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“Sisters, we need to do our best to make Mr. Jin happy, okay?”

“Of course, there’s no need to even say this.”


Mei Yangyang and An Xiaoning stopped in their tracks, taking in every word of the conversation they had heard.

“Sis…” Mei Yangyang was slightly afraid of saying anything.

“Let’s go back to our room and rest.” An Xiaoning pretended like she had not heard anything and returned to the suite with her.

An Xiaoning went to bathe while Mei Yangyang made a video call to Xu Jingwen and Zhang Li to check on the accounts with them.

While she bathed, An Xiaoning felt her mood worsening.

Standing under the shower head, the warm water continued to rinse her body and she continued to use her fingers to scrub herself.

She bent down, looking at the flow of the water, her eyes in a mist.

Even though she continued to tell herself every minute and every second of the day that there was no future with him, her body and the thoughts deep within her were honest. There was no way to lie against them.

Her tears streamed down her face continuously, with the conversation of those girls just now replaying in her head.

He was taking revenge on her.

She was very clear about this.

She pushed back her wet hair and stood up, continuing her bath.

After she came out of the bathroom, An Xiaoning lay down on the bed, not wanting to move at all.

It was like her body was on fire.

Mei Yangyang shut down her laptop and lay down beside her, saying gently, “Sis, don’t think so much about it. Aren’t you tired? You should close your eyes and get some sleep.”

“Umm.” She slowly shut her eyes.

She slept for a few hours just like that.

When she woke up, her energy was replenished and she felt rejuvenated. Mei Yangyang was sitting on the bed while watching television, and seeing that she had woken up, she cheered merrily, “Sis, you’re awake, let’s go and eat something! Then after that, we’ll go shopping and then watch a performance together. We’ll be going for our overseas training the day after already, then we’ll be preoccupied for a few months. Let’s enjoy ourselves while we can!”

“That’s right!” An Xiaoning sat up and pinned up her hair into a bun, remarking, “Luckily I brought my credit card. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to have fun. Let’s go!”


The two left spontaneously and went out of their room, going out to find food. They did not care about the others, who were probably having fun together, and only focused on spending their time together.

They first went to eat some delicacies, then went to shop after they’d had their fill. The resort had two streets that sold an abundance of products, but they were also priced rather high.

However, An Xiaoning did not worry about that. She had money and was willing to spend it.

In a clothing store, she had her eyes on an especially sexy short dress. She did not bother to negotiate for a lower price and bought it without hesitation. The two also bought a swimsuit each.

They intended to go for a swim after shopping, and then watch a performance thereafter.

They did not bring any cosmetics when they came, but seeing how the women who walked past them were dolled up in exquisite makeup, An Xiaoning casually bought a set of cosmetics and skincare products. One set of each was enough for Mei Yangyang and her to share.

After an exciting round of shopping, they went back to their room.

Changing into their swimsuits and putting on their hats and sunglasses, the two went out again together.

Mei Yangyang was slightly shy. Although she was wearing a swimsuit with an umbrella skirt that reached her thigh, which wasn’t as sexy as An Xiaoning’s, she still couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

An Xiaoning, on the other hand, was relatively calmer. Everywhere they went, there were other women in similar outfits who were walking around. Since they were all wearing the same thing, there was nothing to be shy about.

Although she was wrapped in a thin fabric, it was only to cover the bite mark on her.

With their hats and sunglasses on, nobody could recognize the both of them.

The two avoided the crowded places and chose a relatively more secluded spot.

Swimming by themselves in a corner, they were absolutely having fun.

At the peak of their excitement, Long Tianze and Ling Ciye came marching in.

“I say, have the two of you considered our feelings? We were looking all over for the both of you. If we didn’t take a look at the surveillance cameras, we wouldn’t have found you! What if you two got abducted!”

Long Tianze complained rather grudgingly, “Ms. An, you’ve successfully abducted my girlfriend!”

An Xiaoning muttered, “She has her own legs, how did I abduct her?”

Long Tianze immediately took off his jeans, revealing his boxers. Mei Yangyang took one look and instantly screamed, looking elsewhere.

The other three burst out into laughter.

Long Tianze went into the pool headfirst, then resurfaced and whistled at Ling Ciye, who was still on land. “Why are you taking so long? Get in.”

Ling Ciye, who was lying down on a sun lounger, replied, “You guys go ahead, I’m not joining.”

Long Tianze swam towards Mei Yangyang and laughed in an evil way. “Little sheep, I’m coming!”

“Ya!” Mei Yangyang shrieked as she hurriedly swam towards another side. As she watched the two play around, An Xiaoning was in a great mood.

The sky slowly turned darker and paved its way for a pitch-black night sky.

The three swam in the pool for more than an hour before coming out.

Long Tianze’s eyes were glowing as he looked at Mei Yangyang. “When did you buy this swimsuit?”

“Before we came to swim.”

“Not bad.”

An Xiaoning wrapped the thin fabric around her and put on her shoes. “We’re going to watch a performance later. If you guys are hungry, you can go and eat. We’re going back to change first.”

“Go and change, we’ll wait for you guys.”

Long Tianze went forward and held onto Mei Yangyang’s hand, his handsome face revealing his other desires. “Yangyang…”

Mei Yangyang answered, “What?”

“That… erm… can you accompany me to watch the stars and moon at night?”

Ling Ciye could not help but remark, “What he really means is, sleep with him tonight.”

“Get lost…” Long Tianze pouted his lips. “Am I such a shallow person?”

“Aren’t you?”

“Of course not.” He showed a righteous look on his face.

Mei Yangyang rejected him point-blank. “There are no stars or moon to see at night. Why do I feel that the weather tomorrow will be bad?”

“…” Long Tianze found a way out for himself. “Umm, I think so too.”

Ling Ciye was about to sustain internal injuries from suppressing his laughter. He really wanted to laugh very badly. Having such a hilarious friend, wasn’t it a form of torture?!

An Xiaoning and Mei Yangyang returned to their room to change.

The men, on the other hand, waited for them on the sofa in the lounge.

Long Tianze said idly, “Jin Qingyan is so boring. He watched some girls dance for a whole afternoon, and he isn’t bored by it.”

“Let’s take the time now to go and see him. The girls need to change and put on makeup, I reckon they’ll take at least half an hour.”

Long Tianze pointed his index finger at him as he broke into a wide grin. “I must say, you still know more about women. Let’s go then.”

When they got to Jin Qingyan’s room, the women in the room were completely gone. Jin Qingyan was asleep on the bed.

“We’re going to eat then watch a performance, do you want to go?”

“…” He remained motionless.

“We just came back from swimming with Ms. An and Yangyang. Ms. An was dressed way too sexily.”

“…” He slowly started to open his eyes.

Long Tianze heartily patted his face. “Your fever has long subsided, why’re you still in such a state? Get up now.”