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Chapter 250: Sealed with Love (3)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

He unlocked the door with his key and said, “This is an empty room which hasn’t been occupied in a very long time. Thus, there may be some cobwebs and dust around, but it’ll be spick and span after some cleaning and tidying up. It won’t get in the way of your stay. There’s also a small yard where you can grow some plants and flowers.”

With a look of satisfaction, An Xiaoning answered gleefully, “Not bad, it’s just a little dirty, but it should be fine after some cleaning. May I know how much the rental costs would be?”

“500 dollars a month, but you’ll have to pay for six months at once.”

“No problem, this one it shall be. We’ll pay you upfront the total sum for six months. Please write us an invoice.”

“I don’t have a piece of paper and pen with me now. I live just upstairs, please wait a moment.”

“Sure. It’s pretty nice here, isn’t it?” An Xiaoning remarked, pulling Zu Dong further inside.

“Yeah, looks good.”

After entering the backyard, An Xiaoning said softly, “I can tell he’s well trained in martial arts. Text Gong Le immediately and tell him to move closer towards us. Tell him not to come in and just loiter around the corridor, lest we alarm Liu Yiliang and arouse suspicion. We have to arrest him when it’s the safest.”

Zu Dong whipped his phone out right away and proceeded as instructed.

Just as Zu Dong finished sending the text message, Liu Yiliang came back downstairs.

“Here,” said Liu Yiliang, handing An Xiaoning the invoice he had already written upstairs.

An Xiaoning took the invoice from his hand and said to Zu Dong, “Take out the money.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she subconsciously stood aside while Zu Dong took his wallet out. Since he did not have much cash in his wallet, wouldn’t that let the cat out of the bag as soon as he opened it?

He gazed at An Xiaoning, who then immediately understood his signal.

In one fluid motion, she pinned Liu Yiliang onto the ground forcefully and hooked one side of the handcuffs onto his wrist. Before she could even put the other side of the handcuff onto his other wrist, he shrugged her away forcefully.

Upon realizing how strong he was, the two of them pounced on him and began attacking him rapidly. The three of them broke out into a scramble. Upon hearing the ruckus, Gong Le quickly stepped in to aid them. Due to the fact that all three of them were well trained in martial arts, it was not too difficult to subdue Liu Yiliang.

Zu Dong and Gong Le held him down and dragged him outside forcefully.

Upon the sight of the situation, Ma Jianguo said immediately, “Team Leader, hurry and drive your car over, lest we frighten the residents around here.”


They then proceeded to bring Liu Yiliang to the police station. However, as soon as they arrived, Liu Yiliang remained tight-lipped and refused to speak up, as if he had gone mute.

Not in a hurry, An Xiaoning instructed, “Lock him up first.”

Upon hearing that they had managed to arrest the prime suspect of the murder case, Pan Zhenghui again hurried over to their office to express his joy.

“You never fail to disappoint, Team Leader An. You’ve definitely set the bar too high, the officers at the Serious Crimes Investigation Unit are going to be seriously pressured,” Pan Zhenghui said in praise of An Xiaoning.

“Diamonds were made under pressure. We ought to work at maximum efficiency, only then can we give the victims justice as soon as possible. I shall head home to get some rest. I’ll come tomorrow to interrogate him,” said An Xiaoning.

“Go ahead, have a good rest.”

“Bureau Chief, we’re exhausted too. Since Team Leader has gone home, do we get to rest as well?”

Showing his benevolence, Pan Zhenghui answered, “Alright, you guys may leave too, report back here tomorrow.”

“Hooray,” Ma Jianguo exclaimed gleefully. Grinning from ear to ear, Ma Jianguo nudged Zu Dong and said teasingly, “Team Leader actually held your hand in order to accomplish the task. Tell us, what does it feel like to hold her hand?”

“That’s all for the task. You’re reading too much into it,” Zu Dong answered shyly.


Mo Li took a look at the time to see that it was already past six o’clock in the evening. Yet, Ye Xiaotian had still not returned home. Is he not going to have dinner at home? she wondered.

Just as the thought crossed her mind, she received a call from Ye Xiaotian.

As guessed, he called to inform her that he would be attending a dinner event and thus would not be eating at home.

Mo Li did not say much apart from reminding him not to have too much alcohol.

She did not feel too affected since she had long gotten used to eating alone.

The newly-hired servants had been treating her with utmost respect, perhaps because they were aware that she was pregnant with Ye Xiaotian’s child.

However, Mo Li did not pry much about the reasons for their respectful attitude towards her.

Dinner consisted of a sumptuous and nutritious spread.

After having her fill, she proceeded to take a shower.

Due to the fact that the tiles on the bathroom floor were rather slippery, Ye Xiaotian had ordered for non-slip mats to be placed above the tiles in order to prevent Mo Li from slipping and falling.

She took a bath leisurely before crawling onto bed to watch some comedy shows on television.

She constantly reminded herself to remain in a happy mood.

After reading some books about prenatal education, she learned that she should be maintaining positive feelings as much as possible, lest the baby gets affected by her mood.

Time passed by gradually, and before she knew it, it was already nine o’clock. Noticing that Ye Xiaotian had yet to return home, she decided to go to bed without him.

Before she fell asleep, she heard sounds made by Ye Xiaotian coming from downstairs.

He seemed to have gotten drunk.

Mo Li was instantly annoyed, for she had already instructed him not to drink too much alcohol.

She got up and headed downstairs in her pajamas.

She arrived at the stairwell, only to see that Sun Weiwei was sitting beside Ye Xiaotian, who was leaning his head against the couch, appearing to be in a drunken stupor.


Mo Li sat down on the empty spot beside him and said, “Let’s go upstairs?”

“Ok.” He wrapped his arms around Mo Li and propelled himself upwards to get on his feet. Mo Li helped him upstairs. Just as Sun Weiwei was about to hold him, Mo Li interjected, “I can handle it myself, you may leave.”

“You’re pregnant now, don’t overexert yourself. Let me do it,” Sun Weiwei said smilingly.

“I said there’s no need for you to!” Mo Li snapped, glaring daggers at Sun Weiwei, whom she utterly detested.

Sun Weiwei did not insist further and instead watched as Mo Li helped Ye Xiaotian upstairs.

She then instructed the kitchen members to brew a bowl of broth which she planned to bring upstairs herself after it was ready.

Mo Li was tending to Ye Xiaotian while he took a shower.

Staring at the king-sized bed, Sun Weiwei could not help but feel rather upset and disgruntled at the thought of Ye Xiaotian and Mo Li sleeping on it together every day. She then placed the bowl of broth onto the table.

She walked towards the door of the bathroom, only to hear Ye Xiaotian murmuring in a drunken stupor.

“Mo Li, I’m really glad to have you by my side…”

“Mo Li, are you upset that I had too much to drink?”

“Mo Li, why aren’t you talking?”


Sun Weiwei stormed off angrily and grabbed her purse from the couch downstairs before exiting through the main entrance.

Noticing how infuriated she looked, her assistant, who was waiting for her in the car, asked, “Sis Weiwei, do you still want to go for supper?”

“No! Drive me home!”


The car zoomed off quickly. Meanwhile, Mo Li helped Ye Xiaotian out of the bathroom. By the time she helped him onto the bed, she was already panting heavily.

Lying on his side, he wrapped his arms around her and buried his face into her decolletage.

Mo Li had already noticed the bowl of broth on the table long ago. However, she decided not to wake him up since he was already sleeping soundly and thus switched off the lights immediately.

The room was filled with silence, apart from the sounds of his snoring, which made it difficult for Mo Li to fall asleep.

Wide awake, she stared at the ceiling above her.

She was feeling rather insecure, though he had verbally promised to marry her. She would only receive the assurance she needed, the day he actually married her.

However, Mo Li felt like she was going to live the rest of her life hidden in the dark, should he be unable to give their child a proper status.

Her child would also be kept hidden as an illegitimate child.

That was the last thing she wanted to see happen.

She began to try convincing herself that he should be able to talk his mother into agreeing to their marriage.

He was Ye Xiaotian, after all. Was there anything beyond his means?

Mo Li then closed her eyes and soon drifted off to dreamland.

“You’ve got a text message.”

She heard the sound of a text message notification coming from a mobile phone.

Mo Li opened her eyes again to find that it was Ye Xiaotian’s phone whose screen had lit up.