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Mei Yangyang dropped the packet of facial serum mask in shock and got out of bed immediately. She glared at Lin Mingxi angrily and hissed, “Hey, you did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

Lin Mingxi put on a pretentious smile and said, “It was just a slip of the hand. It’s just too unfortunate that Ms. An happened to be sitting there.”

An Xiaoning grabbed the bunch of noodles off her head and glowered at Lin Mingxi.

“Clean it up, Sis,” said Mei Yangyang as she hurriedly brought over a piece of wet towel. Due to the fact that the bowl of instant noodles was boiling hot, fumes of steam could be seen wafting from the crown of An Xiaoning’s head, which was badly scalded by the hot soup.

Lin Mingxi craned her neck to take a look and burst into laughter at the sight of a dishevelled An Xiaoning.

In high spirits, she laid back in bed, feeling satisfied as she finally got a chance to vent her frustration.

However, what she did not expect was for An Xiaoning to return five minutes later with another bowl of boiling hot instant noodles. She stood in front of Lin Mingxi’s bed.

Lin Mingxi frantically sat up and said, “I didn’t do it on purpose earlier.”

“I know you didn’t do it on purpose, you merely did it intentionally.” Without another word, An Xiaoning dumped the entire bowl of instant noodles onto Lin Mingxi’s face.

“Ahh!” Lin Mingxi shrieked in pain at the top of her lungs, feeling as if she was scalded to the point of disfiguration. She hurriedly zoomed towards the bathroom and splashed her face with water in great panic. She burst into tears while washing her face, her eyes burning from the spicy soup which caused her vision to become blurry.

An Xiaoning then proceeded to take a shower in the other bathroom while Mei Yangyang cleaned up the spilled instant noodles and soup on the ground.

Lin Mingxi had yet to come out of the bathroom by the time An Xiaoning was done showering. Sounds of her bawling in agony could be heard coming from the bathroom.

An Xiaoning did not feel bothered nor guilty at all. Well, as the saying goes, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

She just had to show Lin Mingxi that she was not one to be trifled with.

An Xiaoning dried her hair with the hairdryer and proceeded to put on a facial serum mask.

Lin Mingxi came out of the bathroom with her eyes swollen and her face flushed as red as a tomato.

Well aware that she was not in any position to retaliate since she was the one who had started the conflict, Lin Mingxi had no choice but to keep mum and climb up onto her bed on the third layer of the bunk bed.


“Sis Weiwei, why aren’t you going in?” the assistant asked softly.

Gazing at the entrance of Ye Xiaotian’s mansion, Sun Weiwei said, “I do feel like going in, but that wretched hussy Mo Li is inside. I really don’t feel like seeing her face.”

“Just ignore her presence then. Sis Weiwei, given your intelligence, wouldn’t it be easier than ever to get rid of her presence? You’ve defeated Bai Ranran in the end. Mo Li is no match for you,” the assistant remarked, keeping her voice low.

Shaking her head, Sun Weiwei said, “I can’t use the same method I used to get rid of Bai Ranran on Mo Li. That’ll be too obvious. Brother Xiaotian is going to suspect something. It can’t be that coincidental for the both of them to contract the same virus. I have to come up with another solution.”

“Given how Mr. Ye actually brought Mo Li home again all the way from Y Nation, I have a strong feeling… Mo Li is rather special to Mr. Ye.”

Sun Weiwei shot her a glare and hissed, “I’m not blind, I can see that. Drive further up, I’ll go inside to see her alone once Brother Xiaotian leaves.”


After half an hour, Ye Xiaotian finally left in his car. Sun Weiwei then got out of the nanny van and headed towards the entrance while clutching her purse.

The servant at the door allowed her to enter immediately.

“Ms. Sun, Young Sir just left not long ago,” said the servant.

“Really? What a coincidence. What has he been doing in his free time recently?” Sun Weiwei asked inquisitively.

“He has been with Ms. Mo most of the time.”

“Got it. Where’s the butler?”

“He left early in the morning to attend to something.”

“Okay,” said Sun Weiwei, gesturing for the servant to leave.

She entered the living room and proceeded upstairs after realizing that Mo Li was nowhere in sight.

Mo Li had just woken up and was still in bed. She quickly pulled the duvet over herself and sat up straight upon hearing the sounds of Sun Weiwei’s heels clicking against the floor.

“You were still a young girl when I first heard about you from Brother Xiaotian. Can’t believe you actually have the ability to make Brother Xiaotian bring you back again. What’s the matter? Did you realize that you still prefer local men after being toyed with by a foreign man?” Sun Weiwei sneered.

Mo Li was slightly startled and hurt by Sun Weiwei’s snide remark. However, she retorted, “You’re in no position to question me about my preference.”

“I just can’t help but find you so cheap and lowly. Mo Li, Brother Xiaotian will never marry you, forget about becoming the Young Madam of the Ye Family,” Sun Weiwei scoffed.

“Can’t be as cheap as you are. Sun Weiwei, you know clearly what kind of a piece of trash you are. Quit acting all high and mighty. If you’re here so early just to find trouble, I’ll entertain you as you please. But if you’re here just to bluster and throw your weight around, then get lost immediately.”

“You…” Sun Weiwei was at a loss for words, taken aback by how feisty Mo Li had gotten since the last time they met.

“I see, you’ve gotten really brazen now that you have Brother Xiaotian to back you up. Don’t rejoice too soon, Mo Li, we shall wait and see who gets the last laugh,” Sun Weiwei scorned with a squint, staring at Mo Li with ice-cold eyes.

“Stop imagining things, Brother Xiaotian doesn’t fancy you at all. Go take a look in the mirror and see how awful you look, druggie. Only a blind man would be interested in you,” Mo Li sneered.

“Don’t get too arrogant just yet. Watch out, your time to grieve will come,” Sun Weiwei retorted, gritting her teeth in anger.

Mo Li laid back against the bed head and heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing that Sun Weiwei had left.

She could finally relax and be herself whenever Ye Xiaotian was not around, taking a break from the tension when he was present.

This was not a life she wanted to live. Was there a greater torture than having to face every single day the person you hate to the core?

Although he was indeed treating her better now, nothing could make up for the cruelty he had subjected her to in the past.

In fact, those painful memories that could never be erased seemed to serve as a reminder for herself of the traumatic experiences he had put her through in the past.

Not only did she detest Ye Xiaotian, she could not stand the sight of everyone else either, including the servants, in the villa.

She got out of bed and washed up before making her way downstairs, allowing her long locks to cascade down her back.

Mo Li stared coldly at the servants who used to treat her like an animal and shifted her gaze to the breakfast spread on the dining table. Noticing that the food had already turned cold, Mo Li chided distastefully, “You guys have been working here for years. Why are your culinary skills still so lousy? You prepare the same few breakfast dishes every single day, can’t you just switch it up a little?”

“Ms. Mo, you ought to be thankful that you get to eat. I can’t believe you actually have the cheek to be picky. If the food is not to your liking, you may feel free to cook breakfast yourself in the kitchen. We’re not obliged to serve you, you’re not our boss anyway,” the servant retorted with a look of disdain.

They were still as sarcastic and scornful towards her all the same.

Staring at the servant, Mo Li remained silent and reached out to grab the steamed buns on the dining table. She then proceeded to smash them onto the ground, followed by the porridge which had already turned cold, then the preserved vegetables, and, lastly, the fried dough fritters. The dishes fell to the ground with a loud thud, causing a mess as the food splattered across the initially squeaky-clean flowers or.

In the end, there were only a few dishes left on the dining table.

Mo Li looked up at them and rebuked, “I may not be your boss, but it’s an undeniable fact that all of you are servants. Wait until Xiaotian is back before you clean up this mess I’ve created, I dare you. It’s hard to get another job when you’re already so old. Watch out, it won’t be nice when you get asked to leave.”

Appearing rather upset, the servants turned around to grab some cleaning tools and proceeded to clean up the mess.

Mo Li made her way inside the kitchen and cooked herself a sumptuous breakfast.

The food smelled delicious and looked extremely appetizing. She sat by the dining table and began to tuck in.