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Jin Qingyan sat up, then got down from the bed and changed. His face still did not look good, but he was in a relatively better condition.

When An Xiaoning and Mei Yangyang came out of their room together, the three waiting at the door were taken aback.

Long Tianze looked at the two before him and could not contain himself, letting out an exclamation before clapping. “Both of you look great!”

Ling Ciye said jokingly, “I didn’t come with a female partner, but I guess I have a chance to feast my eyes.”

Jin Qingyan looked at the new short dress she wore; she looked absolutely sexy in it.

Maybe because of the mark he left on her neck, he noticed that her neck was wrapped in a scarf, which gave her a different air.

“Let’s go.”

The five went out and headed for a meal first. An Xiaoning and Mei Yangyang were not very hungry but still ate a little, in case they would feel hungry at night.

They did not eat in a private room but ate directly at the hall of the restaurant.

Long Tianze poked Jin Qingyan’s arm as he asked, “Isn’t that Xi Bolai?”

Jin Qingyan looked up and glanced over. “I’d seen him long ago.”

An Xiaoning looked over too and froze, realizing that the person Long Tianze was referring to was the man on the bed she had accidentally chanced upon earlier.

“Tianze, what does he do?”

“He’s the head of the SU Organisation, not a good guy,” Long Tianze commented under his breath.

“I’ve seen him today.”

An Xiaoning’s words just landed when Jin Qingyan inquired, “Where did you see him?”

“When I went out alone just now and got lost. I went into a room which looked exactly the same and had the same room number. But it turns out, it wasn’t the same room we ate in but his suite.”

“Ms. An, there’re many different layouts here. There are plenty of rooms that look exactly the same and with the same room number.” Long Tianze continued to probe, “You went into his room?”

“Umm, I went in, and he was…” An Xiaoning thought of the scene and was slightly embarrassed, so she simply did not mention it. “I’d just gone in when I realized something was not quite right. When I wanted to go out, his men stopped me. I kicked one of the guards and ran out. The guards continued to chase me, but they eventually could not catch up.”

Jin Qingyan’s expression was cold. “If they’d caught up with you, you’d have been in for it.”

“That would have been caused by you anyway. If you didn’t force me to come here, nothing would’ve happened.”

“Still talking back?”

The anxiety and worry beneath his eyes were not obvious.

An Xiaoning unknowingly looked towards Xi Bolai’s direction. She somehow felt that he knew her and that his gaze was almost predatory, which made her rather annoyed.

After eating, the five went to watch a performance.

The resort at night appeared even more crowded and lively.

The male performers on stage who dressed like female demons acted even more graceful than women. They all wore smiles on their faces as they played their strengths, performing immaculately.

An Xiaoning watched the group of special performers on stage and felt it was really not easy for them.

Everyone had their own difficulties in their lives, and no one had it easier than others. The rich had their own problems, and the poor had their own worries too.

But they still deserved a round of applause. As An Xiaoning watched from the audience seat, a bold performer invited her on stage to dance with them.

Jin Qingyan’s face turned dark instantly. He especially disliked watching her dance in a seductive dress under the eyes of so many others. It was a right that he solely had!

He wanted to burst out in anger, but Long Tianze reminded him, “Don’t embarrass yourself, okay? There are so many people around who know you, especially Xi Bolai.”

Jin Qingyan had no choice but to bear it, watching as she was on stage in her exquisite makeup and radiant smile, giving off that unique air that she had.

The applause that came was endless.

Everyone was in the high spirits of a warm summer day. Only Jin Qingyan seemed to be in the middle of a cold, harsh winter.

Once the song ended, the performers seemed to want An Xiaoning to continue, but Jin Qingyan went forward and forcefully dragged her off the stage.

“Just try going up there again.”

“You have no right to butt in.”

“Yes, I have no right to care.” He leaned closer to her ear and whispered, “If you dare to go up, I’d dare to go up there and kill you too. If you don’t believe me, you can try.”

Despite his domineering tone, An Xiaoning rebutted, “It seems you’re dying to fight me in public. Aren’t you?”

“If you dare, then go up there again.” He retracted his gaze.

The two did not give in, going back and forth in their argument and treating the other three around them as transparent.

“I’ll go and get a bottle of water.” An Xiaoning got up.

Jin Qingyan followed behind her thereafter and said, “I’ll bring you there.”

“I don’t want to.”

Jin Qingyan caught up with her. “Hmph, women always like to say no on the surface but their bodies never lie.”

“Jin Qingyan, I don’t need you to do things to please me. Go and find those young sexy chicks of yours, they need your love more. I wish you success with them in advance.”

He narrowed his eyes. She found out about it?

“You’re jealous?”

“Jealous, my foot.” She walked over to the store and bought two bottles of water.

“You said you don’t like me, but I think you like me so much, you just won’t admit it.”

“I think you’re incurably sick.” She sneered.

“I’m completely recovered now, I’m not sick.”

Going back to the performance area, An Xiaoning passed a bottle to Mei Yangyang and opened the other, gulping down water.

When they returned to rest, it was past 11 pm.

An Xiaoning and Mei Yangyang both removed their makeup.

After washing their faces, they watched a movie together with their hair let down.

Suddenly, the lights in the room went out.

A resort like that could not possibly have a blackout, unless there was something wrong.

The two were highly vigilant, and An Xiaoning immediately used her phone to call Jin Qingyan as Mei Yangyang’s phone was charging and she could not make a call immediately.

A stimulating smell suddenly filled up the air, so An Xiaoning hurriedly passed a pillow to Mei Yangyang and took one for herself, using it to cover their noses.

The two did not wear their shoes and moved around the room rapidly.

All of a sudden, there came the sound of footsteps approaching their door.

Two minutes later, the room door was actually forced open.

Then came the sound of footsteps entering, and it was more than one person.

Three shadows appeared in the room, all holding onto a torch.

The two shadows approached the bed, while one stood at the door.

Realizing to their surprise that there was no one on the bed, the two had yet to make a sound when they were kicked to the ground by Mei Yangyang and An Xiaoning.

An Xiaoning hurriedly took out a strap from her bag, whipping it forward with all her strength.

The two who’d barely crawled up were in extreme pain, with one of them tangled up in the strap. And so, An Xiaoning started drawing it at the other.

The person at the door said something into his walkie talkie, and the lights that originally went out came back again.

The three men went forward together, and at this moment, An Xiaoning felt that it was a good thing she made Mei Yangyang join the boot camp with her.

Otherwise, it would have been her against the three, and Mei Yangyang would have been defenseless and may have even become a bargaining chip.

Now it was great, as the two easily beat up the men, the three of them being no match for them at all.

The three were not filled up with bruises, but the juices in their heads were almost blown out.

They completely did not expect that An Xiaoning and Mei Yangyang, who looked slender and petite, were full of strength all over and were merciless with every blow they dealt.