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The doctor questioned, “Then what?”

“Then I’ll tell you what to do again.” An Xiaoning continued, “All of you just wait first, I’m just asking you to respect her wishes, not to do anything bad.”


Ye Xiaotian and Gu Beicheng waited at the corridor for four whole hours. Only then did news come from the operating theater.

The doctor came out first with a grim face. “After such a long time of emergency treatment, the patient could not be saved.”

Ye Xiaotian went forward and pulled the doctor’s coat collar. “You have to save her!”

Gu Beicheng hurriedly held him back. “Xiaotian.”

Ye Xiaotian released his hand and was about to barge into the operating theater when the nurse wheeled Mo Li out.

Mo Li’s face was pale as death. Her eyes were shut, and there was no sign of breath from her.

“Mo Li…” Ye Xiaotian hugged her head, tears rushing out of his eyes.

He truly regretted it. He regretted saying those things to her last night.

He really did not expect that she was so brave.

Now, nothing that he said would matter.

Gu Beicheng looked at him, feeling rather upset.

When they went back, Gu Beicheng drove while Ye Xiaotian sat at the back row, holding Mo Li in his arms.

Gu Beicheng’s own car, on the other hand, was left at the hospital.

When they reached home, An Xiaoning arrived as well, just closely behind them.

“You should ask Mo Li’s family to come here.”

Ye Xiaotian agreed.

When Mr. and Mrs. Mo, as well as Mo Xun, arrived, they saw Mo Li on the sofa. The family of three broke into uncontrollable sobs.

Mrs. Mo almost passed out as she threw herself onto Mo Li and wailed bitterly. “Mo Li ah, why did you take things so hard? Now that you’re gone, how is your mother going to live on?”

Mo Xun stood at the side and suddenly turned to Ye Xiaotian, glaring at him resentfully. “It’s you, you caused my sister’s death. Are you happy now?!”

Ye Xiaotian did not answer and stood there like a statue.

Mrs. Mo stood up, her eyes tearful. “Xiao Xun, carry your sister out. Since she’s already dead, we’ll bury her ourselves.”

Mo Xun teared up as he carried Mo Li out. Watching them leave, An Xiaoning hurriedly followed after them.

“Uncle, Auntie, sit in my car. Mo Li and I were friends. I’ll send all of you back.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” They got onto her car, and An Xiaoning drove out of Ming Yuan Estate.

Seeing them sob, devastated, An Xiaoning could no longer hold it in. “Mo Li isn’t dead.”

The family of three were in a state of shock all at once.

“She’s just been given anesthetic and is in deep sleep. She’ll wake up soon.” An Xiaoning flashed a grin at them. “Only like this will she be able to escape Ye Xiaotian’s clutches.”

The three who were originally overwhelmed with grief were instantly cured, and they exchanged looks of joy with each other.

Mrs. Mo then hugged Mo Li tightly and stuck her face closely to hers. “That’s really wonderful.”

“Now, Mo Li can go to my place first. I have a basement there, and I’ve already arranged for someone to buy a bed. She can stay there temporarily. The injury on her wrist has been bandaged properly, so the doctor just has to come and give her some anti-inflammatory IV drip for some time, then she’ll recover.”

“Alright,” Mrs. Mo replied gratefully. “Having a friend like you, it’s really Li Li’s honor.”

“Auntie, don’t say that. This decision was hers, I’m just doing what I can to help her.”

The car finally drove into Dongpo Road.

Mei Yangyang had already prepared the bed in the basement, so Mo Xun carried Mo Li onto the bed. As it was gloomy and cold in the basement, An Xiaoning said, “Yangyang, get someone to install a ventilation system here.”

“Alright, Sis.”

The ventilation system was installed properly, and Mo Li woke up. She looked extremely weak, but was aware of her surroundings.

The anxious hearts of the others were finally able to calm down.

“Li Li, you’re awake?”

“Mother, I’m sorry.”

Mrs. Mo could not help but tear up. “Why were you so silly? Luckily there was Ms. An to help you. Otherwise, what can you do?”

Mo Li looked around. “Where is she, Mother?”

“She’s upstairs.”

“Get her to come down, I want to talk to her.”

“Sure.” Mrs. Mo went up the stairs and out of the basement, calling An Xiaoning down.

An Xiaoning sat by the bed and asked gently, “Mo Li, are you alright now?”

“I’m fine, I’m really thankful that you were there and that you helped me get to your place secretly.”

An Xiaoning responded, “What’s there to thank? I’m just doing what I can to help you, I’m willing to. Don’t think about anything else and recuperate here properly, then give birth to the child.”

“About this, I don’t want this child anymore. It won’t be good for the child to grow up in an incomplete family.”

An Xiaoning replied immediately, “Mo Li, you have to give birth to it. Even if the child does not have a father, at least it has her mother’s love. You know, I’ve already miscarried two children. When a child comes, you must keep it. Otherwise, when you can’t have children, it would be difficult if you want one.”

“The child has been in my stomach for more than four months, almost five months already. I actually have a bond with it already. I’ll listen to you.”

“That’s right. It’s not like you can’t afford to raise it anyway,” An Xiaoning replied cheerfully. “Honestly, when I saw you lying on the bed, I was terrified too. But seeing how you were saved, I’m really relieved.”

“I’m afraid he’ll come here to find me…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make proper arrangements for you.” An Xiaoning patted her own chest to assure her. “Don’t worry.”

The basement’s door suddenly flung open. Long Tianze hurried down anxiously and arrived before Mo Li’s bed in the blink of an eye. “Mo Li.”

“Umm, Tianze.”

Long Tianze heaved a long sigh of relief. “Just now, when I heard it from Yangyang, I almost died of a cardiac arrest.”

Mo Li gazed at him and broke into a laugh.

“You still have the cheek to laugh.”

“I won’t do this again in the future.”

Long Tianze placed his hands on An Xiaoning’s shoulders and remarked in a serious tone, “Sister-in-law, you’ve really done something that deserves respect this time.”

“Don’t call me Sister-in-law. Who’s your Sister-in-law? Just call me what you used to call me.”

“The two of you have already gotten back together, why should I still call you Ms. An?” Long Tianze straightened his body. “Right, don’t ever let Gu Beicheng know about this. If he knows, Ye Xiaotian will know about it soon as well.”

“I know. So from today onwards, Mo Li’s family can’t come here anymore. Even when Mo Li is about to give birth, only her mother should come here for a short period of time.”

Long Tianze nodded his head in agreement. “Of course.”

Ye Xiaotian sat on the sofa in the living room for a long time.

Even when Gu Beicheng spoke to him, he did not have any response at all.

“Xiaotian, why did Mo Li commit suicide?”

“My mother did not allow her to marry into the family no matter what.”

Gu Beicheng was stunned by the reason. “So, you told her she couldn’t marry you?”


“Wow, are you an idiot? Even if your mother didn’t agree, you could still take the household register and secretly register your marriage, then talk about carrying out the wedding ceremony later on.” Gu Beicheng really felt he would be the death of him.

“Now, it’s too late to say anything.” Ye Xiaotian looked up at the maid. “After I went to the company, was there anything unusual with Ms. Mo?”

“After Young Sir went to work, Ms. Mo went out alone. Not long after she came back, Madam came.”