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The three who were given the mission last night were now hanging upside down on the wall. Xi Bolai’s eyes had no tinge of warmth at all. With a scorching iron in hand, he looked at the three shaking in fear before him, his tone cold as ice.

“What now, Jin Qingyan already knows that I did it. What should I do to you three useless things?”

“Master, please spare us. We really didn’t expect that An Xiaoning and her friend were so skilled. You said she trained for around three months, but it didn’t seem like it at all. It felt like she trained for a few years already, we’ve never met a match like that.”

Xi Bolai moved closer to him slowly, completely ignoring the sweat trickling down his face due to fear. “Don’t find such excuses. If you can’t beat them, it just means that all of you are useless. What is the use of keeping such people? You didn’t accomplish anything but only posed as a hindrance, and you didn’t take your own life but dared to appear right in front of me again. You’re simply asking for death.”

As he finished speaking, the piece of scorching iron was pressed onto the man’s face.


The shrill howls sounded throughout the entire basement.

The scorching iron made the man’s face badly mutilated instantly. Due to the pain, he immediately died from passing out. The other two men were in absolute fear and shaking terribly.

Xi Bolai threw the scorching iron into the coal and looked at his assistant beside him. “Get rid of all three of them, I don’t want useless things.”

With that, he left the basement.

He reached out and put on his watch which was on the table. Thereafter, the door opened. He looked up and saw Annie, who had a staggeringly beautiful figure, walking in. She looked at him cheerily and asked, “Who made you upset again?”

“You want to know?” He smirked. “I won’t tell you then.”

The smile on Annie’s face remained. “Don’t tell me you don’t like me anymore?”

Without waiting for Xi Bolai to answer, she kneeled down and reached out to unbuckle his belt.

Xi Bolai looked down at her. “If Byron were to know that his ex-wife despised him for playing with men but is offering her services to me like a loyal dog, I wonder if he would go mad.”

Maybe because she was used to hearing such nasty words from him, Annie did not take it to heart. “Don’t mention him. As compared to him, I still think you are more like what a man should be. At least you don’t lie. If you like or dislike something, you show it. You’re brutally direct.”

Xi Bolai kicked her aside instantly. “Get lost now, I have something to do.”

Annie was tripped over, but later stood up slowly. “Master, did you not have a good time during your stay at H Nation’s resort?”

“Yes, I didn’t have a good time indeed. So don’t appear before me during this while, or else I won’t be held responsible if I hit you to death.”

Annie did not dare to stop him anymore. Only after a while did she go out and inquired from his assistant, “Where is Master going now?”


“For what?”

“Don’t know, we wouldn’t dare to ask further about Master’s affairs.”

Annie probed, “Then how long will he be gone?”

“For a pretty long time, I heard.”

Annie seemed to be deep in thought.

An Xiaoning and Mei Yangyang returned to the training boot camp.

Under the leadership of Chen Xu, they went along with other members to S Nation’s K City for their deep sea training. The training was due to last for half a month, while they would rock climb for another half a month.

Without Jin Qingyan’s harassment, An Xiaoning felt exceptionally peaceful during the period of training.

Out of all the members, she was the most hardworking, but Mei Yangyang was comparable too. The incident at the resort had also taught her the importance of knowing self-defense as a female. That was because in society, men and women were never equal, and women were in a weaker position. It was the most basic fact.

A basic requirement for deep sea training was to overcome a fear of deep waters and develop strong swimming skills.

Training overseas was different from training in the facilities within the boot camp.

The conditions there were not as good. An Xiaoning did not think it was that bad as she grew up on the mountains and it could not have possibly compared to the harsh conditions then.

Perhaps because she did not have to see Jin Qingyan, An Xiaoning felt that the tough days passed incredibly fast.

Day after day passed.

Even though Jin Qingyan would not be able to come, and Lin Mingxi would not get to see him, she still continued to persevere every day. Maybe because she did not want to lose to An Xiaoning, no matter how many times An Xiaoning trained every day, she would do the same.

It was to the point that Chen Xu could not help but remark, “If Lin Mingxi can hang in there until the very last day, Ms. An, you’ll have played an important role in it.”

“Right, I guess I must take some credit.”

Lin Mingxi naturally refused to admit it. “I train for myself, what has it got to do with her?”

An Xiaoning stuck out her tongue at her. “Of course, it has nothing to do with me, Ms. Lin.”

For more than one month, the two did not get along harmoniously. They were obviously averse to each other but had to have a verbal battle every day.

It was soon July and the last day of training. The following day, they would all return to A City.

When the training ended, everyone gathered together to celebrate. Everyone was exhausted, apart from the two coaches and Jin Nana, who had withdrawn and did not take part in the training.

“Now that it’s ended, everyone should say a few heartfelt words. Da Long and Xiao Long, tell us why both of you had wanted to join the devil training camp.” Chen Xu raised his glass.

Everyone clinked their glasses. Da Long was more extroverted while Xiao Long was on the shy side.

“My brother and I joined the devil training camp mainly because my younger brother is too shy and can’t persevere in anything he does. Thus, my parents and I discussed and we signed up for this. In the end, it has been pretty good. He and I can persevere until now, it means that he has challenged himself.”

Everyone applauded, and Jin Shan asked Lin Mingxi, “How about you?”

“Me? I’m just here to play.” Lin Mingxi saw the look of doubt on everyone’s faces and laughed. “I came because Jin Qingyan was here. But unexpectedly, I could survive ’til the end. It wasn’t too bad.”

When it came to An Xiaoning and Mei Yangyang, An Xiaoning took the initiative to say, “Yangyang was brought here by me, to accompany me in a way. I came to learn how to protect myself, that’s all.”

When it was Shi Bin’s turn, the usually silent man suddenly said something that made everyone speechless. “I came because I was beaten by my ex-wife’s lover. I’ve never beaten someone back, so I came here.”


Lin Mingxi almost choked. “You’re already so rich, your ex-wife still went to look for a lover?”

“Being rich and finding another lover are not related.” He raised his glass and swallowed it in one gulp.

After a moment of awkward silence, everyone started raising their glasses again.

After having dinner and drinking, everyone went to rest.

An Xiaoning slept alone in one room.

Before she slept, she was still thinking about whether she would start getting harassed by someone again after returning to A City the following morning.

In her sleep, she felt someone touching her face. After waking up in shock, she realized that the sensation still felt extremely real and that it was not a hallucination she had after drinking.

In those moments, a hand was really touching her face.

Could it be that Jin Qingyan had sneaked in at this time of night?

An Xiaoning slowly opened her eyes. The room was in complete darkness as it was past midnight already.

She looked at the figure before the bed and checked multiple times before realizing in alarm that the person was not Jin Qingyan!