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Jin Qingyan watched her like that in pain, and in that moment, he could not utter a single word.

Mei Yangyang, who was outside the door, vaguely heard An Xiaoning’s voice from outside and ran up agitatedly. But upon hearing An Xiaoning’s words from the doorway, she turned to leave again.

She immediately went to prepare breakfast.

Just when she was placing the breakfast down on the tray and was about to serve it, she saw Jin Qingyan come down from upstairs with a grim face and walk out of the door.

Mei Yangyang did not dare to stop him to ask what the situation was like.

Carrying the tray upstairs, she pushed the bedroom door open and left the tray on the bedside table. “Sis, I’ve prepared breakfast for you. Hurry and eat some while it’s still hot. You should wash up first.”

An Xiaoning lifted the covers, slowly putting on her shoes before heading to the bathroom.

After washing up, she came out of the bathroom and sat by the side of the bed, asking as she ate, “Yangyang, you have been worrying a lot about me these days right?”

“Umm. I was afraid something would happen to you, Sis. Yesterday, Jing Tian came.”

“Umm. I was there beside all of you when you were discussing the script.”

Mei Yangyang’s eyes widened. “Really?”


“Master Jin said he will invest.”

“No need, I’ll invest it myself,” she said while eating. “This whole thing was planned by me, I should be responsible for it. Getting possessed by that young girl was an accident. On the night of my birthday, it was the Ghost Festival. Moreover, my body has always lacked ‘Yin’ energy and the pregnancy had made my body even weaker, giving her an opportunity to take advantage of me.”

“That young girl was really too maddening. She smashed Master Jin’s head and went to the nightclub to play by herself, but she was captured again by Master Jin himself.”

“I know.”

“Sis… just now, why did Master Jin leave?” Mei Yangyang cautiously sounded her out. “Did you chase him away? Sis, you haven’t forgiven Master Jin?”

“Yangyang.” An Xiaoning stared straight into her eyes. “The incident of making a choice between me and his sister has passed. Everyone is selfish, I’m not being persistent about it. Jin Qingyan is the only son; even if he’s willing to believe in miracles with me, will his family agree? He’s the only son, and Jin Qingyue has also married. There’s no excuse if he doesn’t have children. Then, don’t you think I’ll blame myself for it? Even if it’s not because of me, I’ll be responsible for the result. If you want to talk about surrogacy, then forget it. I’d rather not have any children than make another woman suffer for me.”

“But, Sis, I just feel that it’s such a pity. Don’t tell me that because of this, you’ll give him up?”

“If we’re fated, then what’s meant to be will happen, I won’t force it. Let’s just let nature take its course. Now, some things are not truly smoothed out and they may ignite a bomb explosion in the future.” An Xiaoning picked up the glass of milk and drank a few sips. “Must a woman be able to live only with a man? Will we die without men? I wasn’t clear-minded for both my marriages. Because I lacked love, I was led to this result continuously. I don’t want to get married anymore; being alone is pretty good as well.”

“Umm. No matter what you choose, Sis, I’ll support you.” Mei Yangyang flashed her a broad grin. “Get well soon, and recover your endless energy. This is what I want to see most.”

An Xiaoning pressed down her lips into a smile. “Jin Qingyan actually did something good too, by getting Long Tianze on-board. It’s great. When the both of you start filming, Yangyang — you need to take more initiative and develop your relationship with him. As long as both of you have a solid relationship, his mother wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.”

Mei Yangyang acknowledged her. “I don’t intend on conceding. It’s her son who’s chasing me. Since I’ve already agreed, I won’t give up easily.”

“Yes, good luck!”

Jin Qingyan was on the road, driving home. On the way, he started rattling away to himself.

“Do you think I would give up? Haha, An Xiaoning, you really underestimate my determination.”

“You brat, who stayed by your side all day and didn’t go to the company for you? Heartless.”

“When you’ve recovered fully, I’ll punish you properly.”

“An Xiaoning, you brat.”


Jin Qingyan returned to Wei Ni Estate and checked on the renovation of the new house. Everything was going according to plan.

“Babylifewasgoodtomebutyoujustmadeitbetternull,Ilovethewayitstandbymethroughanykindofweathernull…” Taking a glance at the display screen of his phone, he saw it was Jin Qingyue. He suddenly did not feel like picking up.

After his phone rang countless times, he eventually slid the “answer” button. “Hello.”

“Brother, where are you?”

“Why?” he asked as he walked around his car.

“Tonight, if you’re not too busy, come home and have a meal, okay?”

“I’m not free.”

“Brother, are you that busy? Don’t you even have time for a meal?”

“No, I’m busy. I’m hanging up.”

Upon hearing the line cut off, Jin Qingyue threw the phone onto the bed.

She had not been seeing Shi Shaochuan’s figure almost every morning. When she went down, the maid served her breakfast. She asked, “When did Young Sir leave?”

“He left around six this morning. He didn’t eat breakfast at home as usual.”

“Alright.” Jin Qingyue frowned. “He leaves so early. Is he that busy?”

She started to eat breakfast and felt something was amiss throughout.

After eating, Jin Qingyue changed and drove to Shi Shaochuan’s company.

His secretary saw her and greeted her hurriedly. “Young Madam is here?”

“Umm. Where’s Shaochuan?”

“CEO Shi is negotiating with a client.”

“Oh, I just passed by to take a look. I see Shaochuan works so hard every day. What time did he come this morning?”

The secretary thought: Both of you sleep on the same bed. How would you not know what time he comes?

But she still kept a radiant smile on her face and replied, “CEO Shi always works hard. When I came, he was already here.”

Hearing her answer, Jin Qingyue nodded. “Umm. Don’t tell him I was here. I won’t bother him then, I’ll just be going.”

“Alright, take care, Young Madam.”

Jin Qingyue left the office building and got onto the car. She decided to go shopping.

With nothing to do all day, she shopped before going home to play games and sleep. For a pregnant woman like her, her entertainment activities were rather restricted.

When she woke up, the sky was already dark, but Shi Shaochuan was still nowhere to be seen.

She immediately called him. “Hubby, where are you?”

“That mate of mine ran over somebody. His family is bankrupt so he doesn’t have the money. I’ve paid the medical fees for him. I’m still at the hospital now accompanying him, I’ll be back later.”

Upon hearing this, Jin Qingyue responded, “Oh, I see. Then come back soon from the hospital, I’ll be waiting for you at home.”


Jin Qingyue felt that she should probably call his mate and express her regards, but at the thought that he would probably be vexed now, she decided she should probably call tomorrow.

She leaned on the bed rest, feeling irritable for some reason.