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An Xiaoning’s cheeks were flushed red in an attractive manner. She was too tired, even her legs were weak.

He got up and poured more wine into the empty wine glass.

With one hand, he pressed down on her lower jaw.

An Xiaoning had yet to recover herself and was already being forced down with wine by him.

Her throat was choked by a hot, stinging sensation.

After the wine went down her throat, she started coughing non-stop.

The taste of wine was indeed what she loved most. One glass was not enough, so he passed her another glass.

Two glasses were still not enough, so he passed her yet another one.

After three glasses of Dreamy Yanghe, An Xiaoning was in a drunken stupor.

She did not know what she was doing at all.

Her deep eyes were full of eager expectation.

Jin Qingyan kissed her rosy lips and slowly moved to her neck, her white and flawless collarbone, then her plentiful chest.

His hands did not cease for a moment, and he continued to stir her up.

Before meeting her, he felt that the kind of women he liked was someone like Chi Rui’er.

But after meeting her, all the women out there became unattractive compared to her.

He did not want to touch any other woman but her. It was only her that he wanted desperately.

“Xiaoning, I love you…”

An Xiaoning left her eyes half-open, and tears kept flowing out.

The vigorous attack from him continued to make her let out sounds of enjoyment.

Under such enjoyable circumstances, Jin Qingyan heard the words he wanted to hear from her.

“Call me brother…”


“Call me honey…”


“One more time, louder!”


Her originally drenched clothing were all removed by him one by one.

Getting out from the bathtub, Jin Qingyan carried her naked body and placed her on a towel that was already spread out, using it to wrap around her body.

With her head facing the bed, he took a hairdryer and started blow-drying her hair for her.

Finally, he placed her properly on the bed and pulled the covers over her.

Her hair was sprawled over the pillow, and he lay down beside her.

At this very moment, he was happy.

It was the first time since their divorce that they hugged each other as they slept together for the whole night.

When An Xiaoning woke up, it was still raining outside. As the curtains were drawn in the bedroom, the room looked extremely dimly lit.

Her legs did not feel like they were hers, and her back was aching very badly.

Her lower body, especially, felt very uncomfortable.

She supported herself as she got up and looked around the room, suddenly thinking back to last night. She was forcefully dragged away by him, and then…

Pushing back the covers and getting out of bed, she walked barefoot all the way from the carpet to the bathroom door. As expected, her drenched clothing was lying in the bathtub.

She no longer had clothing in this house.

Looking at the time, she found that it was already past nine.

Mei Yangyang would probably be training and would not have her phone with her.

What could she do?

Jin Qingyan was already awake when she got off the bed.

He watched as she walked from the bed to the bathroom door in her naked body, then from there back to the bed again where she crawled back into the covers.

“Good morning, Ms. An.”

An Xiaoning raised her hand and gave him a tight slap, her body trembling with anger. “Jin Qingyan, you’re too despicable!”

His face was slapped until it swung towards the side.

The impact of the slap even left her palm in pain. As can be imagined, she had exerted a lot of strength in it.

It was the first time in his life that Jin Qingyan was slapped by a woman.

The smile on his face gradually faded, and his face grew darker.

“I slept with you, and you slept with me as well. That’s fair, what’s so despicable about it?”


“What’s wrong with me?”

“You’re shameless!”

“Let me take a look, is your hand painful from hitting?” He reached out and held onto her hand.

An Xiaoning was taken aback. She turned her face to the side and did not say a word.

Seeing that her eyes were red, Jin Qingyan’s eyes sank. “You said you wanted a wish to be satisfied, so I satisfied your wish for you. In my whole life, all I want is you. Who asked you to make me fall for you? Since you tamed me, then be responsible for it ’til the very end.”

A corner of An Xiaoning’s heart cracked, and her voice softened slightly. “Get someone to bring me clothes, I’m going back to the training camp.”

“Okay.” He called Fan Shixin and got him to buy a set of clothes. The reason he was asking him to buy was that, during this time, he could spend more time with her alone. He didn’t feel this way before, but now, it was especially precious to him.

It was so precious that he felt that, after she puts on clothes and leaves later, they would not have time like this together anymore.

An Xiaoning laid down and grabbed onto the covers tightly, closing her eyes.

Jin Qingyan put on his clothes in an orderly manner, then pulled the curtains wide open.

The rain continued to patter lightly, and the view outside was misty. The gray sky appeared like someone had intentionally drawn a curtain over it, concealing the sun.

She did not speak, and neither did he.

It was weird because although both of them did not speak, he did not feel awkward, but felt at ease instead.

This feeling was a very strange one.

After wearing the clothes Fan Shixin had delivered, An Xiaoning left immediately, with Jin Qingyan chasing after her downstairs.

“Let me send you there.”

“It’s okay, just lend me an umbrella.”

He still grabbed onto her wrist and took the umbrella Fan Shixin passed over, covering the whole of it over her head and forcing her to the seat beside the driver’s.

It was not until he sat down that An Xiaoning saw that the back of his suit was drenched.

He casually wiped his hair and back, then helped her to buckle up her safety belt. Following that, he steadily drove out of the house they used to live in together.

Reaching the entrance of a breakfast shop, he pulled the car over. “The breakfast shop is still open, what do you want to eat?”

“I don’t feel like eating.”

“Alright, I’ll decide.”

He alighted from the car on his own, leaving An Xiaoning alone in the car. She lowered her head, quietly wiping away the tears brimming in the corners of her eyes.

When he emerged at the entrance again, he drove the car away, driving An Xiaoning back to her dormitory. However, An Xiaoning came out again not long after.

She changed into a set of clothes and found a public toilet where she put on a mask, thereafter heading to a hospital for a review of her checkup.

She was not feeling particularly nervous.

Perhaps that was because she already knew the outcome, and going for the review will only affirm the situation.

After the doctor made a diagnosis, the gynecologist looked at the review report, asking in a rather regretful manner, “You’re only 23 years old, do you have a husband already?”

An Xiaoning answered, “Not at the present moment.”

“Well, your situation is rather complex. The outcome of the review is not much different from the outcome of your previous checkup…”

“Doctor, during my previous checkup, I already got a result and I’m mentally prepared. Just tell me the results of this review directly.”

“Umm. Your condition after recovering from your miscarriage is not too good. Mainly because the position where you got injured was rather critical, other than affecting your chances of pregnancy, there won’t be other problems. It’s still the same issue which will pose problems to your pregnancy in the future. Even if you fortunately get pregnant, you need to be extra careful as the place where the embryo is implanted is where your injury is. You may experience miscarriages frequently, and it won’t be easy to keep a pregnancy.”

An Xiaoning’s heart turned thoroughly cold. She told the doctor indifferently, “I don’t intend to get married or have children for the rest of my life.”

After leaving the hospital, An Xiaoning held onto the review report as she slowly strolled down the pavement.

She might not have her own children anymore in the future. Even though she already knew that, after the results of the review, she still felt very upset.

While the moon has its dimness and brightness — waxing and waning — men have their weal and woe, parting and meeting.