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Mo Li stood at the stairway looking at Ye Xiaotian, who kept silent, and turned to return into the room.

She had heard every word of their conversation.

Mo Li sat by the bedside, mulling over it.

In that manner, she sat for a long time before getting up to go downstairs.

Mrs. Ye was no longer around, and Ye Xiaotian was sitting at the sofa, deep in thought.

She acted like she had not seen him and headed for the door right under his nose.

Ye Xiaotian hurriedly went forward and grabbed onto her arm, exchanging looks with her.

“Where are you going?” Ye Xiaotian questioned, his eyes flickering slightly.

“Nowhere, just wanted to take a walk outside.”

Ye Xiaotian grabbed her wrist and took her back into the house.

He pulled her all the way into the bedroom before letting go of her arm. “My mother said some nasty things, please don’t take them to heart. Even if you do, don’t bottle your feelings up. Tell me about it, let it all out.”

“What use would it do?”

“Of course it’ll be useful.”

Mo Li lowered her head, asking, “Are you going to make me abort the child?”

“Weren’t you adamant on not having it?”

She kept silent for a while before answering, “If you don’t want it, then I won’t keep it.”

“If I don’t want it, neither do you?”


He leaned in to kiss her lips lightly. “I won’t let you have your wish then. Keep this child.”

“How about your mother’s side?”

“That’s not what you should worry about. What you should do now is take care of yourself and the child. As for my mother, I’ll persuade her eventually.”

Mo Li was not happy about it at all. Her eyes were crystal clear, and she said in a choked voice, “Ye Xiaotian, ever since I’ve been with you, I’ve never lived a good day. Now, you still want to control my future. There’s no one worse than you in this world.”

“But you just can’t escape from me, can you?”

Ye Xiaotian smirked, and the way he smiled was like a needle that firmly pricked inside her heart.

He made it sound like something easy to say, yet Mo Li felt like it was a treatment colder than a freezing hell.

“I don’t owe you anything.” Mo Li continued after some hesitation, “Ye Xiaotian, I don’t owe you anything and I never had. Your mother is so determined to stop this child from being born, what’s the point of going against her wishes and making her upset? That way, everyone will be happy. How good is that?”

His eyes were covered with a layer of ice. “Everytime you say something like this, it gets on my nerves. You have something against having the child, yet you’ll feel upset if you don’t have it. So, since this concerns me, I’ll make the decision. You shouldn’t interfere in it.”

Mo Li looked up. “This is what you said. Since you want to keep this child, you must give it a status. If by the fifth month of pregnancy, I still don’t get a satisfactory reply, Ye Xiaotian, I won’t keep this child. If you want to stop me by force, I’ll die together with the child.”

Hearing such a determined tone from her, Ye Xiaotian was shocked because, from what it sounded like, she wasn’t just kidding when she said those words.

Jing Tian wanted to call An Xiaoning to tell her that he found a few good scripts for her to take a look at.

But it was Mei Yangyang who picked up. She told Jing Tian that An Xiaoning was resting due to her pregnancy and would only be able to read the scripts in October.

Jing Tian was perplexed. If she could only read the scripts in October, and filming a movie takes about two to three months, would the movie be able to screen by this year?

Was An Xiaoning toying with him?

Mei Yangyang felt that this reason was indeed inappropriate, so she asked him to send the scripts over.

“What scripts?” Jin Qingyan asked.

“It’s the movie my sister invested in. The director found a few suitable scripts and wants my sister to take a look. But with the state that Sis is in now, how can she browse through them?” Mei Yangyang was troubled. “When the director comes later, I really don’t know how to explain it to him.”

“Invest in a movie?” Jin Qingyan raised his eyebrow. She really can’t stay idle, can she?

Alright. Since she wasn’t herself now, then this time, he’d make a decision for her.

When Jing Tian arrived, he did not see An Xiaoning, but only saw Jin Qingyan and Mei Yangyang on the sofa.

“Hi, Mr. Jin and Ms. Mei. Where is Ms. An?”

“Don’t bother looking for her, she’s not feeling well. Just talk to me.” He continued, “Where are the scripts? Let me see them.”

Jing Tian was stunned for a moment, then proceeded to pass him the scripts. “Ms. An wanted to film a comedy, so I found a few suitable scripts. Have a look at them.”

Jin Qingyan took them and had a close look. He realized that the scripts were all quite good, but the best out of them was the one Jin Qingyan pointed out. “This one’s good, it’s kind of similar to Xiaoning.”

Jing Tian agreed with him. “Yes, I saw that it was special and comedic so I chose this.”

“This script will do then,” Jin Qingyan readily decided. “All the production costs will be forked out by me. Did she ask for any particular actors to be part of the cast?”

Mei Yangyang appropriately added in, “Master Jin, my sister wanted me to be the first female lead…”

Jin Qingyan nodded without hesitating. “Sure, you’ll be the first female lead. Tianze can be the first male lead.”

“Tianze?” Mei Yangyang seriously doubted it. “He won’t agree to act.”

“He will definitely agree to act.” Jin Qingyan was extremely sure about it. “Later, I’ll give him a call. Look at this script, isn’t it specially written for the both of you? How coincidental.”

Mei Yangyang looked carefully at it and realized it was indeed. The male lead was the boss of an entertainment company, while the female lead had a fortune-telling stall set up. The two even went to solve cases together…

To find someone who can act as the boss of an entertainment company, which other actor would have this real status and be more suited for the role?

Jing Tian was exceptionally excited. Although Long Tianze was not a famous actor and Mei Yanyang was not a famous actress either, Long Tianze had the status and natural looks while Mei Yangyang had a doll-like face and appeared intelligent. With some honing of their acting skills, they would get the hang of it easily.

“As for the male and female supporting actors, you can find them, Director. We don’t have special requirements for these supporting cast, but their private life must be clean, no smoking and no drugs. It’s all up to you. When you find the right people, pass me their contracts. This is my name card.”

Seeing how forthright he was, Jing Tian was absolutely delighted. “Sure.”

After Jing Tian left, Mei Yangyang asked, “Master Jin, are you investing in this movie now?”

“If not, what can I do?” Jin Qingyan had his hand on his forehead. “Why does she have so many things she wants to do? She already has money, but she can’t idle around for even a moment.”

“This way, she won’t have the extra time to think about other things and won’t feel sad.” Mei Yangyang saw how Jin Qingyan suddenly turned to look at her, so she added, “This is the gist of what my sister told me, because I asked her the same question too.”


“I really think that my sister has a lot of ideas, she’s my role model.”

The corner of Jin Qingyan’s lips curled. Wasn’t that what made An Xiaoning her?

Wasn’t that also the same woman whom he fell so deep in love with and went out of control for?

“Master Jin, didn’t you want to call Tianze?” Mei Yangyang reminded him.