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An Xiaoning shot Mei Yangyang a smile and said to the seller, “Sure, hand me their indentures and I’ll pay by card.”

An Xiaoning spent 5 million dollars in total to buy eight people.

They did not have household registers since all of them were orphans, with the exception of the two girls, who were sold by their father, who was a drug addict. They were all trained to work for money since a young age and abandoned once they grew older.

It must have been tough to live life that way.

A life with no freedom at all.

Not only were they put through all sorts of strenuous training since a tender age, they were subjected to an environment filled with danger lurking in every corner where personal safety was no longer guaranteed. Life was practically a living hell for them.

There were, in fact, plenty of people like them in this world.

However, they were just kept hidden from the public eye.

Occasionally, the media would report about a selected part of their lives and predicaments, keeping the rest hidden behind closed doors for there were some information which were deemed inappropriate for exposure to the public.

There were four rooms in An Xiaoning’s two-storey mansion.

There were two on the first storey and another two on the second.

Those on the upper storey were her bedroom and bathroom, while those on the lower storey consisted of the living room and the kitchen.

Though her house was neither spacious nor cramped, there was clearly not enough space to house all eight of the people she had bought.

Fortunately, there was also a basement.

Thus, the people An Xiaoning brought home could stay there temporarily.

There was also space in the backyard that could be converted into extra rooms and bathrooms.

However, it was already late at night, and thus, she could only wait until tomorrow to get a contractor to build the rooms.

Having decided to let them sleep in the basement for that night, she proceeded to buy some mattresses and blankets for them.


Shi Shaochuan had been abiding by their agreement and headed home straight after work every day. However, he decided to make an exception tonight, for he simply could not bring himself to turn down an invite to a gathering with his former classmates whom he had not met in a long time.

Thus, he gave Jin Qingyue a call to inform her about it and that he would be going home late.

Thinking that he deserved a night out given how well he had been behaving, Jin Qingyue decided to cut him some slack and agreed to let him go, though she emphasized that he was not to stay out too late since he still had to attend work the next morning.

Shi Shaochuan agreed and said that he would be going home early.

After wrapping up at work, he headed straight to meet his friends without even bothering to change out of his suit.

Unfortunately, as luck would have it, it happened to be the peak period where everyone was getting off work and school, resulting in extremely heavy traffic. The roads were packed with cars lined up one after another in a snake-like queue.

Shi Shaochuan began to grow impatient after being stuck in the massive jam for more than half an hour.

After weaving in and out of the traffic, he finally made it out of the jam. Just as he was about to reach the karaoke place, a woman dashed out into the road all of a sudden, causing him to instinctively step on the brakes. He had been getting the chills every time he got reminded of the traumatic experience with Wang Fangfang.

He then hurriedly got down from the car to check if he had knocked her down.

“Miss, are you alright?”

Xu Jingwen seemed to not be in the right state of mind, almost like a little lunatic as she proceeded to get into the passenger seat of his car immediately.

Noticing that she seemed to be abnormal, Shi Shaochuan quickly got into the driver’s seat, afraid that she would drive his car away without warning.

“Miss… who are you? Why did you hop into my car? Get down now.”

“Hey, handsome, mind giving me a lift?” said Xu Jingwen, chuckling with her eyes glassed over.

“Where do you live?” asked a bewildered Shi Shaochuan.

“I live… I forgot where I live. Let me try and recall.”


“I have something urgent to attend to, could you get down and hail a taxi instead?” said Shi Shaochuan, sounding rather annoyed and impatient.

Xu Jingwen then threw her arms around his neck all of a sudden and said, “No, no, I’m not getting down. Nice to meet you, handsome.”

Shi Shaochuan pushed her away and removed his car key from the keyhole before alighting from his car. He then walked towards the door of the passenger seat and pulled her out forcefully. “I’m calling the cops if you insist on staying,” he threatened.

To his astonishment, Xu Jingwen removed her clothes all of a sudden and began bawling loudly while pointing her finger at him.

Afraid that he would be exposed on the news again, he immediately pushed her into the backseat, planning to dump her in a remote area afterwards.

He gave his friends a call to inform them that he would be late.

He then proceeded to drive to a secluded area in town. He turned his head only to see that Xu Jingwen had stripped herself naked.

She laid on the back seat and stomped her feet against the car shed while grumbling about something incoherently.

Shi Shaochuan began to feel a little enticed as he observed her fair skin and petite body.

Shi Shaochuan alighted from the car and opened the door of the backseat. “Put on your clothes and get out of my car,” he said, resisting his urges.

Xu Jingwen sat up straight and looked at him with a pitiful look in her eyes. “What if I don’t get down?”

“Then I’ll throw you out.”

“That’s so heartless of you. Come on in, will you?” she murmured in a coquettish voice.

Shi Shaochuan got into the backseat and closed the door, after which Xu Jingwen leaned in closer towards him. All of a sudden, she grabbed his hand and placed it onto her soft and delicate bosom.

“You crazy woman, do you know what you’re doing…”

“Of course I do. Can I call you Brother?”

“Um… sure.”

The rational part of him was constantly urging him to retract his hand, yet his body refused to listen to his brain.

Shi Shaochuan felt his body stiffen. Although women’s bodies appeared more or less the same, he could not help but get excited and aroused at the thought of it being another woman apart from Jin Qingyue. He looked around nervously as his heart began to race and found that there was almost no one in the vicinity.

Her coquettishness and heavy panting made it all the more difficult for him to resist his urges.

Being rather ambitious, Xu Jingwen had never had a boyfriend before as she refused to settle for less than what she wanted.

She had always aspired to find herself a wealthy boyfriend. Although she was not quite in a clear state of mind due to the drug overdose, she could still tell that Shi Shaochuan’s car was a luxurious and expensive one.

She could not help but feel overwhelmed by his burning passion.

To his surprise, Xu Jingwen turned out to still be a virgin.

In the blink of an eye, an hour had passed.

Shi Shaochuan was beyond late for his appointment with his former classmates.

He continued to bask in post-coital pleasure after the deed was done. Noticing that she had sobered up quite a bit, he said, “Get dressed and give me your phone number.”

“Will you drop me home?” Xu Jingwen asked coyly after telling him her phone number.

“Where do you live?”

“Dongpo District. You may drop me off there.”

Shi Shaochuan agreed to give her a lift home. After all, it was only courteous to do so after having had his fun with a virgin like her.

Xu Jingwen finally managed to recognize him while on the journey home, especially since he was one of the many wealthy men she had been keeping close tabs on. Besides, Shi Shaochuan was a notorious figure who was often exposed in the news for his scandalous acts.

“Will you look for me again?” she asked while alighting from his car.

“Wait for me to contact you,” said Shi Shaochuan, handing her a wad of cash he took out from his wallet.

Xu Jingwen accepted the money and threw her arms around him before giving him a kiss. “I doubt I can fall asleep tonight. You were too vigorous while taking my virginity.”

Shi Shaochuan was pleased to hear her flirtatious words. “I’ll be even more vigorous the next time. Alright, go home. I’m running extremely late for a gathering with my friends.”


Xu Jingwen alighted and took a look at the logo on the back of his car. She hurriedly searched it online and found that it was indeed a luxurious car.