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“I’ll go look for him.” Just as Mei Yangyang entered the elevator, the barefoot female employee hurriedly chased after her, but she did not manage to enter the lift in the nick of time. She took a look at the storey the lift stopped at and continued to enter the other elevator together with the security guard.

Mei Yangyang arrived at the commercial production floor. Due to the fact that she had filmed a commercial there before, she was rather familiar with the place and knew her way around.

She entered to see Long Tianze bending forward in front of the computer to look at the photos that were taken.

She stepped forward, pursing her lips. “Mr. Long, how do you think I did?” asked the female celebrity who just had her photos taken.

“There are a couple of good shots. Alright, we’ll choose a few from these photos.”

Resting her arm on his shoulder, the female celebrity said smilingly, “Will you allow me the chance to treat you to lunch this afternoon?”

“I have something on.”

“Oh… I see,” the female celebrity answered in disappointment.

All of a sudden, Mei Yangyang yelled at the top of her voice, “Stand right there!”

Long Tianze turned around and stared at her in astonishment.

He then began walking towards Mei Yangyang.

“Um, Mr. Long, this lady here barged in without an appointment. I’ll get security to send her out,” said the female employee.

“My girlfriend doesn’t need to book an appointment to see me,” he rebuked, raising his brows.

“Huh?” the dumbfounded female employee gasped in puzzlement.

“What are you waiting for? Bring the security officer away,” he chided with a frown on his forehead.

“Yes, yes…” With a sullen look on her face, the female employee hurriedly left with the security officer.

Everyone on set was taken aback by what they had just heard.

Did he just say that she was his… girlfriend?

“Tianze, why didn’t you answer my calls?” Mei Yangyang questioned.

“I left my phone to charge in the office,” Long Tianze explained as he began walking towards the exit while holding her hand, completely disregarding the presence of everyone else.

Upon returning to his office, he asked, “What’s the urgent matter?”

“The exercise boot camp has ended.”

“Isn’t that great?”

“But after we split up last night, I received a text message from Sis Xiaoning, saying that she would like to have some alone time outside. She sent me that text at midnight and didn’t bring anything with her except her purse,” Mei Yangyang explained.

Not finding anything unusual, Long Tianze answered, “Given her spontaneous character, isn’t this normal?”

“No, I find it really strange. I’m afraid she might have been abducted. Remember the night at the resort in H Nation? Someone came forth to attack us then. Quick, give Mr. Jin a call and get him to look for Sis. It’s better to be safe than sorry,” Mei Yangyang said worriedly.

“Given how skilled she is in martial arts, it shouldn’t be that easy for her to be abducted. Besides, she would’ve definitely put up a struggle and made some noises should she have really been abducted.” Although he was apprehensive, Long Tianze still proceeded to give Jin Qingyan a call and informed him of the matter.

Jin Qingyan was sent into a state of panic and worry upon hearing the news. He had initially planned to look for her today after she came back from the boot camp. Yet, she had gone missing.

He was determined to find her, regardless of whether she had been abducted or had left out of her own accord.

Mei Yangyang was filled with worry and decided to head to An Xiaoning’s mansion along Dongpo Road to have a look.

“You came all the way here for your boyfriend, yet you’re leaving so soon?”

“I’m thinking of heading to her place to have a look. Perhaps she just wanted to have a couple of days’ peace and some alone time. I really hope that’s the case though,” said Mei Yangyang.

Hugging her from behind, Long Tianze said, “We didn’t see each other in so long. Did you miss me?”

“My actions represent my feelings,” Mei Yangyang answered, turning around to kiss him on his cheek.

“That’s not enough.” Cupping her face with his hands, he lowered his head and planted multiple kisses all over her face.

“These represent my feelings too,” he added at last.

“I’ll get going then.”


Long Tianze returned to his chair in the office and called for his secretary to enter. “No one is to stop Yangyang from entering in the future, got it?”

“Yes, I’ll inform them right away.”

“Alright, go ahead.” As soon as Long Tianze turned on his computer, a news update popped up on his screen: Female Lead of Washroom Scandal, Jin Qingyue, Seen Going for an Ultrasound Checkup, Allegedly Two Months Pregnant…

He clicked the news open with his mouse and closed the webpage after glancing through the content.

Although Jin Qingyue was already married with a child, Long Tianze could not help but become overwhelmed with an indescribable feeling every time he saw her or heard her name. Fortunately, that peculiar feeling had slowly begun to fade.

Jin Qingyue had already become a thing of the past. To be exact, she was merely a crush he had.

On the other hand, Mei Yangyang was his present and his future.


The sky was pouring and covered with gray clouds over at Y Nation.

There was not a single trace of sun amidst the dark and gloomy sky.

An Xiaoning was brought back to Xi Bolai’s home.

Upon the sight of An Xiaoning, Annie understood right away where Xi Bolai had been for the past few days.

Annie began to feel a little flustered at the thought of the divorced An Xiaoning becoming Xi Bolai’s latest favorite plaything. She stepped forward and murmured incoherently, “Ancestor, I’ve been worried about you lately. Did you go to S Nation?”

“Get lost,” he hissed, expressing his disdain towards Annie.

Annie opened her mouth in an attempt to say something but decided to remain silent in the end.

She had no choice but to retreat backwards towards a corner.

To her dismay, An Xiaoning was put in handcuffs with both her hands behind her back, treated as if she were a prisoner.

Xi Bolai then brought her to a secret chamber, which was well furnished and extravagantly decorated. It was evident that he enjoyed living in luxury.

“You shall stay here from now on.”

“There’ll be someone here to remove your clothes and bathe you later. Get yourself clean and wait for me to finish you off,” he added.

“I can’t believe I actually have the honor of gaining your affection, despite having been married and divorced twice. Seems like you’re not picky about women at all, Mr. Xi. Does that mean you would get sexual urges at the sight of anything or anyone, as long as they’re female?” An Xiaoning said with a sneer.

Instead of beating around the bush, he answered right away, “I will satisfy my sexual needs with whatever I’m attracted to, as long as it’s female.”

He then turned around to leave.

Soon after, two young female servants entered and brought An Xiaoning to the bathroom.

There was a large wooden tub, and the servants gestured for An Xiaoning to get inside it. She did as instructed, after which a servant proceeded to turn on the tap and adjust the temperature of the water.

The other female servant then poured a basket of flower petals into the tub before adding some shampoo and hanging some shower tools on the side of the tub. One of the servants rinsed An Xiaoning’s hair with water while the other placed the latter’s head against the edge of the tub and began shampooing her head.

An Xiaoning could not help but get a little anxious. From the looks of it, it seemed Xi Bolai was really going to make her sleep with him.

What can I do to stall for time … she wondered to herself.

An Xiaoning began to brainstorm for ideas. All of a sudden, she turned towards the servants and said in her native S Nation language, “Can you understand me?”

“Of course, we were especially assigned to serve you here.”