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“Mother, did you know Qingyan bought over a martial arts boot camp academy just because An Xiaoning signed up for it? Is he crazy!?! They’re already divorced, why is he doing this!”

“So what if he did? Must you really make such a big fuss out of it? It would be great if he actually manages to woo Xiaoning back,” old Mrs. Jin said calmly, not appearing too surprised.

“Mother, An Xiaoning was the one who strongly insisted on the divorce. Why would she agree to get back together with him? This matter has already been reported on the news. Others are just going to criticize and mock him for being so desperate. He’s such an outstanding individual in all aspects, why does he have to shortchange himself by clinging onto that An Xiaoning!?!” Mrs. Jin roared in anger, feeling extremely outraged.

“That just goes to show how excellent Xiaoning is. We were the ones who let her down, don’t shift the blame on her. If it weren’t for that mishap, their child would almost be born by now. What a pity,” old Mrs. Jin said with a long sigh.

“There are plenty of women out there who are willing to bear Qingyan’s child. Ms. Lin gave me a call today. In fact, I find her to be a really good catch in almost every aspect. It’s a pity Qingyan doesn’t fancy her.” Mrs. Jin then turned to Auntie Zhang and said, “What did he say?”

“He said he would be home during dinner time in the evening.”

Mrs. Jin picked up her teacup and finished all the green tea in one gulp.

She continued to sit in the living room until Jin Qingyan returned.

“I don’t wish to explain any further regarding this matter. It’s my freedom to do whatever I want. I purchased the academy using my own assets anyway,” said Jin Qingyan.

Mrs. Jin pounded her chest and exclaimed in frustration, “Do you really think I’m being concerned about that? Qingyan, you two are already divorced. Can’t you just give other girls a chance?”

“I can’t.”

“You want to marry her again? Is that so? Tell me quick,” Mrs. Jin questioned.

“Yes, I want to marry her again. My decision is final, no one can change my mind.”

“What if she never agrees?”

“One day, she will come back to me,” he said with utmost confidence, as if he was the person who loved her most in the world.

“But you were so quick to give in when your grandma and I insisted you marry An Xiaoning back then, even though you were so fond of Chi Rui’er. Qingyan, just marry another girl instead. Feelings can be nurtured, and you’ll definitely fall in love with her in due time after knowing each other for long enough. By then, you’ll realize that An Xiaoning matters as little to you as Chi Rui’er did. Okay?”

“But too bad, I don’t think any other woman is good enough for me other than An Xiaoning.”


“You’re out of your mind,” Mrs. Jin gasped in disbelief.

“Maybe I am. I’ll be making a move first, I won’t be having dinner here,” said Jin Qingyan as he rose from his seat.

He then proceeded to leave before Mrs. Jin could even respond.

Having arrived at the villa, he alighted from the car, only to be greeted by Maomao, who was nibbling and rubbing its face on his legs affectionately.

Jin Qingyan bent forward to pet its fur before opening the car door of the backseat. “Hop on, we’ll go look for your Mom.”

The spiritual and almost human-like Maomao then put a leg forward and launched its chubby self onto the backseat in one fluid motion.

Jin Qingyan grinned at the adorable sight before him and closed the door before getting into the driver’s seat. He then set out again, though he had only arrived home not long ago.

He drove along the roads towards his destination.

Upon arriving at the entrance of the boot camp academy, Jin Qingyan alighted from the car while Maomao followed closely beside him and trudged along with sturdy steps.

However, Jin Qingyan did not enter immediately, due to the fact that there was an ongoing training session. Instead, he stood watch by the window and waited ’til the intermission to enter.

Maomao’s eyes lit up brightly at the sight of An Xiaoning and leaped forward towards her. Before she could even react, An Xiaoning was shot by Maomao, who pounced on her.

“Maomao?” An Xiaoning let out a smile of surprise and joy. She then reached out to hold Maomao’s paws while still dripping with sweat from the strenuous training session.

Maomao stuck its tongue out and began wagging its tail continuously in excitement.

An Xiaoning looked up at Jin Qingyan, who appeared slightly awkward, standing not too far away from her. An Xiaoning sat on the ground to play with Maomao until the intermission was over, after which Maomao had no choice but to move aside next to Jin Qingyan and watch her train.

During a sparring session with another male member, An Xiaoning could not defend herself in the nick of time and was thrown off balance by Shi Bin, who managed to flip her successfully. It was actually not too big of a deal since she did not get hurt or injured. However, Maomao seemed to have thought that its mother was getting bullied and thus broke into a sudden outburst. It zoomed towards Shi Bin and began barking at him, before pouncing on him and biting his clothes ravenously while tugging at him to pull him away.

Everyone else stared wide-eyed at the shocking scene before them.

An Xiaoning hurriedly rushed to intervene and explained the scenario to Maomao softly, who seemed to have understood what she said. Maomao then retreated abidingly and returned to a spot beside Jin Qingyan.

The sky had turned dark outside, yet training still did not end. Everyone was already exhausted and dog-tired. Jin Nana and Lin Mingxi, who were constantly complaining about being tired, finally gave up and sat at the side to take a break while others continued with the session.

Jin Qingyan made a rare appearance and watched them train.

It was obvious that the only reason he was there was to see An Xiaoning. Otherwise, he would not have bothered wasting his time there.

It was already half past nine in the evening by the time training had ended.

During dismissal, An Xiaoning and Mei Yangyang continued to lay on the ground, too exhausted to even move.

However, they forced themselves to get up in the end and returned to their room to wash up. It would have been a privilege if they managed to go to bed by half past ten.

An Xiaoning had initially planned to head back to her room straight away. However, she was stopped by Maomao, who bit onto the hem of her pants in an attempt to drag her downstairs. Thus, she had no choice but to follow.

She wanted to get Maomao to hop into the car and vice versa.

An Xiaoning was rather reluctant since all her energy had been depleted during training. “Bring Maomao home, I’m going to head back to my room to get some rest,” she said sluggishly.

Noticing how tired she was, Jin Qingyan said, “I have something for you.”

“What is it?”

He turned around and opened the car door before sticking his head inside the car to retrieve a paper bag. “Aren’t you all about vanity? This is a newly-launched facial serum mask. I’ve tried it, it’s excellent,” he said, handing her the bag.

An Xiaoning did not accept it and refuted, “I’ve brought some facial masks with me.”

“The ones you brought can’t be compared to these,” he answered while placing the bag into her hands. Noticing that she still seemed reluctant to accept it, he straightened his back and insisted, “It’ll be yours once I’ve given it to you. It’s up to you to keep it or throw it away.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jin Qingyan hopped into his car and drove off.

An Xiaoning took a look at the paper bag to find that it belonged to a prestigious brand, which meant that it must have cost at least a few tens of thousands of dollars.

It would be a waste to throw it away.

She returned to the room with the bag in her hands and was greeted with the sight of Mei Yangyang, who just came out of the shower. “Sis,” the latter greeted.

“Yangyang, you may have half of these.”

“What’s this?” Mei Yangyang peeked inside the bag and said, “Oh, it’s from a prestigious brand, must’ve cost a bomb.”

“There’s too many, I can’t finish all of them. Take half of it.”

Mei Yangyang chuckled in delight and said, “Alright, I won’t stand on ceremony then.”

As they were in the midst of a conversation, An Xiaoning felt a bowl of instant noodles being poured onto her head without warning.