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Before An Xiaoning even realized it, morning had arrived.

She was woken up by Mei Yangyang.

“Sis, time to wake up.”

To her relief, An Xiaoning sat up to find that the spot beside her was empty.

“Yangyang, what time is it now?”

“8 o’clock. I’ve made us breakfast, come and have some, quick,” Mei Yangyang said smilingly.

“Alright, sure.”

Mei Yangyang turned around to leave, causing the air to be restored to its initial silence.

An Xiaoning then noticed a note on the table.

She picked it up to see that it was written by Jin Qingyan.

He had beautiful handwriting, although not exactly the neatest.

All he wrote was: “I love you, Good Morning.”

An Xiaoning blushed slightly with shyness upon reading the heartwarming note. She put her hands on her face to find that they were burning hot.

Although she had torn the note into shreds, the words he left were deeply etched in her mind.

Weren’t there bodyguards on duty last night?Just how did he manage to enter? she could not help but wonder to herself.

She simply could not figure it out.

When she entered the bathroom to wash up, she discovered that there were footprints on the bathtub.

An Xiaoning stepped onto the bathtub slowly and opened the windows, only to discover that the anti-theft device had been removed.

He really had so many tricks up his sleeve.

Even an anti-theft system could not stop him.

An Xiaoning got out of the bathtub slowly and walked to the basin where she stood in front of the mirror to look at herself.

She subconsciously let out a long sigh.

He had been getting more and more brazen with his advances, which she, however, could not accept.

It had gotten to the point where he was almost unstoppable.

It had never once occurred to her that the high-and-mighty Jin Qingyan would ever swallow his pride and go to such extremes just to woo her.

How could she have not known?

She wished she could board a time machine back to the past year, for she would be able to avoid all these trouble with the knowledge she had now.

Unfortunately, things don’t always turn out the way you’d like them to.

During breakfast, An Xiaoning decided to tell Mei Yangyang about what happened the night before. “Last night, Jin Qingyan climbed in from the window of the bathroom and even removed the anti-theft device installed on the windows. Yangyang, go call for a contractor to come later and make the window smaller with some cement. It’ll be the best if it becomes so small to the point that he can no longer climb in.”

Mei Yangyang could not help but burst into laughter. “Sis, I think Mr. Jin has really outdone himself for you. He almost deserves an Oscar.”

“He’ll be him and I’ll be me. Let’s ignore him.”

“Alright, I’ll do as you instructed later,” Mei Yangyang agreed.


In high spirits, Jin Qingyan returned to the office with happiness written all over his face. Upon noticing that he was all smiles, his employees began to feel a little perplexed as they could not figure out why he was behaving so strangely.

His assistant chuckled and asked out of curiosity, “Mr. Jin, what’s the joyous occasion?”

“I’ll double your salary for today,” said Jin Qingyan.

His assistant was taken aback by his words. What has gotten into him today?

Although Jin Qingyan had always been kind and courteous to the people around him, he had never worn his heart on his sleeve like he was doing right now.

His assistant was over the moon yet confused. Staring at Jin Qingyan with a look of puzzlement on his face, he asked, “Is what you said true, Mr. Jin?”

“Of course. Do your job well.”

Dumbstruck, the assistant let out a sheepish smile and answered, “Alright, I will work hard for sure.”

Jin Qingyan then gestured for his assistant to leave before returning to his office.

He sat by the office desk, still yet to snap out of his thoughts about the scene he woke up to this morning — finding her sound asleep in his arms. Jin Qingyan knew that he was head-over-heels in love with An Xiaoning, and there was no way he could ever get over her.

A sudden warmness and joy began to fill his heart.

Soon after he slipped into work mode, he received a call from his subordinate, who informed him that An Xiaoning had hired someone to reduce the size of the window, which meant that he probably could not climb into her house from there again. However, Jin Qingyan did not have much of a reaction to the piece of news.

There was nothing unusual about it, given her character.

Staring at the photo of them taken during winter on his desktop wallpaper, he could not help but reminiscence about the events of that day.

He was overwhelmed with happiness, though he wondered when the day she decides to change her mind and go back to him would come.

“Knock, knock!”

“Come in.”

It was Fan Shixin at the door. “Young Sir, this is the new design for the bridal chamber you’ve requested. Could you have a look and let me know if you’d like for any changes to be made?” said Fan Shixin, placing a project file on the desk.

“Just proceed accordingly,” Jin Qingyan instructed after browsing through the document.

“Got it. Rest assured, the task will be completed. I’ll be making a move then,” Fan Shixin bade him goodbye with a bow.


The project file Fan Shixin brought along was a sketch of the interior design for the villa in Wei Ni Estate.

There was actually no need for renovation in the villa. However, Jin Qingyan planned to live there with An Xiaoning, should she ever decide to get back together with him.

She would definitely feel a thorn in her flesh, living in a house Chi Rui’er had once lived in.

Thus, he decided to go ahead with renovating the house and replace all the furniture. As much as it may all seem redundant, money does make the world go around.

Given that he truly disliked children, he had never thought of having any of his own in the past. Yet.

Tapping his fingers gently on the table, Jin Qingyan kept his innermost thoughts to himself.


Due to the fact that news of Chi Rui’er’s premature labor had spread across the country, her mother would have naturally heard about it too.

Mrs. Chi rushed to the hospital with her husband, slightly infuriated.

Yet, she could not express her anger and instead accompanied Chi Rui’er at her hospital ward.

However, Chi Rui’er did not wish for her accompaniment because her stepfather was present as well.

“Mother, you may go home first. There are people here to take care of me. You’re not in the best state of health yourself, you don’t have to come all the way here just to accompany me.”

“Of course I’ll have to accompany you at this time. Wretched lass,” said Mrs. Chi, staring at her daughter.

“Get Yang Yongcai to leave then. I don’t wish to see him.”

“How could you address him by his full name? He’s your father. Don’t be so disrespectful.”

“You either get him to leave or leave together with him,” Chi Rui’er said coldly.

Mrs. Chi had no choice but to say to her husband, “She’s willful and insensible. Don’t bother stooping to her level. Go home first, I’ll stay here to accompany her for a few days.”

“I’ll make my move then,” Chi Rui’er’s stepfather agreed with a nod.

Chi Rui’er and her mother were left alone in the room, which fell silent instantly.

“Now that you’ve got yourself a wealthy husband, you don’t even wish to see your parents. What an ingrate. Did you forget who raised you? You ought to show him some basic respect even if you don’t wish to address him as your father.”

“He’s not fit to be my father!” Chi Rui’er snapped.

“Let me tell you, little lass, you’re going to get yourself into trouble sooner or later with that attitude of yours,” Mrs. Chi chided.

Refusing to argue with her any further, Chi Rui’er answered, “Mother, I’m getting on fine with life, stop pointing a finger at me and blaming me for this and that. Just take good care of yourself. Although I don’t wish to return to that home, I’m still very worried about you.”