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Mei Yangyang turned back and leaned on the back of the seat, looking at An Xiaoning. “That’s right, Sis. I can see it too, Jin Qingyan has been putting a lot of effort on you. Don’t reject him so resolutely, give him a bit of chance.”

“You’ve reminded me, I probably haven’t rejected him resolutely enough, that’s why he’s pushing his luck time and again.” An Xiaoning’s heart trembled slightly. “Yangyang, whatever decision I make, it’s after careful consideration.”

Hearing her words, Mei Yangyang did not say anything further. She knew An Xiaoning’s character extremely well.

The car drove all the way to the airport within Wei Ni Estate.

When it pulled over, An Xiaoning got off and immediately turned around to leave. Long Tianze hurriedly went forward to stop her. “Big Sister, we’re here already. Moreover, you’re not alone, we’re all here. What can he possibly do to you?”

An Xiaoning sulked. “You’re in cahoots with him. If he really does anything to me, you’ll pretend like you didn’t see it.”

“No, I won’t,” Long Tianze assured solemnly. “I won’t ever pretend like I didn’t see it. If he does anything to you, I’ll be sure to prepare my camera and capture it.”

“You, get lost[1: The original Chinese has the same pronunciation as “roll over.”].”

Long Tianze grinned cheekily. “Later, I’ll make Jin Qingyan roll over for you to see, alright?”

With that, An Xiaoning was forced onto the plane by him.

Jin Qingyan was lying down on the sofa with a neatly folded towel on his forehead, looking quite under the weather.

An Xiaoning saw that he appeared sick, but did not probe.

Long Tianze, however, took the initiative to explain, “Qingyan’s gone down with the flu last night and had a fever this morning.”

“You’re not resting at home when you have a fever and are only thinking about going out to have fun. What a sacrificial spirit you have, I’ll definitely take pleasure in your misfortunes,” Ling Ciye said in a serious manner while reading his book.

Jin Qingyan opened his eyes slightly, coincidentally meeting An Xiaoning’s eyes. He simply sat up and placed the towel from his forehead on the table, his gaze landing at the front of her chest.

Her pink, one-piece dress reached her knee and had an opening at her chest, vaguely revealing her cleavage.

While it was not obvious at all, as someone with other desires towards her, his eyes kept shifting there, which led to other thoughts about it.

For three months, he had not touched anyone.

Ever since he had her the previous time, he did not get any other chance to get close to her. Firstly, she was getting so good at taekwondo and kickboxing that he would soon no longer be her match.

Secondly, she was always dead-beat and injured after her trainings, he could not bear to do anything to her.

What was that called?

Sacrificing oneself for the sake of another’s happiness. A considerate good citizen of S Nation.

An Xiaoning was rather shocked by the predatory look in his eyes. She immediately looked at Ling Ciye and asked, “Can I borrow your suit for awhile?”

Ling Ciye’s suit was originally placed at the side, so he passed it to her directly. “Sure, just take it.”

She had just covered herself with it when Jin Qingyan suddenly stood up and took the suit from her, throwing it back to Ling Ciye. “There’s one right here. You don’t need to borrow it, you can just have it.”

As he said that, he took off the suit he was wearing and put it on her.

“Wow, such narrow-mindedness.” Ling Ciye slowly went on, “When we were young, Qingyan had a fever in the cold winter. He said he wanted to eat ice cream, so I went through difficulty and danger without hesitation just to send it to him. When he was eating it, I felt like eating it too, so we shared the same ice cream together. Now that we’re all grown up, tsk tsk tsk. Everyone can see, this is how I’m being treated.”

Jin Qingyan raised his eyebrows. “Why don’t you talk about the time when you didn’t have paper in the toilet cubicle, and it was me who especially went to pass you some.”

Long Tianze shrugged. “Do the two of you have nothing better to do than talk about things that happened decades ago?”


The plane took off and headed to the nearby country H Nation.

The destination was H Nation’s largest resort.

The extent of the resort’s extravagance was simply unimaginable. It had everything you could possibly find, and those that could enter were either wealthy businessmen with multiple assets or those with special status.

Ordinary people did not have the privilege of receiving such treatment.

This resort was Jin Corporation’s overseas estate.

After flying in the air for a few hours, they finally arrived at the resort’s very own airport.

When the plane landed, An Xiaoning was still in a deep sleep. The others got off the plane first, while Jin Qingyan stared at her, his lips curling into a faint smile.

Unable to restrain himself in that moment, he leaned towards her, his lips hovering around hers. An Xiaoning woke up in alarm, frowning. “Just a slip on my part and I have to be taken advantage of by you like that.”

“I welcome you to take advantage of me anytime.”

She sat up, realizing that the others were not around. “Have we arrived?”

“Umm. Do you want to sleep for a while more?”

“No, I don’t dare to sleep anymore. I might get eaten alive by you.”

“No, I won’t bear to.”

He smiled smugly, and for a moment, it did not appear like he was sick.

“Looks like your fever is not that serious after all. Let’s get off.”


When they exited the plane cabin, the cold wind blew at them, and what came into sight was an eye-opening view of a castle.

It was made up of many castles clustered together and was basically like an exclusive kingdom.

The main management team of the resort stood before them in two rows and bowed down in a formal 90-degree angle at them.

They were there to welcome them.

An Xiaoning stood there taking in this scene, feeling slightly shaken by it.

She and Jin Qingyan went down together.

“Welcome, Mr. Jin.”

“Umm. Help us to settle our luggage,” he ordered. “Arrange the meal for us now.”

“Your meal has already been arranged properly, please follow me.” The head of the resort led them, while the others followed behind.

“We’ve waited for you until my legs are aching already.” Long Tianze couldn’t resist adding in, “I thought you’d have taken a longer time?”

“If they’re aching, chop them off. They wouldn’t ache anymore.”

Long Tianze rolled his eyes. “Heartless. But then, I remember the last time we were here was a few years back. Now that we’re here again, everything feels different.”

“Umm…” Jin Qingyan said jokingly, “Don’t know if those chicks of yours are still here.”

Long Tianze turned and looked at Mei Yangyang, then hurriedly hit Jin Qingyan’s shoulder. “What chicks, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Such a grown man already, and you still like to spout nonsense.”

Jin Qingyan was wearing sunglasses and gave others a feeling of detachment.

But under his sunglasses, his gaze was always fixed at the woman ahead of him.

However, the woman never turned back and continued to walk on her own casually. It was like she had forgotten that they came here together.

“It’s so hot.” Long Tianze shrugged his shoulders. “But I don’t care, I’m going to swim first later.”

Mei Yangyang chimed in, “I want to swim too. It’s really too hot. It feels like if I stand here the whole day, I’ll melt into oil.”

Long Tianze winked at her. “Let’s swim together. Get them to prepare a swim suit for you. Yangyang, you’ll definitely look good in it.”

Ling Ciye interrupted, “He probably wishes that you wouldn’t wear anything at all. Little lamb, be careful. Don’t let the big bad wolf eat you up.”

Mei Yangyang’s face blushed and even her ears turned red as she acknowledged his comment softly in an embarrassed manner.