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In the past, Mo Li would never have complained about being mistreated by the servants to Ye Xiaotian. However, she decided to tell on them this time.

When Ye Xiaotian returned home for lunch, she said to him up front, “Could you replace all of these servants here?”

Upon hearing her words, all of the servants turned to look at each other in dismay, with the exception of one who was advanced in her years, for she was confident that Ye Xiaotian would never replace her easily. After all, she had been serving him for years and he had long gotten used to her cooking.

Raising his brows in curiosity, Ye Xiaotian asked, “Why?”

After a moment of hesitation, Mo Li answered, “Because I don’t like them. Is that reason good enough?”

Ye Xiaotian let out a smile in surprise. Apart from begging him to let her go, she had rarely requested anything from him. Thus, he answered, “That’ll depend on your behavior.”

Mo Li rose from her seat and sat down on his lap in front of everyone else. She then threw her arms around his neck and began kissing him on his lips.

Ye Xiaotian was greatly pleased by her sudden romantic gesture as he inhaled deeply and took a whiff of her scent.

After they were done with the romantic exchange, he gazed at her with a smirk hanging from his lips and said, “Seems like you really dislike them. Alright, we shall replace all of them then.”

The servants were dumbfounded, their jaws dropping in disbelief of what they had just heard.

“What I meant was for you to sack all of them.”


He agreed and gave in to her request.

Curling her lips into a smile, Mo Li got off his lap and sat beside him, occasionally glancing at the older servant.

“Young Sir, we’ve worked for you for years. I’m afraid you won’t be able to enjoy the tasty dishes prepared by us in the future, should you choose to give us the sack,” the elderly servant said frantically in a bid to make him change his mind.

“Do you really think there won’t be anyone else possessing superb culinary skills, apart from you guys? Pack your bags and collect your salary from the butler, then get lost immediately! Go now!” Ye Xiaotian hollered, glaring at the servant coldly.

He had always been known to stay firm to his decisions. Thus, the servants had no choice but to take their leave.

The elderly servant was overwhelmed with regret. However, there was nothing she could do to change his mind.

“Your godsister came by here right after you left this morning,” said Mo Li, not forgetting to bring up the matter.

“What did she say when she was here?”

Mo Li cleared her throat and mimicked Sun Weiwei’s voice as she continued to repeat the latter’s words, “You were still a young girl when I first heard about you from Brother Xiaotian. I can’t believe you actually have the ability to make Brother Xiaotian bring you back again. What’s the matter? Did you realize that you still prefer local men after being toyed with by a foreign man? I just can’t help but find you so cheap and lowly. Mo Li, Brother Xiaotian will never marry you, forget about becoming the Young Madam of the Ye Family.”

Just as she had expected, Ye Xiaotian began to frown in disdain.

“She really said that?”

“I speak nothing but the truth. I’m not the type to sow seeds of discord. I’ve gotten myself embroiled in so much trouble just by being with you. But, I can tell she’s rather fond of you and yearns to make you hers,” said Mo Li with a sigh.

Ye Xiaotian squinted and remarked, “She’s really getting way overboard and out of hand.”

“You were the one who spoiled her.”

“She’s free to do whatever she wants when I feel like spoiling her. But she’ll be nothing if I decide not to tolerate her atrocious ways. Of course, the same applies to you,” Ye Xiaotian replied, scoffing.

Needless to say, Mo Li was well aware of what kind of a person he was. She would never forget his cruelty and maliciousness.

There would always be a rift between them no matter how close they may be physically.


Jin Qingyan had been racking his brains, trying to come up with a way to first possess her body before capturing her heart.

But to no avail, mainly because he could not seem to find an appropriate chance to execute his plan.

An Xiaoning would return back to her room at the hostel after the strenuous training sessions every day.

She lived each day going through that exact routine.

Jin Qingyan suffered from insomnia every night as he could not get his mind off the matter.

Well, there had not been any progress in his relationship with An Xiaoning at all ever since their divorce. Of course he would get anxious.

After much thought, Jin Qingyan decided to create an opportunity for himself since he could not seem to find one.

The weather had been gloomy all day, and it even began raining cats and dogs in the evening.

Jin Qingyan parked his car in the garage and made his way to the boot camp training ground while shielding himself from the rain with a black umbrella.

He had managed to arrive at the right timing — just as they were being dismissed.

Completely exhausted from training, everyone dragged their feet out of the training ground sluggishly, tired beyond their senses.

An Xiaoning and Mei Yangyang exited together, only to see Jin Qingyan standing there with his hands in his pocket. “An Xiaoning, I have something to ask you about,” he said.

“What is it?”

“Come with me.”

Just as he was about to leave, An Xiaoning refuted right away, “I’m not going.”

“Wow, ignoring your commander’s instructions, eh?” said Jin Qingyan, watching as she walked past him without entertaining him at all.


Just as An Xiaoning was about to take a shower, Jin Qingyan barged inside her room and grabbed her wrist tightly before pulling her away.

“Jin Qingyan, what are you doing! Let go of me!” An Xiaoning barked, with no more energy left in her to struggle.

Mei Yangyang was still in the shower. By the time she came out, An Xiaoning had already been taken away by Jin Qingyan.

He dragged her inside his car forcefully. “Just what do you want?” An Xiaoning said weakly, without strength.

“You!” Jin Qingyan answered before driving away from the boot camp academy.

He then headed towards the villa.

Too tired to even retort, An Xiaoning leaned back against the car seat and fell asleep soon after.

Having arrived back home, Jin Qingyan carried An Xiaoning, who was sound asleep, out of the car and headed upstairs, giving Fan Shixin a great shock.

He turned on the heater in the room and filled the bathtub with water before carrying her in.

He then placed her inside the tub full of warm water.

An Xiaoning struggled to open her eyes, only to be greeted with the sight of him. Appearing less fatigued, she immediately struggled to get out of the bathtub.

However, he stopped her from doing so.

“Here, have a glass of your favorite,” said Jin Qingyan, handing her a glass of Dreamy Yanghe.

“I’m not having any.”

He proceeded to down a glass of the liquor before placing the goblet aside as the water continued to run from the tap in the background.

“I want to go back.”

“You’re not going anywhere tonight,” Jin Qingyan refuted, gripping her tightly.

An Xiaoning knew what he was up to. However, she constantly reminded herself that they were no longer husband and wife.

Panting lightly as she leaned against the bathtub, An Xiaoning said in scorn, “Go find a prostitute to satisfy your needs if you’re struggling to curb your sexual desires. Or you could also hook up with a random woman at the nightclub. Getting a woman to sleep with is a piece of cake for you.”

Jin Qingyan was suddenly overwhelmed with anger.

Her words had greatly enraged him.

“Prostitutes are too filthy for me, and those women at nightclubs are no better either. I only want you,” said Jin Qingyan as he tied a ribbon around her wrist. An Xiaoning quickly sat up in an attempt to free herself, only to have him sit on her and secure the ribbon around her other wrist.

“Jin Qingyan!”


“Do you know what you’re doing?”

“I do, it’s called raping, isn’t it? No worries, you’ve already sentenced me to a lifelong jail term. A few more years won’t make a difference,” he answered nonchalantly and took off his clothes.

He then unzipped her jacket and removed her shirt.

Her skin was soaked with the lukewarm water.