’er was indeed a wealthy woman.

Xu Jingwen changed her mind and clutched the piece of paper tightly in her hand.

Chi Rui’er removed the surgical mask and cast it aside before driving off merrily, with music blasting in the background.

She was very certain that Xu Jingwen would give her a call.

For some reason, Xu Jingwen seemed to remind her of her younger self, who was hungry for a life of material comfort and luxury.

It was outright obvious.

Chi Rui’er stopped by a street to buy herself some milk and a hamburger, which she polished off in the car, before proceeding to get dessert.

She then drove home in high spirits after a delicious and satisfying meal.

Gu Dongcheng’s house would be used as their bridal chamber. Due to the fact that it was newly-renovated, all that there was left to do was to decorate it a little.

Gu Dongcheng had initially suggested that they continue to live in the old mansion. Yet, Chi Rui’er decided to turn down his suggestion after giving it some thought.

It would be fine by her to move back there for a short stay every now and then. However, living there for good would be out of the question, for she could not stand the thought of having to face Mrs. Gu every single day.

Chi Rui’er proceeded to sit in front of her computer to play some video games right after she arrived home. She had recently developed the habit of playing video games for two hours each day.

Otherwise, she would have been bored to death doing nothing except eating and sleeping every single day.

She decided to have a look at the latest news before beginning to play her game.

There were some news updates about Jin Qingyan.

Chi Rui’er almost fainted upon reading the content.

It was stated in the news report that Jin Qingyan could not forget his ex-wife and recklessly bought over the exercise boot camp academy upon hearing that his ex-wife had signed up for the boot camp.

Instantly, she was no longer in the mood for video games. As much as she was already married, Jin Qingyan still mattered a lot to her.

To her dismay, he turned out to have actually fallen madly in love with An Xiaoning.

Recalling the past where he had once loved her too, Chi Rui’er began to find the twist of events akin to those of a television drama.

She somehow felt that Jin Qingyan loved An Xiaoning with a greater passion than he had loved her, especially since she had secretly heard about Jin Qingyan trying to take his own life because of An Xiaoning.

She did not quite seem to have found the piece of news credible, however.

Just what was so great about An Xiaoning that he would sacrifice his life for her? What redeeming qualities did she have besides the ability to read fortunes?

Chi Rui’er’s blood began to boil at the thought of An Xiaoning and the misdeeds the latter had done to her, all of which she remembered clearly.

She would never forget them even until the day she dies.

One day, she will exact her revenge on An Xiaoning!

Chi Rui’er was jolted awake from her afternoon nap by her mobile phone, which rang all of a sudden. She took a look at the caller display to see that it was an unknown number. Thinking that it must be Xu Jingwen, the sales assistant she approached at An Xiaoning’s store, Chi Rui’er quickly sat up straight and answered the call.

“Who’s speaking?”

“I’m… I’m the girl you gave your number to today. Um, I’ve given it some consideration and I’ve decided that I’d like to take up the sideline you offered,” Xu Jingwen answered, sounding a little nervous over the phone.

Chi Rui’er then proceeded to tell her her address, “Alright, you may come here right away, my address is…”

She took a look at the time and realized that it was already six o’clock in the evening.

Famished, she got out of bed and instructed the servants to prepare dinner at once.

Dinner was ready to be served by the time Xu Jingwen arrived.

“You… you are…” Xu Jingwen stuttered.

“That’s right, I’m your employer’s sister-in-law. You haven’t had dinner, have you? Come, sit down,” Chi Rui’er said with a grin.

“It’s okay…” Xu Jingwen no longer suspected that Chi Rui’er was a conman.

“I’ll be taking care of your meals, don’t worry. Have a seat, we’ll chat while we eat. Don’t tell your boss I visited the store to get some clothes, though. Otherwise, she’s definitely not going to let me pay. Well, I can’t take her things for free, even though we’re relatives. The clothing sold at Xiaoning’s store are just so gorgeous. I offered you this job precisely because I know you work there,” said Chi Rui’er, putting up a warm and friendly front.

“Alright, thank you.” Xu Jingwen began to take a liking towards Chi Rui’er, thinking that the latter seemed to be a nice and friendly person.

“Don’t mention it. Dig in, don’t stand on ceremony. Having meals with me is part of your job scope too,” Chi Rui’er urged.

Xu Jingwen scanned her surroundings, green with envy towards Chi Rui’er for being able to enjoy the privilege of living in such a luxurious mansion, served by many servants.

Indeed, not everyone can enjoy the benefits of being a wealthy man’s wife.

“How long have you been working at Xiaoning’s store?”

“Not that long.”

“How much does she pay you each month?” asked Chi Rui’er.

“2500 dollars. Food and accomodation are all provided for. Sis Xiaoning said that I’ll be getting a raise in the future.”

“How many hours a day?”

“The hours are not fixed. Sometimes 12, sometimes fewer, eight or nine, perhaps.”

“That’s way too long for how little you’re getting paid. I have to raise this issue about your salary with her the next time I see her,” said Chi Rui’er, grinning from ear to ear.

“It’s not that little actually,” said Xu Jingwen, although deep down, she had begun to waver after hearing Chi Rui’er’s words. Compared to the 3000 dollars Chi Rui’er offered for a part-time job, her current salary did seem a little too low.

The initially tense and reserved Xu Jingwen began to let her guard down and ease up after chatting with Chi Rui’er for a while.

Both of them were sizing up and forming impressions of each other.

After some chit-chatting, Chi Rui’er began to find that Xu Jingwen was exactly the person she was looking for.

While they were in the midst of a joyous conversation, Gu Dongcheng returned home.

Xu Jingwen was a little afraid to make eye contact with Gu Dongcheng upon seeing him. The 28-year-old lad was rather good-looking and seemed to be quite the gentleman. He was dressed in an immaculately-tailored suit and appeared to be a little weary and haggard.

“Who’s this?” he asked after taking a glance at Xu Jingwen.

“A part-timer I hired to accompany me at home because I’m getting really bored.” Chi Rui’er then introduced, “This is my husband.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Gu,” Xu Jingwen hurriedly greeted.

“Nice to meet you. I’ve already eaten, I’m going to take a shower,” he said, walking towards the bedroom.


“Sis Rui’er, you’re so lucky,” said Xu Jingwen, filled with envy.

Chi Rui’er chuckled and answered, “Follow me around and I’ll introduce you to a handsome and wealthy boyfriend.”