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“Is your heart made of metal?!” he shrieked. “I thought my effort for the past few months would have somehow made you more soft-hearted towards me, An Xiaoning!”

“If I’ve become more soft-hearted towards you, it’s only because I take pity on you for being so persistent.”

Jin Qingyan raised his hand, instantly flinging aside the stand for the IV drip bottle, and pushed her onto the bed.

An Xiaoning turned her body over and went down from the other side of the bed. She had not gone more than two steps further before she was cornered by him.

The two had an intense fight in the room. If it was last time, An Xiaoning would not have been able to fight him back. But now, it was different.

She could not possibly defeat him completely, but at least, she was still able to defend herself.

At the end of this war, the ultimate winner was still Jin Qingyan. He held back her hands and pushed her onto the bed, panting furiously. “You think I’ve not trained before?”

“Jin Qingyan, get your hands off me!”

“I’ve been too nice to you last time, right? Okay, since you won’t yield to the soft approach, then I’ll go hard on you from here on.” Jin Qingyan thought of her words just now and was still fuming with anger.

He pulled up the end of her skirt, revealing her white underwear.

He then gave her a slap.

“You don’t love me, right? Take a slap from me.”


“For angering me, two more slaps for you.”

Pa! Pa!

“For not listening to me, three more slaps for you.”

Pa! Pa! Pa!

An Xiaoning bore with the pain and did not make a noise, until she was bitten by him.

“Ouch!” Her shoulder was numb with pain, and it hurt so much she wished she could slap him a few times.

“Jin Qingyan, are you a pervert?!”

“Since you said that, then I should probably play my role!” Right after, he ripped her skirt off her with so much force that it was torn.

An Xiaoning struggled desperately, to no avail. Why is he so strong, was he evolved from a bear?

Jin Qingyan’s anger continued to rise within him. He turned her over, his arms raised to her head. One hand was holding it down while the other was loosening the tie on his neck, which he then wrapped around her wrists to restrain them.

“Jin Qingyan!”

“An Xiaoning!” With his eyes reddened, he roared hysterically, “Today, I’ll let you know what sex is!”

She was about to go mad with anger because of this crazy man.

The intensity of his breath surrounded her completely as he continued to bite every inch of her skin. An Xiaoning felt like she was in a frying pan with hot oil, suffering pure torture.

She took the chance and bit him back. It was a long and hard bite, one out of anger and desperation.

Even if Jin Qingyan felt it was painful, he did not express it at all.

After she relaxed her bite, he chuckled. “My turn.”


It was yet another bite, so painful that her teeth hurt from being clenched.

This bastard!

If she had known, she would have bit off his meat!

With no prelude or warning beforehand, he just went straight to it.

An Xiaoning was messed up pretty badly by him this time.

Which was why she became more firm on her stand.

“Even if you do this, it’ll have no use. It’ll only make me more disgusted with you!”

“So be it. Since my soft approach on you doesn’t work, then at least this way, I get to enjoy myself!”

“Jin Qingyan, get lost!”

No matter how she scolded him and screamed for him to get lost, he did not say another word.

He merely worked hard at what he was doing, allowing her to feel the pleasure of the sensation.

But it was torturous, absolutely torturous for her.

An Xiaoning did not want to say anything further; her throat was already slightly hoarse.

When it ended, Jin Qingyan was about to wipe himself clean when she broke free of the tie wrapped around her wrists and kicked his face brutally. The kick sent Jin Qingyan off the bed with a loud thud.

Jin Qingyan was caught off guard and fell onto the floor.

Yet, he was able to recover instantly and stand up.

With one of them standing on the floor and the other standing on the bed, the two were caught in a deadly situation as they exchanged looks with one another.

An Xiaoning’s chest was fuming with anger.

“Jin Qingyan, you’ve ruffled my feathers.”

“So what?”

She narrowed her eyes and grabbed onto the tie, whipping it at him as she leaped towards him. Jin Qingyan could not dodge in time and was immediately pushed down. He let out a soft groan and almost passed out as she sat at an unfortunate position on him, which almost handicapped him.

Right after, Jin Qingyan did not expect that An Xiaoning, who was petite in size, started beating him.

Unexpectedly, he did not fight back.

Only when she was done did he raise his eyebrows. “You’re taking it out on me?”


“Even so, I won’t let you continue hitting me.” Jin Qingyan smiled vaguely, as if he had a sudden change of character. “Please remember that in the future, other than using you to release my biological needs, I won’t seek you out anymore.”


“That’s right, I’m that despicable. From now on, I’ll be even more despicable. Now, you can go!”

An Xiaoning immediately put on his clothes, but he snatched them back. “Why’re you wearing my clothes, just go out naked.”

“Why don’t you go out naked?”

She retorted and took the covers on the bed and wrapped it around her, making it look like a dress. Finally, she glared furiously at Jin Qingyan and went out in an upright manner.

Jin Qingyan watched as she walked out, almost getting a heart attack from the fury within him.

Lying on the bed, he put on his clothes and called for the doctor to give him the IV drip.

While everyone else was having fun, he was having an IV drip here.

Sure enough, he was suffering by himself while others were enjoying themselves.

However, he could not just suffer alone like that.

He took the intercom on the table and told the general manager, “Get a bunch of young and pretty girls here to dance right now.”

“Yes, Mr. Jin.”

After An Xiaoning called Mei Yangyang, she bought her a dress, and the two sat on the merry-go-round while eating ice cream.

“Sis, what’s with your neck?”

“Got bitten by a dog,” An Xiaoning’s answer made things clear to Mei Yangyang immediately.

“Actually, I wanted to go and fetch you. But Master Jin was beside me then, so he went immediately and I didn’t go.”

“Yangyang, let’s take the chance now and return home, shall we?”

“But, Sis, we didn’t come here with our passports, how do we go home?”

That was a very serious question!

An Xiaoning came down from the merry-go-round. “Let’s go back and rest, I’m so tired.”

“Alright.” Mei Yangyang held onto her arm and grinned. “Sis, you weren’t there, but today we watched a demon performance. Hahaha, it really enriched my experience.”

“It’s not even human, how would it enrich your experience?”

“At night, I’ll bring you to see some new performances, there’s more at night.” Mei Yangyang’s eyes scanned the surroundings. “It’s really luxurious here, it’s a world for the rich.”

“That’s right,” An Xiaoning replied as she walked on weakly, with no strength left within her.

Once they reached the fountain, they saw a group of attractive girls all dressed up seductively and heading towards the revolving door.

The girls seemed really overwhelmed as they talked while walking.

“Is it really Mr. Jin? It’s really wonderful, we’ll have a chance to get near to him.”

“Yes, yes. He made the call to the general manager himself to get us to go there!”