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After Jing Tian left, Mei Yangyang headed out to go on a date with Long Tianze, after which she would be returning back to her own home instead.

An Xiaoning was left alone in her bedroom. She could rest with a peace of mind since there were bodyguards on duty right outside the door.

Two hours into her nap, she was jolted awake by the sudden sound of her mobile phone ringing continuously. With half-closed eyes, she picked up her phone to see that it was a call from Jin Qingyan.

A call at this hour, could it be something urgent? she wondered.


“An Xiaoning, come by my place now.”

“I’m already in bed. I’m not going,” she rejected immediately.

“Fine, I’ll look for you then…”

An Xiaoning ended the call before even waiting for him to finish speaking. She took a look at the time and realized that it was almost 11 o’clock in the evening.

She turned off the lights and went back to bed immediately.

On the other hand, Jin Qingyan was suffering from severe insomnia. He had already hired someone to begin building a secret underground passageway which would lead him to her house from his backyard. However, he had yet to decide which area of her house it would be because he was unclear of the structure and floorplan of her house.

He decided to invade her room tonight.

The crucial question was: how?

There were bodyguards keeping watch at almost every corner of her house, making it impossible to enter at all without playing some dirty tricks.

After much thought and consideration, he decided to come up with another solution.

There was a square window on the wall of the back of An Xiaoning’s house. Although it was also embedded with an anti-theft security system, it was no issue for him at all.

Hence, he instructed his men to move a ladder against a wall of An Xiaoning’s house and climb up to remove the anti-theft system quietly with a special prying device.

He was perhaps the only person who possessed the guts to do something so stealthy at such a late hour.

He then climbed up the ladder and over to the window, which he then sat on, his legs dangling from the side. He shone a dimly-lit torchlight onto the window and discovered that it was the bathroom. There was a bathtub right next to the window, making it easier for him to enter.

He then slowly slid down the wall inside the bathroom.

Since it was Jin Qingyan’s first time in An Xiaoning’s house, he had no choice but to look for her room slowly.

In order to avoid making any noise, he removed his shoes and carried them in his hands.

After getting his eyes used to seeing in the dark, he continued to walk towards the door.

He was careful with his steps and walked at an exceptionally slow pace. Holding onto the doorknob, he tried his best to control his strength while turning it and finally managed to open the door without making too much of a sound.

Overwhelmed with nerves and anxiety, Jin Qingyan felt his heart pounding continuously against his chest. However, he actually enjoyed the thrill of it.

He exited the bathroom to find that he was right in her bedroom.

Footsteps could be heard pacing about outside her bedroom. As expected, she had instructed her bodyguards to keep watch outside her bedroom round the clock.

After putting his shoes on the ground, he slowly walked towards her bed to see that she was sound asleep.

Jin Qingyan gazed at her with a look of gentleness in his eyes. He removed all of his clothes, leaving only a pair of briefs on.

He boldly lifted her duvet and snuggled up beside her in the bed.

As much as he was gentle with his actions, she was still slightly disturbed. She turned to the side to have her back facing him before falling back into sleep again.

Laying down beside her, Jin Qingyan basked in the warmth of her bed and the lingering scent of her hair.

Jin Qingyan felt exceptionally at ease, just as he always did whenever he was around her. He let out a soft sigh as it seemed she was the only one who could help him with his insomnia.

He leaned in closer towards her and wrapped his arm around her waist, struck with a sudden feeling as soon as he came into contact with her skin.

The familiar sensation of touching her delicate skin sent blood rushing through his veins all of a sudden.

Jin Qingyan began to feel a strong urge as his hormones began to rage.

His hand began to hover gently down, south from her waist.

All of a sudden, he felt his hand being shrugged away.

An Xiaoning sprung up and switched on the bed lamp.

Both of them could not get used to the sudden brightness of the room.

An Xiaoning looked at the man beside her and was momentarily stunned beyond her senses.

Soon after, she kicked a foot up against Jin Qingyan, causing him to fall to the ground straightway, before he could even react. The duvet had slipped onto the ground together with him.

An Xiaoning sat on the bed, scantily clad in a sleeveless pajamas. She blushed red as a tomato and covered her chest with her hands.

“You! Did you do that on purpose?” she questioned angrily, pointing a finger at him.

Instead of getting infuriated, Jin Qingyan burst into laughter and batted his eyelids at her. “Since when? You were the one who was violent with me.”

Just as An Xiaoning was about to break into rage and yell for him to get lost, the bodyguard knocked on the door loudly. “Ms. An, what’s the matter?” asked the worried bodyguard.

An Xiaoning began to feel flustered; she did not want the bodyguard to find out that Jin Qingyan was in her bed room in the wee hours of the night.

Acting as if nothing had happened at all, she answered, “It’s nothing. You don’t have to guard outside my bedroom tonight. Continue your duty outside.”


She heard his footsteps walking away.

Staring at the culprit, Jin Qingyan, who was getting up from the ground, she said coldly, “Put on your clothes right now and get lost to where you came from immediately!”

Jin Qingyan felt rather upset to see how stern she was. Instead of leaving right away, he pinned her down onto the bed and said, “But you’re here, where else am I supposed to go?”

“Get off me!” she snapped.

Jin Qingyan shushed her and whispered softly into her ear, “Go ahead and yell if you’d like for everyone here to find out that you’re hiding me in your room.”

“I’m hiding you in my room? You were clearly the one who sneaked in here from God knows where.”

“Others would think otherwise though,” he said with a sheepish grin.

She glared at him in frustration and said, “Get off. I’ll let you sleep here tonight, but you’re not allowed to touch me.”

“That’s not up to you to say,” he pulled her into his arms forcefully and closed his eyes. “I’ll leave before daybreak. I won’t touch you, so don’t touch me either. Because even if you did, I wouldn’t leave,” he added.

An Xiaoning was raging with immense anger. It was her first time encountering someone so annoying and stubborn.

Not long after, she began to feel his rhythmic breathing above her head.

His unique masculine scent wafted up to her nose as she laid there with her head on his chest.

Strangely, she felt rather at ease and free of worry. Thus, she closed her eyes and soon slipped into deep slumber.

In the darkness of the night, a sudden loud rumble of thunder jolted An Xiaoning awake, though she had just fallen asleep not long ago.

In a moment of shock and panic, she clutched his shirt tightly, only to see that his eyes were still closed. “Don’t be afraid, I’m here,” he murmured while giving her a few pats on her back.

An Xiaoning felt her racing heartbeat slow down all of a sudden upon hearing his words. She was no longer as frightened as before, no matter how hard the thunder came crashing down.

Soon, it began to pour heavily, flooding the streets. Tit, tat, tit, tat went the window pane as the rain drops struck the glass.

Little did he know, at this very moment, she was pregnant with their baby, whom neither knew how long they could keep.

Tears began to well up in An Xiaoning’s eyes as she could not help but feel overwhelmed with sadness at the thought of the possibility of losing her unborn child anytime soon.

However, she could only bottle up her feelings instead of telling him about it.