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Xu Jingwen was greatly enticed by what Chi Rui’er had to offer. Although she was exceptionally thrilled, she continued to put up a front and said, “Wealthy men won’t fall for me, though.”

“But you’re very pretty. You’ll look gorgeous if you doll yourself up.” Chi Rui’er then stood up and said, “Wait for me here.”

“Alright.” Xu Jingwen continued to sit on the couch alone while Chi Rui’er walked towards the bedroom.

Several moments later, Chi Rui’er returned with two bottles of beauty products in her hands. “I just bought these two bottles of serum and I’ve only used them once or twice. It’s from a prestigious brand. You may have them.”

“Um… Sis Rui’er, that’s too kind of you. I can’t accept it.”

“It’s a welcome gift from me to you. Take it, don’t stand on ceremony with me. It’s getting dark out there so let’s call it a day, shall we? Head home first, you may come again tomorrow after work,” said Chi Rui’er, giving her a pat on her back.

“Alright.” Xu Jingwen accepted the beauty products and went home happily.

The smile on Chi Rui’er’s face disappeared as soon as the door closed, after which she headed back to her room.

Gu Dongcheng exited the bathroom in a bathrobe after taking a shower and found her sitting on the bed. Noticing that she seemed to be engrossed in her thoughts, he asked, “What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing much. Hubby, I haven’t seen you all day. I miss you,” said Chi Rui’er as she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around his waist.

Gu Beicheng lowered his head to kiss her lightly on her forehead and said, “What about me do you miss?”

“Why are you asking when you already know the answer?”

She was burning with passion and her hormones were raging. Her pregnancy had never affected their sex life. In fact, she had become much more sensitive because of it.


On the day that training officially began, Jin Qingyan touched her intimately in front of everyone else.

An Xiaoning was infuriated because there was nothing she could do since his actions were not deemed inappropriate by the others.

An instance would be during the beginner taekwondo class conducted by Chen Xu.

Jin Qingyan stood beside An Xiaoning and was often overly eager to correct her technique by adjusting her positions whenever she made the slightest mistake.

He would intervene even during times when she felt she had executed a technique perfectly.

Everyone was aware of his intentions.

However, it did not bother him at all.

On top of that, An Xiaoning hated it too when he smacked her bottom while she was practicing the horse’s stance, with the excuse of trying to make her straighten her back.

During their break, she took the chance to approach him. Staring at Jin Qingyan, who was sipping on his tea leisurely, she said, “Mr. Jin, you’re the owner of a large corporation, there are plenty of work for you to do. You shouldn’t be wasting your time here. I think you’re putting your talent to waste.”

“Wasting my time and talent? I don’t think so. This is part of my duty too,” he said nonchalantly.

She held her breath and answered, “Fine, take it as if I never said that.”

With a smirk, he headed downstairs while holding his teacup in his hands.

“Jin Qingyan! I need a word with you,” Lin Mingxi exclaimed as she hurriedly stood in front of Jin Qingyan to stop him in his tracks.

“About what?”

“Could you give me a few minutes of your time? I just have something to ask you,” said Lin Mingxi.

“There are some things you can ask about and some which you’re not allowed to ask. Which of the two would you like to ask me about?”

Biting her lip, Lin Mingxi continued, “I’ve seen the news. Did you buy over the boot camp academy because of An Xiaoning?”

“You’re asking something you’re not allowed to. I have no comment,” said Jin Qingyan as he proceeded to walk away without addressing her further.

Refusing to give up, Lin Mingxi hurriedly chased after him and continued, “I signed up for the boot camp just for you.”

“Ms. Lin, I think you may have gotten the wrong idea. We’ve only met once, and I have no plans of staying in contact with you in the future. You should understand what I mean by that,” he said bluntly.

“Jin Qingyan, can’t you just give me a chance? I came all the way excitedly just because I knew you would be here. I was hoping to be able to spend more time with you and to know you better, yet you actually said that…” said Lin Mingxi, feeling aggrieved.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t give out chances to women I don’t know,” Jin Qingyan answered coldly before walking towards his car.

Lin Mingxi stood rooted to the ground, feeling as if her heart had sunk deep inside her.

Jin Qingyan had sounded rather cold and aloof, as opposed to his initial gentleness when they met for the first time.

Lin Mingxi turned around to return to the hostel. She grew into an uncontrollable rage upon the sight of An Xiaoning and began stomping her foot against her bed. She laid in bed, overwhelmed with exasperation.

It was not like her to give up easily. However, there was nothing else she could do anyway even if she chose not to give up.

She was caught in a difficult dilemma.

Would things be easier with the help of Jin Qingyan’s family? she wondered.

Lin Mingxi sat up and exited the room again with her mobile phone in her hand.

She headed to a secluded place and proceeded to call the landline of the Jin family mansion.

“Hello, is Madam Jin in?”

“You are?” asked Auntie Zhang.

“I’m Lin Mingxi from the Lin family.”

“Alright, let me transfer the line.”

“Thank you.” Lin Mingxi’s initial nervousness faded as soon as she heard Mrs. Jin’s voice.

“Is that Miss Mingxi?” asked Mrs. Jin.

“Yes, Auntie. My apologies for not asking about you in such a long time. Besides, I’m busy with an exercise boot camp now. I’ll definitely pay you a visit when I have the chance,” Lin Mingxi said in a soft and gentle voice, exuding the elegance of a wealthy man’s daughter.

“No worries. You’ve signed up for an exercise boot camp? Those programs are meant for people who are keen on training in martial arts. You’re going to suffer a great deal over there,” said Mrs. Jin, surprised at her decision to join a boot camp.

“I came here for Qingyan.”

“Qingyan? He’s at the boot camp?” Mrs. Jin asked in surprise, for she was not aware that he had bought over the academy.

“Didn’t you know, Auntie? Qingyan had already bought over the company. It’s reported all over the news. Ms. An is here too. I thought you were already aware of this, Auntie,” said Lin Mingxi.

“What? I’m going to ask him about this later,” Mrs. Jin screeched in shock.

“Alright, I won’t disturb you further, then.” Lin Mingxi then ended the call before muttering to herself, “What? Turns out she doesn’t know.”

Mrs. Jin put down the phone and instructed Auntie Zhang, “Bring me today’s newspapers.”

“Madam, you don’t look too well. Did something happen?” asked Auntie Zhang.

“Qingyan actually bought over the boot camp academy where An Xiaoning is currently training at. It’s obvious what his intentions are. Hurry and bring me the newspapers,” Mrs. Jin snapped.

“Got it,” Auntie Zhang turned around to bring her the morning newspapers.

Mrs. Jin’s heart sank upon reading the content of the newspapers.

Her blood began to boil in exasperation, infuriated with the fact that Jin Qingyan did not even mention the matter to her.

“Madam, calm down,” said Auntie Zhang as she hurriedly brought her a cup of green tea upon noticing how enraged she was.

“Calm down? I can’t! Just what is he trying to do!?! Give Qingyan a call right away. Now, at once, immediately!”

“Yes, Madam,” said Auntie Zhang as she proceeded to do as instructed.

Old Mrs. Jin came out of her room and asked, “What’s the matter? Why are you so angry?”