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While the three were originally there to take An Xiaoning away, they were instead beaten up by An Xiaoning and Mei Yangyang to the point that they were crawling out, frightened out of their wits.

After the fight was over, the room was in a complete mess. An Xiaoning gulped down a whole glass of water and finally looked at the time. It was already ten minutes since she had called Jin Qingyan.

She and Mei Yangyang changed their clothes and went to his room to find him.

While Jin Qingyan had seen her calling him, there was something inside him that had made him decided not to pick up. He thought that she would call again, but unexpectedly, she didn’t.

In these few minutes, he thought about making a call to her, but he eventually did not.

When he heard the doorbell, he went to open the door and immediately remarked, “I didn’t pick up your call, so you came to find me because you couldn’t wait?”

An Xiaoning replied incredulously, “I called you just now to tell you that we were being attacked. If we didn’t learn self-defense, you and Long Tianze would be searching high and low for us now.”

“What happened?” Jin Qingyan’s face turned serious.

“It was Xi Bolai’s men. Three of his men came, I’ve seen them before.”

Jin Qingyan immediately turned and headed into his room, calling the general manager to retrieve the surveillance cameras. He also asked which room Xi Bolai was in, but the general manager said that Xi Bolai had checked out of his room half an hour ago and had already left the resort.

It was apparent that he was well prepared.

After changing to a new room, An Xiaoning and Mei Yangyang were no longer in the mood to sleep.

They started to search for more information on Xi Bolai online.

After they were done reading up on him, the look on their faces grew darker.

Xi Bolai was 29 years old and the head of the SU Organization. Due to his deep background and his extreme capabilities, he had always gotten funding from international merchants to back him up, but this didn’t work in S Nation.

It was mainly because Jin Qingyan did not like his ways and looked down on him.

This person was cruel and merciless, and was well known for his boldness. He had done many things, which made others tremble in fear just from hearing them.

Also, after analyzing the things which he had done, one would gain some understanding of a person like him.

An Xiaoning did not know why he had sent men to capture her. Whether it was because of Jin Qingyan or other motives, she had no idea. However, she felt that he would be back again.

This made her more guarded against him inside.

On this night, the two did not sleep well.

But there was only one day left to enjoy at the resort.

The group intended to return to S Nation on the afternoon of the second day. Thus, after having lunch, they decided to surf and enjoy the nearby scenery on a yacht.

The weather was cloudy, which made it extra refreshing.

An Xiaoning stood leaning against the railing, a glass of champagne in hand. Her long hair spread over her shoulder, and the light breeze blew at her; it was especially comfortable and pleasing.

Just when she was admiring the scenery, she was trapped by two arms coming from behind, and the strong scent of a man drifted towards her.

Even without turning back, she already knew who it was.

He did not speak either and only continued to stay in that position, which seemed somewhat like an embrace.

An Xiaoning swirled the glass of champagne in her hand and tilted the glass, allowing the mouth of the glass to face the direction behind her and directly splashing it at him. Jin Qingyan dodged just in time to miss the champagne splashing into his face.

He kissed her ear and An Xiaoning quivered slightly before turning to look at him resentfully. “That’s enough.”

“No, it’s not.”

She bent down and successfully crawled out from the hole between his arm and body, heading down the stairs without looking back.

The corner of Jin Qingyan’s lips curled slightly, and he seemed a little dejected from the look in his eyes.

Jin Qingyue was successfully two months pregnant.

Shi Shaochuan was especially nice to her. Whatever she wanted to eat or wear and anything that she desired, he bought it for her immediately without hesitation.

As long as Jin Qingyue requested for it, Shi Shaochuan did his utmost best to fulfill it.

At this point, Jin Qingyue was ten pounds heavier than she was when she got married.

She weighed around 100 pounds when they had gotten married, and now she was around 110 pounds heavy.

However, she did not intend to go dieting. After all, she had a child in her stomach now, and she intended to put it first.

Shi Shaochuan went home to accompany her right after work and basically rejected all social meetings. Day after day passed, and this had lasted for more than two months already.

Ever since Jin Qingyue became pregnant, the doctor had been advising them to have intercourse only after the first three months had passed as the pregnancy was not stable yet and it was not advisable to take that risk.

For the sake of having someone to carry on the Shi family, Shi Shaochuan strictly abided by this.

For two whole months, he did not touch her at all.

When she needed something, he did his all to settle it. This made Jin Qingyue extremely touched.

She also felt that Shi Shaochuan loved her a great deal.

In the afternoon, Jin Qingyue went back to her family home.

Seeing that she had not been back for some time and was also pregnant, Mrs. Jin agreed to make her anything she wanted to eat.

Even her tone was much gentler and full of motherly love for her.

Such a feeling of being loved and cherished made Jin Qingyue bask in this enjoyment.

“Mother, I want to eat the green bean pastry and pickled fish you make.”

“Sure, I’ll make anything for you.” Mrs. Jin grinned as she got up and headed to the kitchen, putting on an apron.

Jin Qingyue sat comfortably on the sofa, with her phone placed properly in front of her.

Looking at the latest new report, she hurriedly put up her shoes and ran to the kitchen asking, “Mother, my brother, Long Tianze, and An Xiaoning went to H Nation’s resort for a holiday.”

Mrs. Jin was taken aback, but she later replied, “So what, let him be.”

“Look at this news, it says that it’s speculated that Brother and An Xiaoning have gotten back together.” Jin Qingyue pointed to the phone screen to show her. “I think there’s a high chance of this. Otherwise, why would they go to a resort together?”

However, Mrs. Jin answered instead, “I don’t think so. If they’d gotten back together, your brother would have said something.”

“They’d better not get back together,” Jin Qingyue muttered. “An Xiaoning must hate us to the core: you, Father, and me. If she becomes my sister-in-law again, who can guarantee that she won’t take revenge on the two of you when you grow older?”

“Don’t care about them, thinking about them makes me angry. Let your brother settle it himself. Has Shaochuan been home on time recently?”

“Yes.” Jin Qingyue’s face glowed with happiness as she talked about this. “Shaochuan cares a lot about me, Mother. He gets off work at 5:30 pm, then comes back before 6 pm for sure. When he comes back, he doesn’t go anywhere else but stays to accompany me. Thinking about what An Xiaoning said makes me angry. I don’t deny that she’s capable, but not everything she says is completely right either. At least it’s proven that I’m really lucky to have married Shaochuan.”

“We have your best interests in mind anyway. Alright, as long as you know that you’re happy, that’s fine. If he’s still this good in the future, then Mother would think you have married the right man. Also, let me tell you, when women are pregnant, it’s the easiest time for men go out to find other women. You better keep a close eye on him.”

“Didn’t I already say? Shaochuan comes home on time everyday, when would he have the time to find other women?”

Mrs. Jin snapped, “It’s like that now, but haven’t you been pregnant for only around two months? I meant in the future.”

“Umm, alright. I get it, Mother.” She flashed an unconcerned smile. “Your daughter’s charm is very powerful, okay?”

“A leopard never changes its spots. I’m still very worried for you.”

“Mother, can’t you change your impression of Shaochuan? He’s a different man from who he was.”

Seeing her defensive manner, Mrs. Jin did not say anything further.