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Thinking that yesterday was the 15th of July, which was also the Ghost Festival, could it be that…

Mei Yangyang’s whole body started trembling, and she instructed Jin Qingyan, “You look after her first, I’ll be back soon!”

She rushed out of the room immediately and ran to her own house at lightning speed.

“What’s wrong with her?”

While Jin Qingyan’s heart was strong, he too could not digest this fact for a moment. He reached out and pushed her long hair behind her ears. “Don’t worry about her. You tell me, when were you born?”

Her eyes sparkled, and for a moment, she could not answer him. But she was smart and retorted instead, “You don’t even know when my birthday is?”

Jin Qingyan’s lips curled. “Of course I know, isn’t your birthday on the 16th of October?”

She clapped her hands. “That’s right, the 16th of October is my birthday.”

Jin Qingyan’s eyes turned cold instantly. “I lied, the 16th of October is my birthday. You’re not Xiaoning indeed. Who are you? Why are you possessing her? Where is Xiaoning now?!”

She was taken aback, and her body trembled slightly as she answered confidently, “I am An Xiaoning. What possession? You’ve made a mistake.”

“You think I wouldn’t know if I made a mistake?” Jin Qingyan gave off an air of dismay. “I advise you to get out of her body right now, or else I won’t go easy on you.”

An Xiaoning smirked. “Won’t go easy? I would really like to see how you could do that. That’s right, I’m not An Xiaoning. So what? I’m going to use her body to live well.”

“Live well?” Jin Qingyan stared at her coldly. “I’m afraid it would be hard for you to get your wish.”

Her voice did not have a tinge of worry at all. “Why? Don’t tell me you want to torture this physical body?”

She was indeed right, he could not torture her at all.

Jin Qingyan suddenly thought of the amulet that An Xiaoning had given him and immediately called Fan Shixin.

“Take that thing in the wooden box on my study and bring it to me, quickly.”

An Xiaoning got down from the bed and opened the wardrobe, speaking with disdain, “What kind of clothes are these, they’re too mature. I want to wear a school uniform, go and buy one for me.”

She said these to Jin Qingyan.

“What if I don’t?”

“Then I’ll use my stomach to hit the table.”


Jin Qingyan wanted to tie her up badly, but he was afraid that she wouldn’t eat if he tied up her hands and feet…

So he could only give in and made his men buy it for her.

When Mei Yangyang returned, she was drenched in sweat and brought a famous sorceress along with her. She begged her endlessly, “Old lady, please drive away the dirty thing off my sister’s body.”

“Allow me to take a look first.” The sorceress stood at the door and took a look inside, then told Mei Yangyang in a low voice, “I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until the first day of the tenth month, it’ll be the ghost festival too then. As long as you do the ritual that night, we’ll be able to drive the spirit away. For now, you won’t be able to do so. It doesn’t look like the spirit has been around the human world for a year or two only, probably more than two years. A spirit that has wandered around for more than two years and has painstakingly found a body with weak “Yang” energy will be difficult to drive away once it has entered.”

Jin Qingyan murmured, “If we find a skilled master, will we be able to drive it away?”

“For this, you’ll have to see how skilled the master is. For me, you can only wait until the first day of the tenth month.”

Jin Qingyan had a clear idea inside already. He took the amulet from Fan Shixin’s hands and pasted it on the door, then threw the uniform to her. “Didn’t you want to wear it?”

An Xiaoning took the uniform and put it on merrily.

She tied up her long curly hair into a high pigtail, and in the uniform which showed her thighs, she really looked younger by a few years.

Jin Qingyan went to the door and gave Fan Shixin some instructions. He was then about to go on, but he suddenly looked at An Xiaoning, who was about to leave the room. “Where are you going?”

She was trying to get out of the bedroom, but could not do so. Her leg had just reached the door when Jin Qingyan and Mei Yangyang heard her let out a scream, then saw her retract her leg.

Jin Qingyan frowned. The amulet worked indeed.

“What did you all paste on the door!”

“An amulet.”

“Take it off, I want to go out.”

“I’m not taking it off.” Jin Qingyan enquired, “What do you want to eat?”

“If you don’t tear it off, I won’t eat anything. I’ll let this body starve to death!”

Jin Qingyan was about to give in when Mei Yangyang told him in a hushed tone, “I have a way to settle this. But you absolutely can’t tear off the amulet.”


Mei Yangyang heated up the rice and served it. She did not eat it indeed. Even when Jin Qingyan tried to feed her, it was useless.

With no choice, Mei Yangyang changed a method and made a variety of dishes of different kinds and colors. All of them were arranged on the bedroom table for her.

While she originally refused to eat, she eventually ended up succumbing to it.

Half an hour after she had eaten, she was supposed to get her injection, but she refused to do so.

“Get the syringe away! I won’t be injected by this! I’m afraid of pain.”

“It’s okay, it’ll just be like an ant bite, you won’t feel anything.” Mei Yangyang tried to assure her as she held onto the syringe.

“I don’t want an injection!” She still refused to listen.

Eventually, Jin Qingyan and Fan Shixin had to step in and hold her back. Fan Shixin had his face turned to the side while Jin Qingyan pulled up her skirt, allowing Mei Yangyang to inject the syringe.

“Ah!!! It hurts so bad!” Mei Yangyang had only used the cotton bud to wipe her skin, and she said embarrassedly, “But I haven’t injected it yet.”

Once the needle went in, she acted like she was being skinned and eaten alive.

An Xiaoning was about to be suffocated in the room. “Can you allow me to go out, I don’t want to stay in here. I want to go out to play.”

“What do you want to play?” Jin Qingyan asked.

“Mmm, I want to play games, eat delicacies, swim, and go to many other place to have fun.”

“You can eat delicacies and play games in this house. As for the rest, don’t even think about it.”

Jin Qingyan had just finished speaking when she started howling, “I want freedom, I possessed someone’s body to enjoy my life, not to be locked up.”

“You can get out of this body right now and go anywhere you want. No one’s stopping you.”

She sat there, dejected, then thought of something all of a sudden. She grinned and said, “Forget it, with a hunk like you beside me, I’m contented enough.”

As she said that, she went head first into his arms, but Jin Qingyan blocked it with his hand. “Just lie there properly to rest and keep your hands to yourself.”

“How am I not keeping my hands to myself? Can you kiss me?”


If it was An Xiaoning herself who had said that, he would have leaned in for a kiss immediately. However, this person before him wasn’t her.

He was exceptionally clear about this fact.

“Then what if I kiss you?” She pouted her lips and slowly leaned in towards him.

Looking at her face, Jin Qingyan was in complete agony.

He used his index finger to poke her forehead and pushed it away. “You better get off and lie there to rest. Do you understand me?”


“You have no choice, lie down!” He held her back and put her down on the bed.

But she got up again, and the cycle continued. In the end, Jin Qingyan had no choice but to lie down beside her and used his hand to hold down her arm. “I’ll stay here with you, so don’t move.”