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Mo Li sat up slowly and reached a hand out to pick up the mobile phone on the table.

She then opened the text message he just received.

It was his mother who had sent it.

Mo Li could feel the piercing coldness of her words radiating through the screen.

“I will never agree even ’til the day I die.”

Mo Li realized that she was referring to their marriage after reading the messages Ye Xiaotian had sent.

Mo Li placed his phone back onto the table and went on to have a sleepless night.

Ye Xiaotian woke up in the morning to find that she was wide awake, surprisingly.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t catch a wink last night.”

“I did, but I kept waking up in between. I saw the text your mother sent you last night,” said Mo Li as she sat up slowly.

Upon hearing her words, Ye Xiaotian hurriedly took a look at the text message before saying, “My mother is just disapproving of it temporarily.”

“What if she really never agrees to it?”

“Do you know why my mother liked Bai Ranran so much?” said Ye Xiaotian.

“Must I know why?” Mo Li asked rhetorically.

“Ranran had done a lot for me. In order to marry me, she even donated her kidney to my mother voluntarily. My mother was previously diagnosed with uremia, she managed to survive all thanks to Ranran’s kidney,” Ye Xiaotian explained.

“You’re trying to say that your mother adores her only because she had done a lot for you and even saved your mother’s life, aren’t you? Didn’t I give up a lot for you too?” Mo Li scoffed.

“That’s not what I meant.” After some hesitation, Ye Xiaotian said, “Mo Li, could you try to get into my mother’s good books?”

Pinching her fingers in anger, Mo Li answered, “Absolutely not.”

“Mo Li, my mother means the world to me. You may say that she’s my Achilles heel,” said Ye Xiaotian, staring at Mo Li.

“Well then, why don’t you just listen to her and give me up? That would be great, wouldn’t it? I’ll get to live my own life in freedom. Xiaotian, you can’t always have the best of both worlds.”

“But I just want you.”

“I’ve already said this before. If you still can’t give me or the child a proper status before I enter the fifth month of pregnancy, it shall be the end of discussion,” Mo Li said coldly as she covered herself with the duvet and turned away from him.

Ye Xiaotian got out of bed to put on some clothes before leaving the villa.

He then drove towards the Ye family home.

Mrs. Ye happened to be watering the flowers when he returned. Upon the sight of him, she remained quiet, perhaps because she had already guessed his intentions.


“If you’re going to talk about that woman to me, then save it.”

“I won’t be talking to you about her. Could you give my household register to me, please?” Ye Xiaotian asked, squatting down.

“Over my dead body. Xiaotian, if you marry her sneakily without my consent, then the day of your wedding shall be the day of my demise. Go ahead and try if you choose not to believe my words,” Mrs. Ye warned.

“Mother, why do you have to be so obstinate?”

“Why do you have to be so insistent? I’ll be as obstinate as you are,” Mrs. Ye retorted.

Ye Xiaotian had never been put in such a difficult position before.

“You’re putting me in a spot.”

“I can’t believe a woman matters more to you than the mother who’d raised you does. Xiaotian, you’re better off dead! Have you seen the news today? Even Jin Qingyan has agreed to get together with the daughter of the Lin family. Didn’t he end up finding a wife whose family background matches his, anyway!?!” Mrs. Ye hollered in exasperation.

“I don’t care what others do, I’m only concerned about myself.”

“Xiaotian, are you trying to drive me to my grave? I’m telling you straight, I’ll kill myself if you dare marry her!” Mrs. Ye snapped as she smashed the flowering can onto the ground forcefully.

Ye Xiaotian was at a loss for words as he stood rooted to the ground.

From then on, he understood that he could never convince his mother to allow him to marry Mo Li.


“Boss, someone is calling you again!”

“Boss, someone is calling you again!”

“Boss, someone is calling you again!”


An Xiaoning’s mobile phone kept ringing continuously. She opened her eyes and reached out to grab her phone.

“Yangyang, what’s the matter, why did you call so early in the morning?”

“Sis, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, why did you ask?”

“Sis, it’s all over the internet, um…” Mei Yangyang stuttered, unsure how to break the news to An Xiaoning, who sounded like she had not heard of it.

“What is it? Why are you so tongue-tied? Quick, tell me.”

“I read the headlines on today’s news. It says that Mr. Jin and Lin Mingxi were seen having dinner together at the Jin family’s old mansion…”

An Xiaoning was not too surprised since she was aware that Mrs. Jin adored Lin Mingxi to bits.

“What else?”

“Lin Mingxi didn’t leave the entire night.”

Taken aback, An Xiaoning said, “She must’ve slept in the guest room.”

“The servants of the Jin family home claimed that Mr. Jin and Lin Mingxi shared the same room last night. Lin Mingxi also admitted it to the reporters who were questioning her this morning,” Mei Yangyang blurted.

An Xiaoning was momentarily stunned beyond words.

“Sis, it may not be true though. The servants were so certain in answering and verifying the information. It kinda feels like the Jins had planned to leak the piece of news on purpose.”

“Alright, got it. I’ll be getting out of bed now, I still have to go to the police station today.”

As soon as she finished speaking, An Xiaoning ended the call, her spirits dampened.

However, she refused to believe that it was Jin Qingyan’s wish for that to happen.

Given how much he loved An Xiaoning, such that he was willing to kill himself for her, why would he spend a night together with Lin Mingxi?

However, another thought soon popped up in An Xiaoning’s mind. Didn’t he get together with her too back then, in spite of how dearly he had adored Chi Rui’er?

Clutching her chest, An Xiaoning sat on the bed, feeling her face turn cold. An Xiaoning touched her face, only to discover that she had broken out in a cold sweat.

An Xiaoning browsed through the news again to peruse the content.

She placed her phone onto the bed before getting up to wash up and get dressed.

She then proceeded downstairs to have her breakfast.

It was half past seven in the morning.

While grabbing her purse upstairs, she took a look at her phone to see that there were more than ten missed calls from Jin Qingyan.

Instead of calling him back, she proceeded to make her way to the police station.

Little did she know that Jin Qingyan would show up at her house just moments after she left.

After learning that she had gone to the police station, he hopped back into his car and began driving to the police station to look for her.

Noticing that she looked rather pale, Ma Jianguo asked worriedly, “Team Leader, what… happened to you?”

“Nothing, let’s go ahead with the interrogations,” said An Xiaoning as she turned around to leave while the three of them followed closely behind her.

They arrived at the interrogation room to see that Liu Yiliang had already been brought forth. An Xiaoning took a seat while Ma Jianguo held onto a piece of paper and pen.

“Don’t think we wouldn’t know what to do with you if you choose to remain silent. Liu Yiliang, you murdered Wu Changqing under the excuse of renting out a room, and you even tried to express your authority by intentionally leaving the pot of human meat broth for us to find it. Do you really think you’re being smart?” An Xiaoning questioned, keeping her eyes fixed on him.

Yet, he still refused to speak up.

Staring at him, An Xiaoning said calmly, “What do we do now? I still think we ought to resort to violence.”

“Team Leader…” Ma Jianguo could tell that she was losing her patience.

“Forget it, bring his family here. I want to speak to them about how twisted of a mind he’s got, right in front him,” An Xiaoning instructed.

Upon hearing her words, Liu Yiliang finally caved in and broke his silence, “Don’t call them.”