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Before he could even get on his feet, she continued to smash the bowl against his head rapidly, as if she had gone mad.

Jin Qingyan felt the warm blood trickling down his face. He wanted to snatch the bowl away from her, yet he could not hurt her. All of a sudden, she struck him in his eye and blinded him momentarily. Clenching his jaw in pain and exasperation, Jin Qingyan bellowed, “You damned spirit!”

He then passed out on the table as soon as he finished speaking.

An Xiaoning searched his clothes for the key and unlocked the handcuffs to free herself before hurriedly making her escape.

Noticing that they had yet to come out even after a long time had passed, Fan Shixin decided to head inside the restaurant to have a look. To his astonishment, he was greeted with the sight of Jin Qingyan laying his head on the table with a pool of blood around his face, after which he frantically sent Jin Qingyan to the hospital.

At this juncture, he did not even have the time to bother looking for An Xiaoning.

A City had a bustling and vibrant nightlife full of entertainment and activities. By night, many seem to have found their safe haven in the popular nightclubs in the city, where they could let their hair down and enjoy a whale of a time celebrating their youth and passion.

Wearing a human skin mask, An Xiaoning sat in a dimly lit corner and observed the ongoing performance onstage.

She had stolen the mask from home with the sole purpose of hiding her identity so that Jin Qingyan would not be able to find her.

She was over the moon to finally be free from any restrictions. She watched in disdain as the male spectators stared lustfully at the female dancers onstage who were buzzing out to the repetitive and boring dance routine.

Standing on the couch, An Xiaoning picked up the microphone on the table and yelled, “Why are all the dancers female? Are there any male dancers at all?”

All eyes were on her as the crowd was greatly taken aback by her sudden interjection. Everyone began to wonder just who this masked woman was.

As much as she had managed to conceal her identity rather convincingly, she still could not manage to escape the pair of eyes which had been watching her closely from upstairs.

Jin Qingyan had his head in a bandage and his face covered with plasters. Masking his face with a cap and a pair of shades, he stood above, swirling a glass of liquor in his hand. All of a sudden, he snapped the glass into two before dumping it into a rubbish bin nearby.

Fan Shixin felt worried for An Xiaoning as he watched on while standing by the side.

As soon as Jin Qingyan came to in the hospital, the first thing he asked for was An Xiaoning’s whereabouts. It was also the first time he had gotten so infuriated with Fan Shixin upon hearing that the latter did not look for her.

He then ordered for his men to look for her immediately. After discovering that she was at the nightclub, he instructed his men to stay put while he made his way there personally to nab her. What a brazen and atrocious woman.

“Prepare a set of dance costume and bring her to the room. Just tell her… there’ll be handsome dancers… performing for her viewing pleasure!”

He emphasized the last four words of his sentence. Fan Shixin nodded his head in fear and said, “Okay, I’ll get to it immediately.”

An Xiaoning threw the microphone onto the table and finished a glass of liquor before laying onto the couch. At this moment, a man approached her and said, “Miss, there’s a handsome man who’d like to invite you to watch him dance. Would you allow him the honor to perform for you?”

An Xiaoning sat up straight immediately. “Really? Sure, which room?”

“The one on the eighth floor, Room 888.”

“Okay, I’ll make my way there now.”

After sitting on the couch quietly for a few minutes, she stood up and entered the elevator to reach the eight storey.

A bald, middle-aged man began to hit on her in the elevator.

“Miss, you were really brave earlier.”

An Xiaoning shot a glance at him and said, “Uncle, what are you trying to say?”

“Name your price.”

“No, I don’t fancy you at all,” An Xiaoning refuted, leaning against the elevator.

Getting frustrated, the middle-aged man walked towards her and said, “Little lass, show Brother your true colors. Do you think I’ll let you step out of this elevator?”

Just as he was about to pinch off An Xiaoning’s face, she dodged out of his reach and kicked him with all her might, causing him to fall to the ground. “Get away from me!”

She looked at her legs after launching the attack, delighted to find that An Xiaoning was well trained in martial arts.

He stood up and pranced onto An Xiaoning.

An Xiaoning grew into an uncontrollable rage and threw another few kicks, which landed on his face. After performing a somersault, she gave him an uppercut on his chin, causing him to cry out loud in pain before retreating backwards and falling onto the ground.

Taking another look at her hands and legs, An Xiaoning was amazed at her reflexes. She actually managed to take the man down without even thinking about her next move.

The elevator door opened and she arrived outside Room 888.

She pressed the doorbell, after which the door opened quickly and she was greeted with a sight of darkness in the room.

All of a sudden, the room became brightly lit and a scantily-clad man appeared before her, his back facing her.

“Nice body you’ve got,” said An Xiaoning as she clapped her hands in surprise and closed the door behind her.

She sat down on the couch and prompted him, “Hurry and dance for me.”

Having thought that she would throw herself at him immediately, he did not expect for her to sit down on the couch. Dancing had always been a talent of his, though he rarely exhibited his skills.

Thus, he decided to give her a shock.

Turning away from her throughout, he began dancing to the music with great passion. However, it was clearly not to An Xiaoning’s liking.

“Although you’re great at dancing, it just can’t seem to get me interested or excited. I would be thrilled to see you perform a striptease like those dancers onstage earlier though. Otherwise, I suggest that you wash up and go home.”

Jin Qingyan stopped dancing as his chest began to heave up and down, appearing to be rather infuriated.

FInally, he turned around to face her.

“An Xiaoning!” he snapped angrily, gritting his teeth in anger.

Not expecting it to be him, An Xiaoning was greatly taken aback and wanted to flee immediately.

However, it was evident that there was no way she could escape.

“How atrocious and brazen you are!” Jin Qingyan stepped forward to grab her forcefully and locked her wrists with the pair of handcuffs.

He then dragged her out of the nightclub.

On the journey home in the car, An Xiaoning whined, “I haven’t had enough fun yet but you’re already dragging me home.”

Jin Qingyan remained silent, too angry for words.

Long Tianze and Mei Yangyang were shocked to see the bandages on Jin Qingyan’s head when he arrived home.

“How did you get injured?”

“I’ll explain that later after I lock her up inside the house. Shixin, arrange for four bodyguards to watch her closely and guard by the door.” He then reached out to Mei Yangyang and asked for the amulet.

Mei Yangyang hurriedly gave it to him.

Since then, Jin Qingyan decided to sleep in the living room and stopped trying to placate her. He continued to live on that way, day by day, hoping that time would pass faster. However, he was also rather afraid for the first day of October to arrive, for he was unsure if the real An Xiaoning would return after they get rid of the spirit.

He was also extremely worried about their unborn child, whom he hoped with all his heart would not cause her health to deteriorate or become another huge disappointment. He could not help but feel his heart ache as he watched her daily routine of injecting herself with tocolytic.

If only he could turn back the clock, he would have definitely stood firm on his decision to save her instead of Jin Qingyue. Although it may have been a little selfish to do so, he would have at least gotten to lead a blissful life with her and their child. Besides, aren’t all humans selfish to begin with?