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“I’m willing to, can’t I?” Gu Beicheng pestered him. “I’m asking you a question. Quick, answer me.”

“Don’t all women like romantic stuff? But I haven’t done such stuff before, you think about it yourself.” Ye Xiaotian’s tone changed as he continued, “But, there are so many girls here. How about I choose one for you?”

“Don’t I have eyes and a mouth of my own, why would I need you to choose for me?”

“Come, I’ll choose one for you.”

“I don’t want to,” Gu Beicheng replied resolutely, standing up and closing his laptop shut. “I’m going back.”

“Why’re you leaving when I just arrived?”

“I have things to do.”

The 15th of July was An Xiaoning’s birthday.

Her master had told her that she was born on this day.

She did not know if it was accurate, but she indeed believed that it was this day.

Because her master was never wrong.

When she woke up, An Xiaoning felt weak all over. Maybe it was due to her pregnancy, or that she had lain down for too long or some other reason.

Early in the morning, Gu Beicheng called to tell her that he would be bringing her back to the Gu residence to celebrate her birthday at night.

She agreed.

She took her injection in the morning and stayed at home for the whole day, until Gu Beicheng came to pick her up at night.

Once she was picked up by him, Jin Qingyan’s men immediately informed him of her movements.

“Gu Beicheng went to pick her up?”


Jin Qingyan’s face instantly changed. He had intended to give her a birthday present at night. But now this fellow, Gu Beicheng, had beaten him to it.

He was very upset about it and felt that he was really foolish. He had left such a good opportunity to have her in the day, and now he could only wait for her to return.

With his hands clasped behind his back, he paced around the room like an impatient lion. This situation where he had prepared everything but lacked the crucial element was one that could really drive someone mad.

Mrs. Gu prepared a whole table of dishes and an exquisite cake with the figure of an arrogant princess. It stood there wearing a divine dress, smiling.

It looked quite similar to An Xiaoning’s looks. One could see, it was made according to her face.

“Xiaoning, there’re still fireworks later. Beicheng arranged all these for you. He doesn’t even put in that much effort for my birthday.”

An Xiaoning looked up at Gu Beicheng. “Brother, thank you.”

“What’s there to thank, we’re all family.”

She sat down as she said, “No one has ever celebrated my birthday for me. Now that I have family, this feeling is really good.”

“Every year from now, we’ll celebrate it for you.” Mrs. Gu continued cheerily, “Come, sit down, everyone. Let’s eat.”

Gu Beicheng noticed that, throughout the meal, her phone kept ringing.

“Who’s calling, why aren’t you picking up?” Mrs. Gu asked.

“It’s nothing.” An Xiaoning looked down and turned off her phone before continuing to eat.

After the meal, Gu Beicheng brought her to the swing in the courtyard and they sat on one swing each. He whistled, and instantly, there came loud sounds of explosion in the air. Vibrant fireworks started displaying endlessly; it was a beautiful sight.

An Xiaoning looked at the beautiful scenery right before her eyes and exclaimed, “How beautiful.”

Gu Beicheng turned and looked at her. “Do you like it?”

“Yes. Only very few people would dislike such beautiful sights.” She was indeed happy tonight, that someone would put in so much effort for her.

“Later, do you want to go to the playground?”

An Xiaoning showed an astonished look. “The playground?”

“Umm. If you don’t like it, then we don’t have to go.”

“I like it.” Since he put in his heart and soul in preparing it, she did not want to reject it.

Gu Beicheng smiled lightly, enjoying these words from her.

After eating and watching the fireworks, they went to the playground and had loads of fun.

But someone was unhappy.

Extremely, extremely unhappy.

Having sat in the living room for a long time and called her so many times, he found that not only did she not answer, but she also switched off her phone thereafter.

Jin Qingyan had an impulse to smother someone at that very moment.

At the thought of her and Gu Beicheng perhaps enjoying themselves under the moonlight, the fire in his heart continued to burn.

However, he still restrained from rushing out and merely stood at the roof, waiting as he looked out with a pair of binoculars.

Time ticked away just like that.

Finally, when it was past ten at night, the headlight of a car projected from a distance away.

He took a closer look, and it was Gu Beicheng’s car indeed. It stopped right outside An Xiaoning’s front door.

“Finally back.”

Jin Qingyan put down the binoculars and went downstairs.

An Xiaoning got off and waved goodbye at Gu Beicheng. “Be careful on the road.”

“Goodnight.” He obviously appeared like he was in a good mood and turned his car away.

An Xiaoning had just turned around when she saw Jin Qingyan furiously storming towards her.

He grabbed her wrist tightly and, before she knew it, her whole body was being dragged away by him forcefully.

She did not want to fight back; she was extra cautious of her body and did not want to make strenuous actions.

Yet, this allowed him to act more boldly.

“Jin Qingyan, let go of me.”

He did not make a sound and immediately dragged her to his own house. Bringing her to the living room was not enough, he even brought her all the way up to the roof.

He put her down on the sofa and then sat down as well.

“Gu Beicheng celebrated your birthday for you, are you that happy about it? I could see you smiling like a flower from miles away.”

“What a warped logic. Someone celebrated my birthday for me and I’m not supposed to smile, but cry instead?”

“Don’t think I don’t know it’s your birthday today.” His tone was slightly enraged. “I waited here for you the whole night and you didn’t come. Why don’t you just come over tomorrow morning?”

“How is this the whole night? It’s only past ten.”

“For me, every second seemed like years!”

An Xiaoning turned to the side as she muttered, “I didn’t ask you to wait.”

He was using strength to grab her wrist, and it was painful enough to make her frown. Under the night sky, his face was almost unclear, yet she could fully sense that he was furious.

“I wanted to wait, can’t I?” he replied after a moment.

“I’m very tired, I want to go back and rest.” She tried to shake off his hand, but struggled desperately and was eventually unable to.

“I don’t allow it.”

“I have freedom of my movement, what gives you the right to not allow it?”

“Because I haven’t celebrated your birthday for you.”

An Xiaoning was taken aback, and the lights suddenly went on. They stared into each other’s eyes and realized that both their eyes were red.

The roof was originally a pavilion. Under the pavilion was a sofa and a coffee table, with wine glasses and red wine arranged on it.

His men came up in an orderly manner and filled up the whole table.

Jin Qingyan poured two glasses of red wine and passed one to her. An Xiaoning did not take it. “I’ve quit drinking.”

“You won’t give me face?” He looked up. “Take it.”

An Xiaoning took it from him and poured the wine onto the floor. “I said I’m not drinking.”

Jin Qingyan obviously did not know the reason she did not want to drink and only felt that she was resisting him.

He placed the wine glass on the table heavily and leaned close to her, staring at her face. “Tonight, you stay here.”

“Jin Qingyan, don’t make me fight.”

“You shouldn’t make me turn tough too.” He said lightly and in a cold tone, “Tonight, I’m having you.”