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Jin Qingyan decided to accompany her for the day instead of going to work.

He had no idea where An Xiaoning’s spirit had gone or when the spirit of the girl would leave An Xiaoning’s body. Neither did he know if she would even leave.

After she had fallen asleep, Jin Qingyan proceeded to look into the matter, only to discover that there was a basement in An Xiaoning’s house. He then ordered for the underground passageway to be constructed between his basement and hers.

“Young Sir, I’ve consulted a famous Master who said the same thing as the medium. We would have to wait ’til the 1st of October on the Lunar Calendar to perform the ritual, in order to completely get rid of the spirit. I’ve already instructed them to start preparing the necessary items. We just have to wait for that day to arrive,” Fan Shixin said softly upon returning from his errands.

“It’s the 16th of July today, there’s still a long while to go before October arrives.” To Jin Qingyan, days felt like months.

“We don’t have any other choice.” It was a knotty issue which had exceeded Fan Shixin’s imagination. He found it hard to believe that something so ridiculous and far-fetched had actually happened.

“Okay, send more men here.”


Jin Qingyan walked towards the living room and said to Mei Yangyang, “Tell me, what exactly happened?”

“What… what do you mean?”

“The matter about your sister’s pregnancy.”

“Mr. Jin, I wasn’t the one who got Sis pregnant. Why are you asking me instead of yourself?” Mei Yangyang asked rhetorically.

“I’m asking you, what does it mean that there’s a 90% chance that your sister will suffer a miscarriage?” asked Jin Qingyan, beyond irritated at the fact that she was feigning ignorance.

“That’s literally what it means,” said Mei Yangyang, unsure if she should tell him the truth.

“Are you planning to not go into detail about her condition? The ritual can only be performed on the first day of October. Mei Yangyang, are you going to be held responsible should there be any mishaps within the next few months?” Jin Qingyan questioned, glowering at her sternly, giving her the chills.

Mei Yangyang was stuck in a dilemma — she did not wish to go against An Xiaoning’s wishes, yet she found that his words had made sense as well.

“Well, it’s actually because of the scarring on the womb which resulted from the time she got stabbed in her abdomen. The doctor said that the scarring would be permanent, and the fetus happens to be embedded right in the middle of it. The doctor also mentioned that it would be difficult for her to conceive and that she would suffer a natural miscarriage even if she manages to get pregnant. It is very unlikely for the child to be born alive,” Mei Yangyang explained.

Jin Qingyan felt like a million daggers had just stabbed him in his heart. “Is this the reason why she was so insistent on divorcing me?” he asked.

After some consideration, Mei Yangyang nodded and answered, “It’s not entirely because of that, though. Another reason is that she just can’t forget about that incident which really hurt her.”

“I understand,” said Jin Qingyan as he hung his head low.

Mei Yangyang was stunned yet sympathetic to see his teardrop falling onto the ground.

A deafening silence filled the air of the living room.

Upon hearing the truth, Jin Qingyan felt rather thankful that he did not give up on their relationship straight away after their divorce. Otherwise, he would not have found out about these.

Jin Qingyan could not help but burst into tears of agony. His heart ached at the thought of An Xiaoning bottling up all her emotions and suffering in silence, just so she could continue putting up a strong front.

He headed upstairs and gazed at An Xiaoning, who was sound asleep.

He was overwhelmed with immense guilt, which made him feel like he had nowhere to hide his shame.

All of these had happened solely because he failed to protect her well.

If only he had done his utmost best, she would not have been implicated into such a catastrophic string of events.


“I’ve gained another pound!?! I’m going to die of obesity if this goes on,” Jin Qingyue lamented as she stepped off the scale.

“Don’t worry, I’ll still love you even if you weighed 300 pounds,” Shi Shaochuan comforted her.

“I’ll crush you to death if I become 300 pounds,” she scoffed.

“You shall be on the bottom then, I’ll be on top.”

Jin Qingyue crawled onto the bed and cuddled up to him. “Hubby, I kinda want it.”

“No, you’ve yet to reach the first trimester.”

“Wow, Hubby, you’ve really got such great tolerance, huh? Would you like a girl or a boy?”

“I like both. It’s still going to be my child at the end of the day, be it a girl or a boy.” He turned serious all of a sudden and continued, “But, given the circumstances of our family now, we must have a boy no matter what. It’ll be best if our firstborn is a boy. Otherwise, we’ll have a few more babies.”

“Actually, my utmost wish is to have a pair of twins consisting of a boy and a girl. It’ll be great to have two at the same time.”

“I’d like for that too, you wouldn’t have to suffer then. Honey, it’s been hard on you,” said Shi Shaochuan as he caressed her supple and chubby cheeks.

“Not at all, our baby is the testament of our love.”

“Let’s go to bed,” said Shi Shaochuan, reaching out to switch the lights off.

Smiling from ear to ear, Jin Qingyue went to bed, all snuggled up in his arms. At about three past midnight, Shi Shaochuan was woken up by the sudden ringing of his mobile phone.

He awakened instantly upon seeing that it was a call from Xu Jingwen.

Instead of getting up, he answered the call and placed the phone beside his ear.

“I miss you, what am I supposed to do?”

Shi Shaochuan remained silent while holding onto his phone.

Xu Jingwen moaned suggestively over the phone, in an attempt to arouse Shi Shaochuan, who was kept awake by her sexual advances.

He wanted very much to go back to sleep but simply could not bring himself to end the call.

Reminded that he still had to go to work early the next morning, he decided to force himself to end the call anyway.

He had already woken up by six o’clock in the morning.

He did not even bother to have breakfast at home and instead hurriedly drove out to Xu Jingwen’s house right away.

Clad in a nightdress, Xu Jingwen answered the door and said smilingly, “Why are you here so early?”

“All because you tempted me, little lass. Watch how I punish you,” he answered teasingly before pinning her onto the bed as soon as he closed the door.

Xu Jingwen let out a squeal and giggled in joy. “I missed you so much last night, that’s why I called.”

“I know, you won’t ever be satisfied without me at night.”

She wrapped her legs around his waist and began unbuckling his belt with her hands.

They then began to get intimate with burning passion.

“I only have forty minutes,” he said, struggling to speak while holding onto her waist.

“No worries, forty minutes it shall be then. It’s just, I’ll be so bored at home,” Xu Jingwen answered with her eyes glassed over and her face flushed red.

She was now leading a comfortable life of monetary and material abundance.

“Didn’t I already give you money? Use it for shopping.”

“Yeah, but, I can’t just go shopping every day. Shaochuan, I’d like to have a car to get around in. Will you buy me a cheap one?”

“Sure, I’ll give you the money later. Go get one yourself,” he agreed right away.

Xu Jingwen beamed with happiness and thrusted her hips forcefully against him to match his rhythm.

Shi Shaochuan had been obsessed with her body lately and wanted to go see her every single day.

In fact, he would get her almost anything she wanted.

He found it exceptionally thrilling to have an affair outside of his marriage.

However, he could only provide Xu Jingwen with material comfort and nothing more.

She could practically drop the idea of him giving her a proper status.

The idea had never once crossed his mind.

However, Xu Jingwen had thought otherwise. She was fine with staying as a kept woman of his for a short period of time, but continuing to remain status quo in the long run was out of the question, especially since she had always found herself to be extremely gorgeous.

She was also aware that there would be a day when she’d grow old and her beauty would fade. Thus, she was extra careful to keep her plans to herself.