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An Xiaoning really did not want to fight with him.

She simply softened her tone. “Didn’t you say you wanted to celebrate my birthday? As long as we don’t drink or sleep together, I’ll listen to whatever you say, okay?”

“That’s what you said.” His anger subsided almost completely.

“Yes, I said it.”

While An Xiaoning had already had a meal and eaten a cake, she had to eat them now one more time.

It was not a great feeling.

But she still ate them. It was already 11 o’clock and the moon had appeared in the night sky covered with dark clouds. Maybe because it was the 15th of the month, the moon was exceptionally round.

An Xiaoning suddenly felt sleepy. “I’m very sleepy, I’m going to sleep.”

He simply did not allow her to leave and even carried her to the bedroom.

An Xiaoning could not open her eyes, and her body felt heavy. She raised her hand and said in a weak voice, “Jin Qingyan…”


“I feel like I’m out of breath.”

Jin Qingyan switched on the lights and realized that she seemed to really have difficulty breathing. It didn’t seem like she was acting at all. He immediately helped her to sit up. “Are you feeling better?”

She became weak all over and rested on him, slowly losing her consciousness to the point that she could no longer speak.

Sensing that something was unusual, Jin Qingyan kept on calling her name, but did not get any response.

He hurriedly carried her to the hospital and had them do all sorts of tests, but he got a ridiculous diagnosis from the doctor.

The diagnosis was that she had just fallen asleep.

“Why can’t I get her to wake up if she’s just fallen asleep?”

The doctor was also slightly jittery. “This, I’m not very sure too. But looking at her situation, it’s true that she’s indeed just asleep. Also, Ms. An is pregnant now too.”



Jin Qingyan looked at her lying on the bed, his face bursting with joy. Why didn’t she tell him that she was pregnant?

Could the child not be his?

Jin Qingyan felt that it was impossible. Looking at the report from her checkup and calculating the time of her pregnancy, huge waves of happiness engulfed him. Judging from the time of her pregnancy, the child was surely his.

He hugged her, too overwhelmed by his agitation.

No wonder she did not drink, nor did she fight with him tonight.

That explains it.

Beyond his joy was a deep sense of worry.

What exactly was wrong with her?

How could she be so deeply asleep?

Damn it, he didn’t even know about her pregnancy, seriously…

Jin Qingyan brought her back to her own house and spent the whole night beside her.

But what was truly disappointing was that, even until the following morning, there was no sign of her waking up.

When Mei Yangyang came over, she saw him lying beside An Xiaoning and appeared shocked.

“Master Jin.”

“Your sister hasn’t woke up since she felt sleepy last night,” Jin Qingyan said slowly. “I’ve brought her to the hospital already, the doctor said she’s just asleep. But why can’t she be woken up?”

“What!” Mei Yangyang went forward to call out to An Xiaoning, but she really could not be woken up.

“Master Jin, don’t tell me you drugged my sister?”

Jin Qingyan was speechless. “Am I that kind of person? Of course not!”

“Then, what’s wrong with my sister?”

“How would I know? I was married to her for quite some time, and I never knew that she couldn’t be woken up in her sleep. Right, if I hadn’t brought her to the hospital yesterday, I wouldn’t have known that she’s pregnant. Both of you are really good at hiding this.” Faced with his questioning, Mei Yangyang was somewhat at a loss.

Finally, she replied, “My sister didn’t mean to keep it from you. The child might not be able to survive, the doctor said there’s a 90% chance that it will be lost in a miscarriage.”

“…” His sunken eyes suddenly flashed a look of shock. “What do you mean?”

“When my sister wakes up, you should ask her yourself.” Mei Yangyang turned around as she continued, “I’ll go and make breakfast. When my sister wakes up, she’ll need to eat.”

However, in actual fact, even when Mei Yangyang was done making breakfast, An Xiaoning still showed no sign of waking up.

Jin Qingyan and Mei Yangyang just kept waiting like that.

When it was around ten, An Xiaoning’s body started moving. But no matter how they shouted to her, she still did not open her eyes.

For a short moment, tears started flowing out from the corner of her eyes continuously. She frowned tightly — it appeared like she was in unbearable agony.

“Sis? Sister, please wake up.” Mei Yangyang was about to go crazy as she kept on shouting for her to wake up.

Jin Qingyan, on the other hand, held onto her hand tightly and was equally gripped with anxiety.

This situation lasted for about ten minutes.

An Xiaoning, who was on the bed, suddenly opened her eyes, then sat up immediately.

“Sis, you’re awake?”

An Xiaoning scanned her surroundings, ignoring Mei Yangyang. Her eyes landed on Jin Qingyan and glowed with a sparkling radiance.

She reached out to pinch Jin Qingyan’s face, then touched his eyes, nose, right to his lips, and finally, his chest. Her face suddenly lit up in happiness and she said merrily, “I can finally feel it, what a great feeling.”

Jin Qingyan: “…”

Mei Yangyang: “!!!”

Both of them were petrified.

What on earth was this situation!


An Xiaoning looked at Mei Yangyang near her and took a close look at her. “You’re my sister? That’s impossible, right?”

“Yes, I am, what’s my name?”

She reached out and touched Mei Yangyang’s face, then pushed it away. “You don’t even know your own name, how would I know?”

Mei Yangyang widened her jaw in complete disbelief.

An Xiaoning then looked over at the silent Jin Qingyan in high spirits. She pressed her lips into a wide grin and asked, “You don’t have a girlfriend, do you?”

He didn’t know where this was coming from, so he could only frown while muttering, “No.”

“Great, I don’t have a boyfriend either. Will you be my boyfriend?”

Jin Qingyan’s pupils constricted and he did not reply.

She hurriedly pestered him, “Yes or no? Say something.”

“Of course… yes.”

An Xiaoning was overwhelmed and grabbed his neck as she pulled him into a hug excitedly. “You must keep your word, no going back on it!”


As Mei Yangyang called out to her, she immediately interrupted, “How old are you?”


“You’re already 21, but I’m only 15 this year and you’re calling me Sis..” An Xiaoning made an exaggerated movement. “How stupid can you be?”

Suffering yet another blow, the lump in Mei Yangyang’s throat rolled slightly. “May I know… what’s your name?”

“I’m…” Her eyes rolled around. “Uh, I’m An Xiaoning.”

“Didn’t you say that you’re 15?”

She scratched her head sheepishly. “I remembered wrongly.”

The doubt on Mei Yangyang’s face grew. “Think properly, how old are you exactly?”

She replied impulsively, “I’m over 20 years old, right?”

“Be specific.”

An Xiaoning hesitated for a moment, then pointed her index finger. “Ah… I’m 22 this year.”

Seeing the look on their faces, she corrected herself. “I’m 24.”

Mei Yangyang and Jin Qingyan exchanged looks; both of them were struck with horror at the same time. They knew An Xiaoning too well, and this was not her.

An Xiaoning’s tone and expression were not like that, and it was impossible that she would be unclear about how old she was.

This was An Xiaoning’s body, but not her soul!