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It was selfish of his mother to have chosen Jin Qingyue instead too, anyway.

It was no different from his decision to save his wife.

What a pity, time will never rewind.

He decided to shoulder the blame for causing everything that had happened.

It was negligence on his part for failing to do his best to protect her.

He only had himself to blame…

He could only wait for October to arrive, in hopes that the real An Xiaoning would return after the ritual was performed on that day. He would then spend the rest of his life making it up to her.


Ye Xiaotian had begun treating Mo Li significantly better ever since she got pregnant.

You could say that he cherished her to bits and showered her with tender care and affection.

All of which she had never once experienced in the past.

Mo Li could finally be at ease after knowing that her family would have a steady source of income now that they had begun operating a breakfast bistro.

However, her happiness was short-lived. Ye Xiaotian’s mother had made a trip here personally.

Mo Li was filled with worry at the sight of Mrs. Ye as she could not help but feel overwhelmed with an inexplicable ominous feeling. She could tell right away from Mrs. Ye’s aura that she was not a kind or magnanimous soul, just like the many wealthy women and wives of wealthy men she had encountered before.

Before Mo Li could even speak, Mrs. Ye gave her a tight slap across her face and barked, “Indeed, it was you again, wretched woman! You’re still so caught up and obsessed with my son, huh? How dare you be so atrocious!”

Mrs. Ye appeared rather youthful with her porcelain skin and long locks which cascaded down her back. However, she had an icy-cold expression and a deadly stare in her eyes. She had slapped Mo Li with all her might, causing the latter to bleed from her mouth, her ears ringing from the sudden impact.

“Hello, Mrs. Ye, long time no see,” Mo Li greeted, glaring at her.

“I didn’t plan on seeing you again. Mo Li, just what spell did you cast on Xiaotian to make him so obsessed with you!?! Do you believe I won’t make you perish!?!” Mrs. Ye warned coldly.

“I do believe you have the power and means to do so, Mrs. Ye.”

With an austere expression on her face, Mrs. Ye glared at Mo Li and continued, “Since you’re well aware of that, why are you still clinging on to Xiaotian, at the expense of divorcing your husband overseas!?!”

“Mrs. Ye, please give your son a call to get your facts right. He’s the one who’s controlling me by force. I’m not so thick-skinned as to insist on staying here, if he really wanted me to leave.”

Remaining calm and composed, Mo Li stared at Mrs. Ye with a fearless expression on her face, though she felt a little nervous deep down. From the looks of it, Mrs. Ye must have yet to hear about Mo Li’s pregnancy.

Mrs. Ye let out a hump and whipped her phone out to call Ye Xiaotian. While dialing his number, she shot Mo Li a glare and said, “Don’t utter a single word while I’m on the phone.”

“Mother, I’m in the midst of a meeting, what is it?” asked Ye Xiaotian.

“I’m currently at your mansion in Ming Yuan Estate. Let me ask you, are there no women left in this world apart from Mo Li?”

“Mother, whatever it is, let’s talk when I get home,” said Ye Xiaotian as he stood up and walked out of the door.

“Are you going to marry her?”

Constantly bombarded with her questions, Ye Xiaotian had no choice but to explain, “Mother, I planned to tell you about this when the time is right. But since you’ve asked, I shall just tell you the truth. I do have plans to marry her. Besides, now that she’s pregnant, the child would need a complete family too.”

Mrs. Ye’s face stiffened with shock and anger as she turned to glance at Mo Li before ending the call right away.

Before he had even finished speaking, Mrs. Ye ended the call. Having sensed that something ominous was about to happen, he called off the meeting and drove back home immediately.

“You really are something. You’ve actually gotten pregnant! I really couldn’t tell that you were such a scheming one,” Mrs. Ye rebuked as she shot Mo Li a death stare while approaching her.

Feeling rather upset by her words, Mo Li retreated backwards and retorted, “Your son was the one who forced me to bear him a child, I didn’t get pregnant willingly!”

“Drop the act. You’re really great at shirking responsibility and pushing all the blame on Xiaotian, aren’t you? Mo Li, let me tell you, over my dead body will I ever let you become a part of the Ye family. Forget about marrying Xiaotian!”

Seeming to show no concern at all for the child Mo Li was carrying, Mrs. Ye said firmly, “I will never acknowledge this child either.”

“It doesn’t matter whether or not you acknowledge it, so long as your son does.” Mo Li mustered up the courage to look Mrs. Ye in the eye and added, “The person you ought to punish and berate is not me.”

A frown creased the forehead of Mrs. Ye, who then tried to give Mo Li another slap. However, Mo Li managed to dodge in time and turned around to go upstairs immediately.

“Stand there, you shameless woman!”

Mrs. Ye hurriedly chased after her.

Mo Li zoomed towards the bedroom and locked the door from inside. Soon, Mrs. Ye began to knock loudly on the door.

She slid her back downwards against the door and began tearing up while squatting on the floor.

Unable to get her to open the door, Mrs. Ye had no choice but to leave. She exited the door, only to see that her son had returned in his car.

Remaining calm and composed, she stood rooted to the ground. Ye Xiaotian alighted and said smilingly, “Mother, why did you come here all of a sudden?”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Xiaotian, how long did you plan to hide it from me for? You actually got her pregnant?” Mrs. Ye questioned.

“Yes. Mother, let’s talk inside, shall we?” said Ye Xiaotian, reaching out to grab her.

“Xiaotian, are you really going to marry such a lowly woman!?!” hollered an exasperated Mrs. Ye as she freed herself from his grip angrily.

“Mo Li is a great girl.”

“I don’t see it at all.”

“That’s because you’ve yet to spend time with her, you’ll understand in the future,” Ye Xiaotian answered, pushing her towards the backyard.

He then poured her some tea himself. Due to the fact that she had been in a poor state of health, Ye Xiaotian dared not anger or agitated her and often tried to talk things out with her calmly instead.

“I don’t agree to your marriage with her.”

“Mother, she’s frail and sickly, making it hard for her to conceive. I have to bear the responsibility since I’ve managed to get her pregnant. Otherwise, I’d be worse than an animal,” Ye Xiaotian said in a gentle voice.

“It’s okay if you’re just toying with her, but now you’ve actually landed yourself in trouble. I will never approve of her, don’t try to persuade me any further.”

“But I can’t let my child be branded as an illegitimate child for the rest of his life,” Ye Xiaotian insisted.

“If you must behave this way, then prepare to see me at my funeral!” Mrs. Ye snapped as she slammed the teacup onto the table, causing its contents to spill out. She then stood up and stormed off immediately.

Ye Xiaotian hurriedly tried to stop her. “Mother, Mother… don’t be like this, What am I supposed to do then? Get her to abort the child?”

“She must get an abortion no matter what, and you are to sever all ties with her!”

Ye Xiaotian remained silent as the smile on his face faded.

“Mother… she’s carrying your grandson or granddaughter in her stomach. Can you really bear to force her to get an abortion?” he continued.

“The child is not even born yet, there’s nothing unbearable about getting her to abort it. Xiaotian, I don’t wish to see you compromise your standards and forgo your boundaries because of a woman. What’s going to happen in the future if you keep being like this?”

Mrs. Ye squinted and continued, “I’m sure you wouldn’t want to end up like Jin Qingyan and become a laughing stock for the public eye every other day, all because of a woman! You ought to focus on your career and put it first before everything else. How could you be so preoccupied with such frivolous matters like your relationship!?!”

“She’s been by my side for almost five years, I’ve developed feelings for her.”

“Just get a new woman and you’ll be able to nurture feelings for her too. Son, I absolutely detest Mo Li. How are we supposed to get on with life in the future if you insist on marrying her? Do you plan to live together with her on your own and completely forget about your mother?” Mrs. Ye said solemnly.