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Gu Beicheng gave An Xiaoning a call which Mei Yangyang answered instead.

Mei Yangyang turned down his request to see An Xiaoning, claiming that the latter was not feeling well.

However, he headed straight to her place.

Mei Yangyang had no choice but to tell him the truth.

Gu Beicheng was shocked beyond his senses.

He stood by the door and stared at An Xiaoning, who insisted that Jin Qingyan put on her clothes for her. Feeling tense as ever, Gu Beicheng made his way in.

An Xiaoning’s eyes lit up at the sight of the arrival of yet another handsome and dashing man.

Jin Qingyan cocked his head towards the side and was upset to see that it was Gu Beicheng.

Gu Beicheng pretended not to know anything and said smilingly, “Xiaoning, what is he doing in your room?”

“He’s my boyfriend.”

“If he’s your boyfriend, then who am I?” Gu Beicheng questioned as his face stiffened.

“You…” After a few moments of silence, An Xiaoning answered, “I don’t know.”

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“I’m your husband. How could you allow another man into your room when your husband is not home?” said Gu Beicheng, pretending to be angry.

Dumbfounded, An Xiaoning asked, “Husband?”

Suppressing his anger, Jin Qingyan glowered at Gu Beicheng and said sternly, “Have you had enough?”

“No,” said Gu Beicheng as he took a seat. Just as he was about to caress her face, Jin Qingyan quickly stopped him.

“Get out.”

“Jin Qingyan! What rights have you got to chase me away?” Gu Beicheng snapped, keeping his eyes fixed on Jin Qingyan.

“Because I’m her man.”

“Wrong, ex-husband.”

“Her man!”


An Xiaoning was at a loss on what to do upon seeing them bickering non-stop. She quickly pulled them apart and said, “Okay, okay, I know you two are fighting over my attention. How about this? Both of you shall be my boyfriends and we’ll be in a relationship of three. Wouldn’t that settle everything?”

Thus, Jin Qingyan was infuriated while Gu Beicheng was dumbstruck.

Mei Yangyang was also stunned as she stood by the door.

“No!” Jin Qingyan snapped.

“What’s wrong? You won’t even let me kiss you,” An Xiaoning whined with a humph.

She turned to look at Gu Beicheng and said, “You’re so handsome, may I kiss you?


Jin Qingyan stared at Gu Beicheng, seemingly hinting at him to get lost quickly, threatening to murder him if he dared to kiss her.

Gu Beicheng had his own boundaries and knew exactly what he should do. However, he simply wanted to spite Jin Qingyan and thus answered, “Sure, come on and kiss me.”

Jin Qingyan was mad with fury.

“Get someone to throw him out!” Jin Qingyan ordered Fan Shixin.

“Jin Qingyan, don’t be too despicable,” Gu Beicheng said with a raised brow.

“Sorry but that’s just how I am,” Jin Qingyan answered coldly.

Gu Beicheng was thus chased away by Jin Qingyan’s bodyguards.

Jin Qingyan then warned that no one was to allow Gu Beicheng to enter without his permission.

Boiling with exasperation, Gu Beicheng decided to bring his own bodyguards and battle it out with Jin Qingyan.

“Why did you chase Handsome away!”

“He’s your brother, you want to kiss him?”

“My biological brother?”

“Of course,” Jin Qingyan nodded.

An Xiaoning let out a long sigh. Gazing at Jin Qingyan, she said, “What am I supposed to do now that I feel like sleeping with you?”

“Stop fooling around, I’m not sleeping with you. Don’t forget who you are. Quit being inappropriate,” Jin Qingyan warned.

“I’m An Xiaoning, all right? Who else could I be? I just want to mess around with you, I want to do just that,” she insisted.

She then removed her clothes right away. Although Jin Qingyan was not startled at all by the familiar sight of her body, he could not stand watching this atrocious spirit degrade the body of the woman he loved!

Mei Yangyang leaned against the wall, wanting to cry, but no tears came out.


Long Tianze only found out about his mother chasing Mo Li’s family out a few days after the matter took place.

He threw a tantrum at his mother and hurriedly proceeded to look for Mo Li.

“Tianze, I have my own plans. I’m currently looking for a place for my parents too. I don’t wish to trouble you with my family matters anymore.”

“What are you talking about? I’ve long considered you guys as my family. Your matters are my matters.”

Staring at him, Mo Li insisted, “Tianze, I know you mean well, but it really is alright. I will take care of my family myself. Stop acting like this. Madam will resent us if she finds out. Tianze, listen to me, don’t behave this way.”

“Do you have enough money then?”

“Yes, I have. So rest assured, I’ll take good care of my family,” Mo Li said reassuringly, stepping forward to give him the hug she had long wanted to, since she had also treated him like her family. “Tianze, you don’t have to worry about us, we will get on fine,” she added.

Long Tianze could not help but feel upset as he hugged her tightly.

Mo Li returned to her bedroom and took a look at the small amount of savings she had. She then opened her jewelry box to see that it was full of jewelry Ye Xiaotian had given her. The jewelry would definitely fetch a high price, which should be enough for her family to survive.

Standing by the door, Ye Xiaotian could already guess what she had planned to do next after observing her actions.

But then again, why would he let her get away with it easily?

“Are you going to sell what I gave you?”

Ye Xiaotian had hit the nail on the head, causing Mo Li to feel a little flustered and panicky. However, she continued to pretend to be calm and said, “No.”

“Then why do you keep looking and fiddling with them? It can’t be that you’re reminiscing the times that I gave them to you, can it?”

Mo Li stood up and answered, “Why not?”

A smile formed on Ye Xiaotian’s face as he approached her. “Mo Li, quit playing mind games with me. There’s no way you will ever outwit me. I can tell with one look just what exactly you’re thinking.”

Mo Li remained silent.

Grasping her chin in his hand, Ye Xiaotian continued, “I can tell you’ve yet to come to a decision and you’re still as unwilling to stay by my side as before. How about I allow you to bear my children? That should be sufficient to tie you down.”

Mo Li raised her head to look at him in astonishment. “What?”

“We’ve done it without protection so many times before. It should be likely that you’ll get pregnant. Otherwise, we’ll just keep having you undergo treatment until you finally manage to conceive.”

Mo Li froze in fear as she prayed fervently in her heart to never fall pregnant with his child.

“Forget it, I’ll just take you for a checkup,” said Ye Xiaotian, taking a look at the time on his wrist watch before pulling her out of the house.

Ye Xiaotian watched closely as she performed the urine test.

The lines on the indicator of the pregnancy test kit began to form.

Upon sight of the second line appearing on the indicator, Mo Li’s heart sank to the utmost bottom while Ye Xiaotian was over the moon.

She was pregnant.

They then proceeded to go for an ultrasound scan, which further confirmed that the embryo had been successfully implanted in her womb and that she was a month pregnant.

Ye Xiaotian broke into smiles while Mo Li had a sullen expression on her face.

The doctor instructed Ye Xiaotian to be careful with Mo Li as she had a naturally thinner womb membrane, which would require special care and attention throughout the entire course of pregnancy.

Ye Xiaotian then decided to hire a doctor and some nurses to look after Mo Li at home.

He instructed for them to take proper care of her, allowing no room for mistake.

Mo Li could not help but bawl in tears of agony while on the way back from the hospital.

“It’s a joyous occasion to find out that you’re pregnant. What are you crying for?”

Mo Li remained silent and instead continued to weep.

She would forever have to be embroiled in a complicated relationship with him for the rest of her life.

She utterly detested him to the core!

Yet she was carrying his child.

How was she supposed to continue living?

“You call the shots now that you’re pregnant. I said I would treat you well in the future. Haven’t I been doing so ever since I brought you back from Y Nation?” Ye Xiaotian tried to placate her emotions.