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Jin Qingyan made his way upstairs straight away.

He laid on the bed, suffering from insomnia yet again.

He just could not fall asleep.

Likewise, his sister, Jin Qingyue, was also having trouble sleeping.

It had been an entire week!

Not only did Shi Shaochuan refuse to give her any calls, he did not bother to come and pick her up either.

All he did was call the landline of the Jin family’s old mansion to inquire if she was there.

Needless to say, Jin Qingyue was infuriated.

Her anger did not dissipate and grew exponentially instead.

Thus, she drove back to the Shi family home after dinner.

While on the journey home, Jin Qingyue rehearsed the lines she was going to bombard him with once she got home. She was going to threaten him with the baby!

As soon as she arrived home, she was thrown off guard.

Shi Shaochuan was not even at home.

“Why hasn’t Young Sir returned!?!”

“He didn’t mention anything,” the servant answered, noticing how infuriated Jin Qingyue was.

Jin Qingyue then drove to his office, only to find that he had gotten off work long ago.

The more she dwelled on it, the more she began to sense something amiss.

Women are the most intuitive and sensitive creatures. The first thing that came to mind was the possibility of him having an affair.

Jin Qingyue was perturbed.

Not sure where to find him, she decided to go home and wait for his return.

After sitting around and waiting all day, he was still yet to come home.

Boiling with fury, she paced back and forth around the living room.

Men just always seem to have a way to anger women.

In fact, Shi Shaochuan was great at that.

He was having an affair with Xu Jingwen, to whom he would rush to spend all his time with as soon as he got off from work. Since he was having a whale of a time every day, he could not even be bothered to persuade Jin Qingyue to come home, lest she got in the way of him having his fun.

He had all the freedom to himself, now that she was not home.

He arrived home at ten o’clock in the evening, only to be greeted with the sight of a fuming Jin Qingyue, who was glaring daggers at him. “I haven’t seen you in a few days. Did you gain weight again?”

Of course she would gain weight at the rate things were going.

She would get the urge to binge eat whenever she was enraged.

It was such a vicious cycle.

On top of that, she had developed an enormous appetite and was constantly hungry due to the fact that she was pregnant.

His words had added fuel to the fire.

Jin Qingyue swiftly stomped towards him and gave him a tight slap across his face, releasing all her pent-up anger.

“Shi Shaochuan, go to hell!”

Shi Shaochuan was dumbstruck by the sudden slap.

He slapped her back instinctively.

“How dare you hit me! I’m going to divorce you!” Jin Qingyue hollered at the top of her voice.

“Didn’t you hit me too?” said Shi Shaochuan, mellowing his voice at the mention of a divorce.

Jin Qingyue had completely lost her rationality. “We shall get the divorce papers signed tomorrow, I’m aborting the child too!” she snapped, teary-eyed.

She scurried off as soon as she finished speaking.

Shi Shaochuan hurriedly chased after her.

“I’ll let you hit me again, will that do!?!”

“Get lost!”

Suppressing his anger, Shi Shaochuan said calmly, “Where else do you want me to go when you’re not here?”

Jin Qingyue pushed him away forcefully and retorted, “Go away! Shi Shaochuan, don’t you already have another woman outside!?! I went back to my maiden home for a week, yet you didn’t even bother calling me or coming to pick me up the entire time. How could you! Don’t think I’m not aware that you came home late that night because you had a rendezvous with another woman!”

“Look at you over-imagining things again. I just wanted to let you cool off. I was just planning to pick you up tomorrow. Yueyue, that’s really what I was thinking. Be good, Honey, stop being angry,” Shi Shaochuan tried to placate her by grabbing her arm and kissing her right away.

Jin Qingyue’s initial anger began to fade as soon as he kissed her.

On top of that, Shi Shaochuan carried her upstairs and forced himself onto her, though she did not quite resist him anyway.

They then ended up getting intimate, after which Jin Qingyue was completely coaxed and placated.

“You’re really not having an affair?”

“I really am not. Why would I do that when I already have you? Look what has gotten into you ever since you got pregnant. You’ve been overthinking and imagining things that would come in between our marriage,” said Shi Shaochuan, hugging her tightly in his embrace.

After all, Jin Qingyue indeed did not have any explicit evidence, nor did she manage to catch him red-handed.

Thus, she had no choice but to say, “Shi Shaochuan, let me warn you, you’re going to get it from me if you ever dare to have an affair and get caught by me.”

“I wouldn’t dare to, Honey. Don’t be angry, it won’t be good for our baby. Our baby’s going to think that you’re an ill-tempered mother,” Shi Shaochuan cajoled her.

“Weren’t you the one who made me that way?” Jin Qingyue retorted with a humph.

“It’s all my fault, okay? I’ll apologize to you, be good. It’s getting late. I was almost scared to death, why did you even mention a divorce?” said Shi Shaochuan, giving her a kiss.

Embracing him with her eyes closed, Jin Qingyue said, “Shaochuan, I’ve married you and gotten pregnant with your child. You’d better not disappoint me.”

Feeling a little guilty, Shi Shaochuan answered, “Yes, got it.”


Having woken up bright early in the morning, An Xiaoning hurriedly made her way to the police station after having her breakfast.

She swifty got dressed and put on a pair of trainers. She looked more refreshed and energized than ever, with her hair smoothed back into a ponytail.

She arrived at the police station before her colleagues.

She decided to look through the case file again while waiting for them to arrive.

After she was done perusing the file, the three of them turned up one after another.

“Team Leader, we’ve completed the tasks you assigned us with. Wu Chanqing’s birthdate is the 1st of October on the Lunar Calendar. She was born at seven o’clock in the morning, and written below is her family address which was included in her household register. We found out from the records provided by the nightclub owner that Wu Changqing had made a total of 160 thousand dollars from working at the nightclub. Given that she received a payout every two to three days, there hadn’t been a time where she wasn’t paid her due salary.”

Suddenly reminded of something, An Xiaoning asked, “The country has been heavily banning vices such as prostitution, gambling, and drugs. Why hasn’t the police raided that nightclub?”

“That’s because it belongs to the Ye family,” Ma Jianguo answered awkwardly.

She understood what he meant instantly. “Oh, I see. Continue speaking.”

“The owner said that she had just received her payout when the murder took place. We’re not lying. We also found out that Wu Changqing’s grandmother is diagnosed with stomach cancer, and Wu Changqing had given her a total of 60 thousand to pay for her treatments, which she is currently undergoing at the city hospital. This also means that Wu Changqing must’ve had savings worth at least 100 thousand, after deducting her daily expenses.”

A stern expression formed on An Xiaoning’s faced as she continued to ask, “Ma Jianguo, when you visited the crime scene with the Serious Crime Investigations Unit, did the forensic scientist deduce her cause of death from the human meat broth?”

“No, it was difficult to carry out an autopsy since the body had already been majorly severed. Apart from a few remaining large bones, the rest have all been crushed. Thus, this is the tricky part of this case. In the end, it could only be deduced that the weapon used was an axe. According to the cuts made, the forensic scientist concluded that the murderer was extremely skilled in using knives.”

“Skilled in using knives…” An Xiaoning looked down and pondered over his words. A moment later, she said, “From what I read, the cause of Wu Changqing’s death is said to be liver failure. There are several causes of liver failure though.”

“Team Leader, we didn’t manage to find any clues from her online accounts,” said Zu Dong.