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Mo Li was jolted awake from her sleep by a nightmare, which had caused her to break out into cold sweat while grabbing onto the duvet tightly.

She dreamed that she had lost her baby, though she was not exactly the most willing to keep it, since its existence would mean that she would have to be tied down to Ye Xiaotian for the rest of his life.

Ever since she found out about her pregnancy, she had been feeling a little excited about its arrival.

She looked forward to see what her child would look like when it was born. She was eager to know if it was a girl or a boy and even more eager to hear her child call her “Mother.”

“What’s the matter?” Ye Xiaotian asked as he sat up slowly.

“I had a nightmare.”

“About what?” he asked.

Gazing at him, Mo Li snuggled up into his arms and said, “Xiaotian, I’m really scared.”

Ye Xiaotian felt his heart ache upon seeing her show her softer side for once. “What are you scared about?” he asked worriedly.

Shaking her head, she answered, “I don’t know what I’m exactly afraid about.”

“You don’t have to be afraid when I’m here with you. Don’t worry, my mother won’t be coming here again anytime soon.”

Mo Li nodded and took a look at the time before saying, “Time to get up.”

They then got dressed and washed up together before going downstairs for breakfast.

Even during breakfast, Mo Li could not relax and was still rather tense and worried about something.

After Ye Xiaotian left for work, she did not want to go anywhere and instead remained at home to catch up on reading, listen to music, and water the plants.

Although there was no one for her to talk to while she was all alone at home, she somehow did not feel bored at all.

When the clock struck ten, she decided to go take a look at her parents’ bistro, which should have just closed for business.

She turned down the chauffeur’s offer to drive her and opted to walk there instead.

There was nowhere she could walk about at home; thus, she almost felt like she was becoming a cripple due to the largely sedentary lifestyle she had been leading.

Upon sight of Mo Li, Mrs. Mo hurried to the entrance to greet her, “Why did you come out alone?”

“I didn’t want them to follow me. I thought it’d be better to come alone. Mother, how’s business going?”

Mrs. Mo nodded and answered, “It’s going well, we’re making profits every day. It’s just a little tiring, that’s all. But your father and I are still able-bodied and young, a little hardship doesn’t matter as long as we have the drive to push through.”

Mo Li was relieved to hear that her family was living well. She would be happy as long as they were.

After having lunch with her parents at noon, she took a slow and leisurely walk back to Ming Yuan Estate.

On her journey back, she happened to bump into An Xiaoning.

An Xiaoning was on her way to the police station when she saw a figure that greatly resembled Mo Li. Thus, she drove up ahead slowly and honked at Mo Li, who shuddered in shock before becoming more relaxed upon seeing that it was An Xiaoning.

As Mo Li got on the car, An Xiaoning asked, “Why are you walking around here alone?”

“I didn’t want those bodyguards to follow me around.”

“Silly girl, don’t come out alone in the future. You have to make sure someone chauffeurs you, and remember to bring along a few more bodyguards, got it?” said An Xiaoning, who offered to send her home.

Mo Li remained silent and looked at her.

“Let me tell you, there are plenty of crooks around lately. You’ll risk getting abducted when you’re walking around alone. Don’t do this again next time.”

Mo Li agreed with a nod and said, “Yes, I understand. Thank you, Ms. An. Where are you headed to now?”

“I’m sending you home. I’ve seen the news about your divorce with Byron. I also know that you got back together with Ye Xiaotian. You’re still living in Ming Yuan Estate now, right?” said An Xiaoning.

“Yes. Ms. An, I’m pregnant,” Mo Li revealed.

An Xiaoning subconsciously gazed at her stomach before asking, “How long has it been?”

“Less than two months.”

“All the more you should bring bodyguards with you when you go out. Ye Xiaotian is highly coveted by many women, so you ought to be extra careful and cautious of your own safety.”

“I won’t come out by myself again in the future. Ms. An, I’ve been keeping in touch with the news daily. Qingyan must really love you,” said Mo Li, touched to hear how concerned An Xiaoning was about her.

“Is that so?” An Xiaoning said with a smile.

In reality, she was more aware than anyone else about the fact that he loved her a ton.

“It’s hard to find someone who loves you as much as you love them. Ms. An, although I haven’t spent much time with you, I can tell you’re a woman who has a mind of her own. Qingyan is only a few years older than I am, I guess it’s safe to say that we grew up together. I know him really well, he truly is a great person. You have to take charge of your own happiness,” said Mo Li.

An Xiaoning let out a wry smile and expressed assent before saying, “Why did you return to Ye Xiaotian?”

Mo Li was momentarily lost for words, after which she proceeded to answer, “It’s a long story. I couldn’t help myself, and I didn’t have much of a choice either. Besides, now that I’m pregnant with his child, there’s nothing else I really want anymore apart from a proper status for my child and me. The world is huge, but how far can I run? We can’t be so selfish all the time, anyway.”

“No matter what it is, just remember to keep a few trustworthy servants and bodyguards around you. They’ll be of great help to you. Mo Li, every child has arrived in this world for a purpose. Take good care of yourself and deliver a healthy baby.”

“Ms. An, can we become friends?” Mo Li asked smilingly.

“Of course we can.”

“Thank you.”

An Xiaoning dropped her off at the entrance of the vila in Ming Yuan Estate before making her way to the police station.

After parking the car in a parking spot at the police station, she put on a pair of flats and alighted from her car. Several bypassing police officers greeted her one after another upon sight of her.

She nodded in response and headed to the Special Crimes Investigation Unit Office.

Her three colleagues were waiting in the office for her arrival.

“Long time no see,” she greeted.

“Hello, Team Leader!” the three of them said in unison.

An Xiaoning could not help but burst into laughter. “What has gotten into you guys? You’ve become so prim and proper within just months.”

Ma Jianguo was the first to slip back into his usual character and sat back down. “Team Leader, our office is about to be covered in cobwebs, had you come back any later. We’ve missed you so much!” he exclaimed with a long sigh.

“Why so?”

“Because we prefer to work under you. You have no idea how much we’ve suffered working in the other units. Not only do we have to slog our guts out every day, we often get reprimanded as well. It’s practically a living hell,” he lamented.

“Haven’t you been living like that while working with the Serious Crimes Investigation Unit previously? You should’ve gotten used to it by now. By the way, has there been any major cases lately?” An Xiaoning asked.

“Team Leader, don’t you watch the news?”

“I haven’t been paying attention to news regarding such matters,” she answered.

Just as she was about to pour herself some tea, Zu Dong quickly interjected and took her teacup away, “Team Leader, let me do it instead.”

Noticing how eager he was to help, she handed him the teacup and said, “Please wash the cup first, I haven’t used it in a while.”


“What major cases have there been? Tell me about it,” said An Xiaoning, sitting up straight.

“There had been a few cases of murder this month. Did you know…” Ma Jianguo leaned in closer towards her and lowered his voice before continuing to speak, “Did you know how many cases the Serious Crimes Investigation Unit managed to crack within the past few months?”

“How many?”

“So far, only two. Moreover, the entire unit was involved, and Chief called for a meeting every day to analyze the details of the case. At that instant, I knew that you’re the most capable of them all.”

“Quit bootlicking and sucking up to me,” An Xiaoning chided teasingly.