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“Can I abort this child?” asked Mo Li.

Ye Xiaotian’s face stiffened and he warned her, “Mo Li, if you dare abort this child, I promise I’ll make you regret your decision.”

Mo Li became speechless upon noticing the austere expression on his face.

“I’m talking to you, do you hear me?”

She continued to remain silent.

Ye Xiaotian was beyond infuriated at this point. Other women would jump at the chance to bear his child, yet she wanted to abort it.

“I’m talking to you, did you hear me!?!” Ye Xiaotian hollered, wishing he could just strangle her to death.

“I heard you. Will you give the child and I a proper status?” she asked.

He gazed at her and answered, “As long as you behave properly, I’ll mention this to my family and inform them of my decision to marry you,” Ye Xiaotian answered, staring at her.

Mo Li nodded and agreed anyway upon hearing his words, as much as she was still rather reluctant to.

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She informed her parents of the news as soon as she arrived home.

Mrs. Mo let out a sigh and said, “Mo Li, Ye Xiaotian has ruined your entire life. Now that you’re pregnant with his child, why don’t you take this chance to let him make it up to you? Even if you try to run away, how far can you go? Given his capability, it’s a piece of cake for him to find you.”

“I know, but I’d like more for you, Father, and Mo Xun to lead a stable life. I’ll give birth to the baby,” said Mo Li, swallowing her sadness.

“What do you think?” Mrs. Mo asked her husband, who was smoking continuously.

“Let’s move out. Mo Li, your mother and I are still young, we can work elsewhere to make ends meet. Besides, Mo Xun has stopped schooling, he can get a job too. We don’t need you to worry about us, just take good care of yourself. Just like your mother and I always say, we’ll support whatever decision you make as long as you think it’s right.”

“Mother, this ring is very valuable. Go and sell it and take the money to run a small business. Only then can I rest assured. He has given me a lot of jewelry anyway,” said Mo Li, handing her mother a ring she took out from her closet.

“This…” Mrs. Mo appeared rather reluctant to accept it.

Mo Li stuffed the ring into her hands and continued, “Mother, listen to me. Although… I don’t wish to be together with him, I would much rather do so than spend the rest of my life hiding and sneaking around. I’d like to meet you all openly and allow you guys to depend on me. Even if I managed to escape, what’s going to happen to you guys? You’ll more likely than not be held hostage by him, which he will then use to threaten me. There’s nothing much I can do anymore at this point, especially since I’m already pregnant. You guys are the only thing I care about now.”

Teary-eyed, Mrs. Mo crinkled her nose and accepted the ring.

Mo Li then returned to her bedroom after coming out of her parents’ room.

Leaning his head against the bedhead, Ye Xiaotian glared at Mo Li, who had a sullen expression on her face, and said, “Must you really do this?”

The sulk on Mo Li’s face broadened into a smile all of a sudden as she answered, “No, I’ll have to make sure I keep myself in a good mood and stay happy from now onwards.”

“That’s right. Don’t keep looking so disgruntled and upset all the time. Your unhappiness is contagious.”

“Yes, I’ll bear that in mind,” Mo Li said with a smile.

“Come here,” said Ye Xiaotian, gesturing for her to approach him.

Mo Li inched forward and said, “My parents will be moving out soon.”

“Alright, that’s their freedom, I won’t meddle with it. But, you are to stay within my sight.”

“Why are you such a tyrant?”

“That’s Ye Xiaotian for you.”


It was noontime.

Jin Qingyan was taking a nap with An Xiaoning.

An Xiaoning woke up while Jin Qingyan was still asleep.

She stealthily reached her hand into his shirt, jolting him awake instantly.

He looked up to see her retract her hand in a moment of panic and said, “You’re awake?”

“I want to go out.”

“Out of the question.”

“I want to go out!” she yelled in frustration and boredom of staying at home all day.

“I said no!”

“Will you bring me out then? I promise I won’t wander about on my own and I’ll stick by your side the whole time.”

She was on the brink of dying of boredom and yearned for nothing more than to go out and have some fun. She was beyond frustrated at the fact that she was not allowed to touch or kiss such a handsome man like him, though he was right in front of her.

Having died at the tender age of 15, she had yet to experience a lot of things in life and had never once been in a relationship before.

She managed to seize the once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity of possessing An Xiaoning’s body, yet she was not allowed to fulfil her heart’s desires. It was indeed rather torturous.

She kicked her legs in the air and tossed around the bed in frustration. “If you don’t bring me out, I’ll kill the baby in her stomach when I get the chance to. You better watch out and bring me everywhere you go. Hmph!” she threatened.

Jin Qingyan stared at her in utmost annoyance.

All of a sudden, an idea struck his mind and he decided to bind her to him with a pair of handcuffs which cuffed their wrists together.

He then instructed Mei Yangyang to put away the amulet on the door and paste it back on when they return home.

Together, they got into his car. Looking at the curious An Xiaoning who could not stop looking out of the window, he asked, “Where would you like to go?”

“A nightclub. I want to hook up with some men.”

“No!” he immediately refuted sternly.

“You won’t allow me to touch or kiss you, yet you still restrict me from hooking up with other men?”

“Please remember that this body does not belong to you!” he snapped.

“Look how uptight and worried you are. Let’s go on a rollercoaster ride then,” she said, pursing her lips.

“No, that’s too vigorous and thrilling for you.”

“I love thrill rides. How about we go bungee jumping?”


“Why aren’t you saying anything?” she said, giving him a slight push.

“Don’t forget that you’re pregnant.”

“Oh right, it slipped my mind. By the way, I’ve always wanted to know, who’s the father of the child I’m carrying?”

“Me,” he answered, staring at her solemnly.

An Xiaoning burst into smiles all of a sudden and said, “I actually guessed it right. Since we already have a baby, why don’t we get intimate once more? Just be gentle with me. I’d like to know what it feels like to get intimate too.”

Jin Qingyan took a deep breath and answered, “Dream on.”

What an atrocious spirit possessing her!

He just wanted his Xiaoning!

“Okay, since you’re so unwilling, I won’t force you either. I don’t wish to look at you anymore if I can only see but not touch,” said An Xiaoning with a burning desire to devour a man.

“Other than the places you’re not allowed to visit, where would you like to go now?”

“Let’s go watch some scenery,” she said dejectedly.

“Shixin, drive towards a scenic location.”

“Yes, Young Sir,” Fan Shixin answered immediately.

The three of them then arrived at a popular scenic location in A City.

After touring around the scenic spots for four hours, they decided to have a meal before heading home.

Jin Qingyan and An Xiaoning sat beside each other in the dining room of the restaurant while Fan Shixin waited for them at the carpark, planning to have his dinner when he got home instead.

They then began to dig in after the dishes were served. Noticing that she was about to finish the large bowl of soup, Jin Qingyan interrupted, “Stop drinking so much, lest you become too full.”

An Xiaoning ignored him and polished off every last drop of soup. She lifted the bowl to find that it was rather heavy, just as she expected.

“Are you planning to bring the bowl home with you?”

“No, I’m planning to use it to…” Before she even finished speaking, she smashed the bowl against Jin Qingyan’s head forcefully, causing him to be greatly taken aback.