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“You are Mei Yangyang?” Mrs. Long sized up the girl before her who had a baby face. No matter how she looked, the girl appeared very young.

“Yes, and you are Tianze’s mother, right?” Mei Yangyang saw that she looked quite similar to Long Tianze and made a bold presumption.

“Yes. Today I came especially to look for you, to ask what exactly is going on between you and my son.”

Her question made Mei Yangyang dumbfounded. After some thought, she replied honestly, “We’ve been dating for some time already.”

Mrs. Long of course knew that already. “What I want to know is, are you intending to marry my son?”

“Of course, I’m a serious person. If I get into a relationship, I’ll definitely consider marriage.”

Of course, as expected , Mrs. Long thought to herself.

“Then, do you think you are worthy of my son?”

Mei Yangyang kept silent for a moment, then replied, “I think I am worthy of him.”

“Then tell me, what about you is worthy of my son?”

Mrs. Long’s words could not be any more obvious. Her purpose for looking for her today was not to meet her future daughter-in-law but to make a move from the girl’s side, to make her break up with her son!

Mei Yangyang could see that she was very unsatisfied with her.

She could understand that, but she would never concede easily.

“No matter whether I say it or don’t, Auntie will not be satisfied, so I might as well not defend myself.” Mei Yangyang looked at the time and continued, “I still have training later, so I can’t continue to chat with you, Auntie.”

“Stop there.” Mrs. Long stood up and looked at her, saying bluntly, “I’ve already continued to arrange blind dates for Tianze. Any one of the candidates is more outstanding than you are, so stop putting in effort on Tianze. You should know, for a family like us, it’s usually the parents who decide on the child’s marriage. I hope you’ve gotten my warning and will think well about it.”

She took out an envelope from her bag. “There’s one million yuan inside, it’s for you.”

Mei Yangyang pressed down her lips into a forceful smile. “Auntie, I don’t deserve this money. I am able-bodied and I don’t lack money, I can earn it myself. No matter whether you give me one or two million yuan, it’s only when Tianze tells me himself that he wants to break up that I won’t cling onto him anymore.”

She turned and left, her mood absolutely spoiled. Hearing such words from her boyfriend’s mother, it was, as can be imagined, a frustrating issue.

She went to a store and bought a bottle of water, then made her way to the training room.

Seeing her gloomy face, An Xiaoning asked, “What’s wrong?”

Mei Yangyang told her the story from beginning to end and commented finally, “I think his mother has a big issue with me. I know, there’s a huge gap between his family and mine, this is what made me hesitate at the start. But now, since I’m already in a relationship with him, I won’t concede easily. Unless he gives up first.”

An Xiaoning looked at her with admiration. “Great, your attitude is the most important thing. Sis supports you.”

Mei Yangyang leaned towards her ear and whispered, “Sis, you slept over at Mr. Jin’s place last night?”

An Xiaoning did not know how to explain the situation to her, so she simply replied, “I was forced to.”

However, Mei Yangyang said instead, “Sis, why don’t you remarry him?”

An Xiaoning shook her head. “Impossible, I’ll never have a third marriage in my life. Training’s starting, let’s get up.”

The twelve people lined up properly.

Chen Xu walked forward and slowly said, “This morning, Xiaoning did not attend training. You’ll have to make it up at night.”

“Coach!” Lin Mingxi retorted. “Yesterday night, An Xiaoning left as she pleased and did not return the whole night, and she didn’t even attend lessons in the morning. From what I know, she didn’t apply for leave. This is a serious violation of discipline. Don’t tell me she’s safe from punishment because she’s Jin Qingyan’s ex-wife?”

Chen Xu frowned. “Who says that she didn’t apply for leave? She applied for leave directly from Mr. Jin, so is there still a need for me to approve that?”

Lin Mingxi sneered. “What an unhealthy practice. As the boss behind the scene, Jin Qingyan actually has such power. Even though everyone doesn’t say it on the surface, we’re not happy about it.”

Chen Xu replied in a crude but succinct manner, “If you’re not happy about it, you can withdraw from the devil boot camp of your own accord. We’re here to build up our strength, not to pick on other’s flaws.”

His words successfully left Lin Mingxi speechless yet feeling wronged at the same time.

No matter what other people said about it, Jin Qingyan never stopped going to the boot camp. It was only after three months, when the trainers started to teach them diving in deep waters, that Jin Qingyan could not find an excuse to see An Xiaoning anymore.

During the three months of the boot camp, of the original twelve people who signed up at the beginning, only six people persisted ’til the end. It was enough to show how terrifying the intensity of the training was.

Jin Nana and a few other men and women had withdrawn.

There were only Lin Mingxi, the pair of twin brothers Da Long and Xiao Long, Shi Bin, as well as An Xiaoning and Mei Yangyang left.

Those who withdrew did so of their own accord. Although Jin Nana had withdrawn, she still insisted on following along, displaying her principle of sticking by until the end.

For a rich family’s daughter like Lin Mingxi to persist this far, An Xiaoning honestly admired her perseverance quite a lot.

They would wake up at 6 am, and other than the rest time they had, they would train until 9:30 pm every day, rain or shine.

The two coaches were very strict; there was no room for complacency at all.

By this time, it was already June.

The weather was hot and humid, and light rain came only every two or three days.

Before they went out of the country, An Xiaoning did not know if it was Chen Xu and Jin Shan’s idea or that of Jin Qingyan’s that the devilish boot camp allowed them two days off.

They were allowed to go anywhere they wanted, or return home, and were due to meet two days later to travel abroad.

When they were leaving the camp, An Xiaoning and Mei Yangyang did not bring anything with them. They were just exiting from the main door when an eye-catching sports car stopped in front of the two.

An Xiaoning took a closer look, and it was Long Tianze inside.

He got off from the car and took off his sunglasses, his smile bright like the spring breeze. “Aren’t I on time? I’ve personally come to pick up the two of you, are you both honored?”

“As expected, this two days of holiday was specially arranged by someone,” Mei Yangyang commented.

Long Tianze understood what she meant clearly. He grinned and touched her head. “Be good, no one here needs to hear that.”

The three got into the car, and An Xiaoning immediately said, “Just send me to Dongpo Road.”

Long Tianze coughed lightly and replied, “Ms. An, Qingyan said that if I don’t bring you to the destination, he’ll kill me.”

“What destination? Where are we going?”

“Wei Ni Estate.”

“I’m not going, stop the car.” Upon hearing his words, An Xiaoning rejected the idea immediately.

“Ms. An, I’m sorry, I can’t help it too.” Long Tianze looked at her with an apologetic gaze.

Mei Yangyang asked, “Why are we going to Wei Ni Estate?”

“We’re going out to have fun for two days, all of us.” Long Tianze continued, “Ms. An, what happened was a very long time ago already. During this period of time, it should be quite clear how Qingyan has been treating you. Actually, I’m hoping that the two of you can get back together.”