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“Do you love me then?” Ye Xiaotian asked while staring at her.

Without hesitation, Mo Li answered, “Do you want me to love you?”

She detested him to the core, and her hatred for him had never decreased a single bit.

Yet, Mo Li knew that she would have no feelings for him at all if she had really given up on him.


Staring at him, Mo Li answered, “Unfortunately, I don’t. Because you don’t deserve my love. If you’re talking about when we first got together, then yes, I did like you very much at the start. But those feelings don’t exist anymore. Ye Xiaotian, how could I possibly be in love with you?”

“If you don’t love me, does that mean you can love someone else? Unfortunately, Mo Li, you’ll never escape my hands the rest of your life.”

“That’s why I don’t plan on escaping anymore, because I know there’s nowhere for me to run,” Mo Li said with a wry smile.

Ye Xiaotian squinted and answered, “That’s right. Give birth to the child and stay by my side. I won’t mistreat you. I’ll give you a proper status when my mother is no longer around.”

“Ye Xiaotian, do you realize that you’re sounding like you’re giving me a status out of pity? You sound just like you’re giving me everything out of pity. I’m going to bed,” Mo Li said coldly.

She laid down on the bed and remained still.

Feeling flustered out of nowhere, Ye Xiaotian tried to cajole her, “Mo Li, I don’t mean it that way. Marriage is just a label, aren’t we living like we’re married now? Isn’t it enough for me to promise that you’ll be the only woman I’d have for the rest of my life?”

“I don’t wish to talk about this any further, I’m tired.”

“Alright, go to sleep then.”

Ye Xiaotian reached out to hold her in his embrace, placing his hand on her baby bump.

Mo Li remained still while keeping her eyes wide open after the lights were turned off.

She stayed up wide awake for the rest of the night.

Thinking that she was still sound asleep, Ye Xiaotian pulled the duvet over her before heading to work.

Mo Li got out of bed as soon as he left.

She then stowed all her jewelry into her bag. Although there were very few of them, they were rather valuable. She proceeded to leave the house while wearing a face mask and a cap. Having arrived at a jewelry store, she decided to keep her favorite piece and sell the rest.

Needless to say, the price she sold them for was far lower than what Ye Xiaotian had paid for them.

However, Mo Li could not be bothered about the difference.

Mo Li then made her way to her parents’ breakfast bistro with the bank card.

“Sis… why didn’t you bring any bodyguards with you?” said Mo Xun as he hurriedly rushed forward to hold her.

“I went to settle some matters. It wouldn’t be convenient with them around. Where’s Mother?”

“She’s arranging the tables in the bistro.”

“Alright, come in with me.”

Mo Xun then helped her inside.

Mo Li pulled her parents into the bedroom while Mo Xun waited outside by the door.

Handing the bank card to Mrs. Mo, Mo Li said, “Mother, there’s six million dollars in this account. It’s the money I got from selling the jewelry Xiaotian had given me. The PIN number is XXXXXX.”

“Mo Li, we have enough to spend now. Your Father and I are making a decent amount,” said a shocked Mrs. Mo.

“Use this money to buy a house nearby. Mo Xun is not getting any younger, he’s going to need a house when he gets married in the near future. You may keep the rest. I’m not short of money,” Mo Li answered.

Mrs. Mo had no choice but to give in, “Mo Li, how about you keep the remaining money after we buy a house?”

“Alright, that would do too,” she agreed smilingly.

“Go clean up at the bistro, I’ll talk to Mo Li,” Mrs. Mo said to Mr. Mo.

Mr. Mo nodded and proceeded to do as told.

“Mo Li, tell me, has Xiaotian mentioned anything about your marriage?” Mrs. Mo asked softly.

“Mother, his mother threatened to kill herself if he were to marry me. But that’s good because I don’t want to marry him anyway,” Mo Li said nonchalantly, though she was overwhelmed with sadness.

“What about the child? Is his mother not going to acknowledge the child too?” Mrs. Mo asked worriedly.

“As long as Xiaotian acknowledges him, nothing else really matters. Mother, could you promise me something?” Mo Li asked, holding her mother’s hand.

“What is it?”

“No matter what happens in the future, promise me that you, Father, and Mo Xun will continue to live on well.”

Taken aback, Mrs. Mo answered worriedly, “Mo Li, what are you talking about? You mustn’t do anything foolish, you hear? If anything happens to you, how am I supposed to continue living?”

Mo Li was on the verge of tears. However, she suppressed her emotions and said instead, “I’m just talking about the future. I’m not going to do anything foolish.”

Mrs. Mo heaved a huge sigh of relief before saying, “There’s hope as long as you live on. You should just give birth to the child since he wants you to do so.”

Mo Li nodded in agreement. “Yes, the baby is almost five months old.”

“Don’t think about anything else, just focus on staying healthy and taking good care of yourself and the baby. I shall go accompany you one month before you’re due for labor. How does that sound?”

Mo Li gave a nod and pulled her mother into her arms. “Mother, I love you the most.”

Giving her a pat on her back, Mrs. Mo answered, “I just hope you will live well. We’ll be happy as long as you’re happy.”

Mo Li held her tears back and nodded fervently.

Upon returning to Ming Yuan Estate, Mo Li locked herself in her bedroom and burst into tears while tucking herself beneath the duvet.

She had no idea what to do next.

She could not see a glimmer of hope in life at all.

By the time the child was born, Ye Xiaotian would have a stronger reason to control her and tie her down. Besides, given how young his mother was, it would be ages before Mo Li would get to have a proper status, should his mother continue to disapprove of their marriage.

She would be illegitimate, and so would the child.

It would be akin to living behind closed doors forever, not fit to be revealed to the world.

“Get her to come out!” Mrs. Ye barked from the living room.

Mo Li quickly sat up and put on her slippers. She headed to the bathroom to rinse her face; her eyes were red and swollen from crying.

Just as Mo Li exited the living room, she was greeted with the sight of the servant standing by the door. “Ms. Mo, Madam is waiting in the living room. She’d like to see you,” the servant said softly.

“Got it.” Mo Li then headed downstairs together with the servant.

While seated on the couch, Mrs. Ye kept her eyes fixed on Mo Li the moment the latter arrived downstairs.

Her eyes were peeled onto Mo Li’s baby bump.

“Do you really plan to keep the child?” Mrs. Ye asked coldly with no signs of anger in her tone, unlike the previous time.

“Your son insists that I give birth to it.”

Glaring daggers at Mo Li, Mrs. Ye said, “Mo Li, just because I haven’t been coming here the past few months, doesn’t mean I’ve stopped minding about the issue between you two. I came here today with the main purpose of telling you that I’ve already begun looking for a suitable prospective wife for Xiaotian. She’s the daughter of a wealthy family belonging to the upper class society. You’re in no way comparable to her at all in every aspect, be it family background, education level, height, appearance, and what have you. I also want to tell you that the baby you’re carrying is no trump card. Don’t think you can make Xiaotian marry you just because you’re pregnant with his child. I will kill myself if Xiaotian dares to marry you. We shall see if he picks you or his mother.”

“It’s indeed to be expected of you to threaten your son using your life, Mrs. Ye. You don’t have to come forth to tell me these. Whatever it is that you’ve done for him, I’m not interested in hearing any of it. Neither am I in any place to meddle,” Mo Li retorted.