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Mei Yangyang rested her head on his chest and listened to his heart pound at an accelerated speed. She could not help but laugh. “Tianze, your feelings are going out of control.”

Long Tianze had his lips pressed together lightly, and his breathing was rather rapid. “Of course, I’m a normal man.”

Mei Yangyang grinned sweetly. “At the thought that we will be the male and female leads of this movie soon, I’m so happy. Apart from the few who know, nobody else knows our relationship.”

“If not for you, do you think I would come and act? Unless I’ve gone mad. Let’s make a promise, shall we?” Long Tianze stared at her fixedly. “Regardless of whether this movie is a hit or not, you’re only allowed to act in this one, unless the male lead is me. Otherwise, don’t think about acting in the future. I won’t permit you to have kissing and bed scenes with those other male actors.”

Mei Yangyang acknowledged him. “Alright, I’ll listen to you, okay? I know, you only allow me to act kissing and bed scenes with you, right?”

“Of course.” He reached out and touched her nose. Unable to hold it in, Long Tianze kissed her again.

Mei Yangyang closed her eyes, and the two rolled over the bed a few times. Finally, Long Tianze landed on top, pressing right onto her body.



“You’re so beautiful.”

Mei Yangyang reached out and held his face with both hands. “You’re very handsome too.”

“I want you, will you give it to me?” His body moved slightly, and Mei Yangyang, who was beneath him, had her face flush red. She stammered nervously, “Does it… hurt?”

“Maybe, but it will just be for a short while.”

“Why are you so clear about it?”

“I read it in a book…”

Mei Yangyang was still rather determined. “I still don’t feel like doing it yet.”

Seeing that she was unwilling, Long Tianze did not force her either. “I respect your decision. But, you need to help me resolve this crisis now.”

“What crisis?”

Long Tianze placed her hand at a particular spot, and Mei Yangyang turned stiff all over, thereafter agreeing in a low voice.

After An Xiaoning, the director, and the editor were done discussing, they saw Long Tianze and Mei Yangyang walking out together. Mei Yangyang had a bright red glow on her face while Long Tianze looked rather cheerful.

“Come, let’s have a meal together. Call the supporting casts along.”


In a rather unfortunate turn, they ran into Sun Weiwei as they were about to go for their meal.

Looking at An Xiaoning, Sun Weiwei was surprised too and went forward to greet her. “I just heard that you were secretly filming a movie a few days ago. Ms. An, how could you do this and not invite me to join?”

An Xiaoning was extremely forthright. “You’re now on so many variety shows and dramas. A big shot like you, where would I get the money to invite you to join?”

“You really like to joke. If you had invited me, I wouldn’t ask for a huge amount. But, Ms. An, you’re investing in such a low-cost production. Don’t tell me…” Sun Weiwei’s tone changed, “after your divorce with Mr. Jin, you don’t have enough fortune to spend?”

An Xiaoning was taken aback for a moment, then she laughed. “Well, have you not heard? I divorced without getting a single cent, and I was willing to do so. Women should earn their own money to spend. Using your own capabilities to earn a living is the truth to life.”

“What remarkable words. I really admire you, you’re different from other women.”

An Xiaoning was reluctant to talk more with her. “We’re going to have a meal, I’ll have to end the conversation here.”

Sun Weiwei stared at her figure as she left, muttering to herself, “What an idiot. Divorcing Jin Qingyan, is there something wrong with her brain?”

Her assistant reminded her, “Sister Weiwei, you shouldn’t provoke her. I just feel that she’s not someone to mess with.”

“I’m not blind, do I need you to remind me?”

Sun Weiwei turned and headed outside. Her phone suddenly rang and she picked it up as she walked. “What?!”

She stopped in her tracks, her face changing. Looking at the expression on her face, her assistant’s heart tightened. It was definitely not a good sign.

After she hung up the call, Sun Weiwei directly slammed her phone on the ground. “Damn it!”

Her assistant hurriedly picked up the phone. “Sister Weiwei, be careful. What if someone takes a picture of you!”

Sun Weiwei quickened her pace and, seeing that she got onto the nanny van, her assistant asked, “Sister Weiwei, do we still go for the shoot later?”

“Tell them that I’m not going today. I’ll go tomorrow. I’m already fuming mad as it is, who cares about that shoot!”

The assistant had no choice but to call her manager and get the manager to settle it.

The assistant got onto the van and asked, “What happened for you to be so angry?”

Sun Weiwei leaned on the seat rest, boiling with rage. “That slut, Mo Li, is pregnant.”

Her assistant covered her mouth in shock. “Oh my god, then will Master Ye let her have the child?”

“She’s been with him for four years and never got pregnant. Now, she’s suddenly pregnant. Obviously, Brother Xiaotian wanted it to happen.” Sun Weiwei darted a glance at her assistant. “I’ve not been paying attention to her matters for only a few days, and now she’s created this huge problem for me. If she were to give birth to the child, how would it go for me?”

“Sister Weiwei, don’t tell me you’re thinking of…”

Sun Weiwei glanced at her assistant coldly. “I have my own plans. If I don’t teach her a lesson for real, she would probably have her head in the sky.”

“What if Master Ye finds out?”

Sun Weiwei was brimming with confidence. “Whatever I do, would it be possible that I don’t consider it thoroughly? It’s either I don’t do it or do, but if I do, I’ll definitely do a clean job.”

In the evening, An Xiaoning was driving home.

She suddenly realized that ever since she left previously, that man who had not appeared before her was now standing at her front gate with his hands clasped behind his back. One look and it was obvious that he was waiting for her.

The main gate opened and her car pulled in slowly. Just as she got off the car, a long pair of arms hugged around her tightly.

An Xiaoning’s nerves were triggered, and she exerted strength with her arms and directly gave him a punch.

Jin Qingyan was in pain but did not release his arms. On the contrary, he hugged her even tighter.


“What are you doing here again?”

“Looking for some fun.”

“Let go of me first.”

He released his arms indeed, and An Xiaoning turned around, staring at his face under the light. “Stop joking around.”

“I’m not joking around, I just wanted to talk to you, so I came.”

An Xiaoning touched her lips lightly. “Then, well, I guess you can come in.”

Upon hearing this, Jin Qingyan’s face brightened. Why is she 

He immediately followed her closely into the house.

An Xiaoning poured a cup of tea for him and asked with a calm face, “What do you want to say? Speak.”

“You, why did you let me in? You’re being unusual.”

An Xiaoning replied faintly, “If I don’t let you in, you’ll probably construct an underground entrance into my basement.”

Jin Qingyan smirked. “Xiaoning, after careful thought, what do you think if we make a deal? It’ll be just like the first time we met when you asked me for one.”

“What deal?”

“Since both you and I don’t want to get married but we’re both adults…” The corner of Jin Qingyan’s lips curled. “So we need a sexual life. I gave you my first, and so did you. We’re both clean freaks, so…”

An Xiaoning immediately understood what he meant.

“Although I am particular with cleanliness, why should I be with you? There are so many other hunks, you’re not the only one. There are other beauties out there too, I’m not your only choice.”