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Shi Shaochuan only came back at ten o’clock. He was not completely fatigued; on the contrary, he looked extremely energetic.

Seeing that Jin Qingyue had not slept yet and was reading a book, he went forward and kissed her. “Honey, why aren’t you asleep? If you don’t sleep, our baby won’t get sleep either.”

“I was waiting for you. I can only see you at night every day. You’re gone in the morning when I wake up. Why are you going to the office so early?”

“It’s been busy at the company lately. After this period of time, it won’t be so busy anymore.” Shi Shaochuan straightened his body and told her, “I’ll go and get a bath.”

“Umm, okay.”

Jin Qingyue placed the book aside, waiting for him to come out.

Ten minutes later, Shi Shaochuan came out wiping his wet hair and got onto the bed in his bathrobe. “It’s not good for a pregnant woman to stay up late, you should sleep earlier.”

“Honey.” She nestled beside him voluntarily and hugged him. “I want to do that with you.”

“No, we can’t. Let’s wait for over ten days, the child is still small now. What if I exert too much strength and we lose the child…”

“Tsk, you’re being exaggerating.” Jin Qingyue laughed. “It’ll be fine if you do it gently.”

But Shi Shaochuan no longer had the strength; all his strength had been bled dry by Xu Jingwen today.

“Be good, listen to me. Let’s just think of the child first.” He kissed her lips. “It’s so hard on you being pregnant now, I don’t want anything to happen to the child. It’ll be irresponsible towards you and the child.”

Jin Qingyue felt comforted yet slightly uncomfortable at the same time, but she still held it in. “Didn’t you say that your mate ran over someone, how is the person now?”

“The person was successfully saved. Everything’s fine now, I’ve paid them already.”

“Umm. Can’t he be more careful when he drives?”

“Exactly.” He pulled the covers over him. “Alright, let’s go to sleep.”

Jin Qingyue acknowledged him. For the whole night, she had nightmares.

As a result, the following day, she was not in a good state of mind.

That led to her temper being unstable as well.

She made a call to Shi Shaochuan’s mate, and someone picked up only at the second try.


Jin Qingyue spoke, “I’m Shaochuan’s wife. Yesterday night, I heard from Shaochuan that you ran over somebody. Is everything settled now?”

The person on the line responded, “Ran over somebody? Me?”

Jin Qingyue was surprised. “Yes, didn’t you run over somebody last night and sent the person to the hospital with Shaochuan?”

“Erm, Sister-in-law, I think you called the wrong person? I haven’t seen Shaochuan in two months already. I was at home the whole of last night and I didn’t run over anyone.”

Jin Qingyue was obviously not taken in. “Aren’t you XX? He only has you as his mate, would I have called the wrong person? I say, what’s going on? That was what he told me, why are you claiming that it’s not true? He even said that he lent you money for compensation to settle the matter.”

The person on the line was slightly angered. “Sister-in-law, there’s nothing of that sort. Although my family has gone bankrupt, I’m not in the state where I have to borrow money from Shaochuan. Worst still, there’s nothing of that sort that happened. Saying that I ran over somebody, are you trying to curse me?”

Jin Qingyue’s heart momentarily turned cold. Judging from the person’s tone, it was obviously Shaochuan who lied.

Why did he lie to her?

“Well, if there’s nothing of that sort, then forget it.”

The person on the other end kept silent and ended the call just like that.

From what she knew, his only mate was the person that she just called. What was he doing last night that he came back so late and lied to her?

Could it be that he went to the nightclub to find women to satisfy his needs?

Realizing that, Jin Qingyue’s face turned as pale as a sheet.

A few minutes later, Shaochuan’s call came in. He started berating her, “Why did you call XX?”

“No, I haven’t even talked about you. Didn’t you say he ran over somebody last night, and that you were with him? He said he didn’t run over anyone at all and hasn’t seen you in two months. What on earth is going on, where were you last night? You lied to me, Shi Shaochuan, how dare you still blame me, you better come back right now!” Jin Qingyue was emotionally agitated, her voice full of fury.

“Yesterday, I was with a client until late at night. I was afraid you would get worried, so I just made up an excuse. To think you actually called him…”

“With a client? You went to find women, didn’t you?!”

Shi Shaochuan’s heart sank, and his tone softened. “Look, I knew you’d get suspicious since you’re pregnant. I was just scared you’d be like this, so I found an excuse. I’ll explain it properly to you when I get off work, okay?”

“I don’t want to listen, don’t tell me!” Jin Qingyue furiously switched off her phone, then got up and changed, going back to her family home without eating.

She could not tell her parents about this either as she was afraid her mother would take the chance to criticize her. She could only give the excuse that she was bored at the Shi residence and came back to stay for a few days.

A week later…

Jing Tian passed all the contracts to An Xiaoning, and she personally signed on all of them, making a copy of each of them.

During her period of rest, she also attended the opening ceremony of the filming.

Because of Long Tianze’s status, many media reporters came, of which some were secretly sent over by Jin Qingyan to help them with their publicity.

An Xiaoning wore a pink windbreaker and a pair of light-colored jeans. With her long hair over her shoulders and makeup on her face, the color of her face was completely hidden. With one look and anyone could tell she was absolutely gorgeous.

Mei Yangyang wore a white blouse and a pair of black and baggy cropped pants. With her hair pinned into a bun, she looked really cute.

During the ceremony, everyone was sincerely offering joss sticks at this sacred base of the film industry.

After the ceremony was over, the group went to a hotel to put their luggage.

Although An Xiaoning was not part of the crew, she had to supervise the filming process, so visiting once in a while was quite important.

The director, assistant director, scriptwriter, and she were discussing the script in the room, while Mei Yangyang was dragged into a private room along with her luggage by Long Tianze.

“My room is over there…”

Long Tianze was unbothered. “Who says? I’ve swapped your room, now it’s just beside mine. That’s more convenient.”

Mei Yangyang darted a glance at him. “Convenient for what?”

“Stop acting, you’re still asking the obvious.” He hugged her tightly. “To find you, of course. I’m already seriously doubting whether your man is An Xiaoning or me.”

Mei Yangyang looked at his bitter face and asked, “How old are you exactly? Why do you have such thoughts?”

“Because you spend more time with her than me. It can’t be like that, you need to compensate me.” He immediately carried her onto the bed and hugged her as she lay there.

“Kiss me.” There was no room for doubt, these words came from Long Tianze and not Mei Yangyang!

Mei Yangyang got up, and at the thought that since they were a couple, she timidly yet at the same time daringly kissed his lips.

This kiss was terribly serious. It was like the attraction of thunder and fire, which drove things out of control.

Mei Yangyang felt her body leap onto his, and the two could not stop themselves.

Only when her abdomen area was blocked by a hard object did she instantly use her hand to touch it. He gasped, his voice slightly husky, “Don’t touch there.”


Her rosy, doll-like face always made Long Tianze feel like he was bullying a child.