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“Bring me the profits records for the past few months. I need to tally the sums.”

“Didn’t we already tally them together during the video conference?”

Glaring at her, Mei Yangyang retorted, “Do you really think I could see them clearly from the call? I’m going to tally the sums again before showing it to Sis Xiaoning when she comes back.”

Xu Jingwen had no choice but to hand her the records and funds collected.

“Remove all the clothes on display right now and return them to the supplier. I’ll re-order a new batch of stocks,” Mei Yangyang instructed, keeping her eyes peeled on the records.

Feeling disgruntled, Xu Jingwen and Zhang Li proceeded to do as instructed.

“Yangyang, is Sis Xiaoning back?”

“Sis had gone overseas to attend to something, she didn’t mention when she would be back. I didn’t realize earlier during the video conference that we’ve been losing a lot of customers lately. Why is that so?” Mei Yangyang questioned.

“Jingwen and I were the only ones left to tend to the shop after you and Sis Xiaoning went to attend the exercise boot camp. In fact, Jingwen has been overseeing everything, and she had been the one making all the major decisions on her own. For example, we’ve acquired the goods at a rather low cost, but Jingwen insisted on raising the price even further to maximize profits. Hence, many of the customers stopped shopping with us after the price surge because they felt that the clothes weren’t worth such a hefty price tag,” Zhang Li explained truthfully.

“Since when… I didn’t do that,” Xu Jingwen quickly defended herself.

“I’ll know whether you did it or not once I check the surveillance cameras’ footage later. I have plenty of time to do so anyway,” said Mei Yangyang.

Xu Jingwen kept quiet immediately and pulled a long face.

When Xu Jingwen excused herself to go to the washroom, Zhang Li whispered to Mei Yangyang, “For the past few months, Sis Xiaoning’s sister-in-law had been visiting the store rather often to pick out clothes for herself. Well, she did pay for them at the start, but after a while, she began taking the clothes away without paying during her subsequent visits, all because Jingwen said she didn’t have to pay for them since she was Sis Xiaoning’s sister-in-law. She even claimed that Sis Xiaoning wouldn’t want to accept her money if she were to find out. I reckon Jingwen is on pretty good terms with Sis Xiaoning’s sister-in-law. ”

“You mean Chi Rui’er?” Mei Yangyang asked in astonishment.


“Seriously… Sis Xiaoning doesn’t get along with Chi Rui’er at all,” Mei Yangyang said softly.

“Is that so?” Zhang Li gasped in shock.

“Of course. You have to make her pay for the clothes she takes the next time she drops by, got it?” said a flustered Mei Yangyang.

“Yes, I got it.”

Mei Yangyang discovered some anomalies in the records and wrote down the problems she had found, which she decided to bring up after she was done looking through everything.


Byron and Xi Bolai sat facing each other in the living room of the latter’s home.

Byron was a little perplexed to see Annie there.

“What are you doing here?”

Xi Bolai chuckled and said, “You must be kidding, Prince Byron. Annie is my woman. If not here, where else would she be?”

Byron gave a smile of courtesy and did not probe further. “Where is An Xiaoning?” he asked.

“On my bed.”

“Xi Bolai, I know you’re fearless, but let me warn you still, you better not try anything funny. Jin Qingyan is making his way here now on a plane. If you don’t wish to see your house being demolished, then I suggest you don’t touch his ex-wife. It’d be a pity to lose everything because of a woman,” Byron continued.

“It’s up to me to do whatever I want, you’re in no position to teach me what to do. Prince Byron, I hope you will stay out of this matter between Jin Qingyan and I, lest you get yourself embroiled in unnecessary trouble,” said Xi Bolai, not afraid at all.

“Jin Qingyan and I are friends, it’s only right that I lend him a hand. Xi Bolai, I’m afraid you won’t be able to live the rest of your life in peace, should you choose not to hand An Xiaoning over to us,” Byron said coldly.

“Whatever, I don’t have all day to be wasting my time here with you. Let Jin Qingyan speak to me himself when he’s here.”

Byron watched as Xi Bolai walked away slowly.

A sudden tension filled the air as the respective bodyguards of Byron and Xi Bolai pointed their guns at each other.

Xi Bolai entered the secret chamber after hearing his bodyguard’s words.

Sitting on the bed, An Xiaoning watched as he entered again with a sinister look on his face.

“You’re already in handcuffs, yet you’re still trying to escape. Seems like you need to be restricted further.”

He retrieved a long chain from the drawer and chained her legs together forcefully, leaving only enough leeway for her to walk.

Xi Bolai sat down beside her and could not help but feel amused at the sight of her sulking. “You must be infuriated at how helpless you are now. You hate the way I’m treating you, yet you can’t do anything about it. I won’t touch you now, but could you tell me why you insisted on getting a divorce with Jin Qingyan? Was it because his family chose Jin Qingyue over you?” he asked with a smirk on his lips.

“Why do I have to answer you?”

“You must answer me, because I would be too bored otherwise. And if I get too bored and free, I’ll have to start doing you. Consider it carefully. Think about whether you’d like to answer me and wait here patiently for Jin Qingyan to arrive or to let me begin touching you right now. It’s your choice.”

He was utterly despicable and unbelievable.

To the point that An Xiaoning wished she could just stab him to death with a knife and feed his flesh to the dogs after throwing him inside a meat grinder.

“Don’t play dumb, speak up.”

After a few seconds of hesitation, An Xiaoning answered, “We didn’t get married because we were in love with each other. Since I don’t love him, wouldn’t it be better to live alone? What other reason could there be?”

“I don’t know if you love him or not, but I’m sure he loves you deeply.”

“How are you so sure?”

“I’m very clear about what’s happening with you two. How could you become his only weakness if he didn’t love you? If he doesn’t love you, he wouldn’t be bothered about you at all,” said Xi Bolai, caressing her face with his hand.

An Xiaoning was struck by his words and felt incredibly touched all of a sudden.

“We were once husband and wife, after all. The fact that he doesn’t wish to leave me to die in the lurch just goes to show that he’s a nice and kind person. It has nothing to do with love at all.”

“Men know best what other men are thinking. You know yourself whether or not he loves you. Quit keeping me in suspense.”

Xi Bolai continued, “I really feel like finishing you off right now. Women like you are the kind to invoke sexual urges in men.”

He laid down on the bed and pulled her into an embrace.

“Xi Bolai, have you got the guts to remove the handcuffs and chains on my ankles? Do you dare to stop holding me at gunpoint?”

“What would you do if I did?”

“I’d dig your eyeballs out.”

Instead of getting worked up, he broke into a sarcastic smile and said, “Oh… I totally believe you would.”

An Xiaoning tried to turn towards the side to no avail as Xi Bolai was grabbing on tightly to her.

Noticing how hard she was struggling, he said, “Why? You’re not even going to let me hug you?”


“But I’m afraid you don’t have a choice. I want to do just that. What can you do to stop me? I’m tired, I’m going to take a short nap. You better not disturb me again. Otherwise, I’m really capable of doing anything,” he threatened with his eyes closed, sounding a little fatigued.

An Xiaoning stopped moving upon seeing that he had really closed his eyes. However, she felt really uncomfortable laying beside him.

Especially with her hands restricted behind her back.