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Ye Xiaotian asked, “My mother?”

“Yes.” The maid hesitated to speak, but thinking that Mo Li was already dead, she still replied, “Madam said many nasty things. She made it very clear that even if Ms. Mo gave birth to the child, it will be an illegitimate child.”

Ye Xiaotian’s expression was already very ugly. At this point, his fury reached its peak.

Before Gu Beicheng could even stop him, he had already rushed out. Thinking that he must be going back to the Ye residence, Gu Beicheng did not bother chasing after him either.

Mrs. Ye was still unaware of the news at this point and was at home playing mahjong with other wealthy housewives.

Seeing Ye Xiaotian suddenly appear at the front gate of their house, her face changed. Mrs. Mo thought that Mo Li must have complained to him about her.

She then made her mahjong members leave, and when it was finally quiet in the living room, she remarked, “She complained to you?”

Ye Xiaotian gazed at her. “Mother, does that make you happy?”


“She’s dead.”

Mrs. Ye could not react to this all of a sudden. “What?”

“Mo Li slit her wrist and committed suicide.” Ye Xiaotian looked at her, his eyes full of tears. “Because of this matter of our marriage, she’s dead. Mother, are you still happy about it?”

Mrs. Ye was still in shock by the news. “She’s really dead?”

“The child is not even five months yet, it’s your biological grandson or granddaughter! How could you say it’s an illegitimate child!” He was so agitated that he bellowed at his mother for the first time, “Are you happy now?!”

“Don’t tell me you can’t live without Mo Li? Without her, Mother can find a respectable match for you! I’ve already found one, you can meet her today!” Mrs. Ye could not bear to see him in that state.

“Yes, I’ll meet her!” He stared right into his mother’s eyes. “I’ll meet the person today, and get married today! Your son naturally can’t bear to watch you die, much less see you unhappy. Since you’re so eager to make me marry someone you’re pleased with, then I’ll fulfill your wishes. I hope you’ll never regret your actions, Mother!”

He turned and left quickly.

Mr. Ye came out from the bedroom and saw the figure of his wife shaking. He berated her, “Look what you’ve done, you’ve driven her to her death.”

“She deserved to die! So what if she’s dead? That’s my exact wishes anyway. If she had not seduced Xiaotian, do you think Xiaotian will be in this state now — refusing to be with anyone but her?”

Mr. Ye was unwilling to argue with her.

He could only remain silent after letting out a loud sigh.

Ye Xiaotian was back at the courtyard at Ming Yuan Estate. After getting off the car, he walked into the house slowly. As he stood in this house, past memories started flooding back into his head. Ye Xiaotian’s hand trembled slightly, and his heart felt like it was being ripped out. The pain caused everything before him to appear blurry.

His heart felt like he had lost the most precious thing to him.

She was dead.

Thinking back on her short life, he found it was indeed ruined by his very hands.

The bedsheets had already been changed into a new set of clean ones. There was no longer her blood stains, but her smell still lingered in the bedroom.

The room was filled with memories of her.

Ye Xiaotian laid down on the bed, feeling terribly uncomfortable in his heart.

Only now was he realizing that Mo Li was more than just a habit to him.

He wanted her to be by his side forever, because he loved her.

He did love her.

Realizing this, Ye Xiaotian felt that it was all too late.

Unknowingly, he fell asleep while lying there. When he woke up, the pitch-dark room was like an endless void, which made him tired of it.

He switched on the lights and lit a cigarette. The cigarette in between his fingers emitted a thin smoke that rose up slowly. His phone ringtone suddenly sounded, breaking the silence in the quiet night.

Ye Xiaotian took out his phone, and the screen displayed a name that made him frown tightly. He did not want to pick up his phone at all.

As the phone rang time and again, he finally picked it up. His voice was low and hoarse. “Hello.”

“Brother Xiaotian, I heard something’s happened to Mo Li, is it true?”


“Brother Xiaotian, I know you must be feeling very upset. If you want to get drunk, I can accompany you.” Sun Weiwei’s voice was full of worry.

“No need, I’m very vexed now. Don’t find me.”

With that, he hung up the call.

Sun Weiwei looked at the phone display screen and did not feel disappointed, but burst out laughing. “The heavens have really helped me. I had not even made my move and she already killed herself.”

“Sister Weiwei, looks like the heavens are really helping you.”

Sun Weiwei laughed and did not answer.

When Jin Qingyan found out about this incident, he kept staring at An Xiaoning.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

He sat on the bed, looking at her idly. “I realized that you worry about other people a lot.”

“I feel that I meddle too much in others’ lives too.”

Jin Qingyan reached out and smacked her forehead. “Ye Xiaotian is not a benevolent person. If he were to find out that Mo Li isn’t dead and is at your place, Xiaoning, you’ll be in trouble. If this issue was easy to handle, I would have stepped in a few years ago. But it’s not.”

“Who cares if it’s easy to handle, look at what the Ye family has done to Mo Li. But I have a magic weapon.” She took out a mask. “This cost two million dollars. The next time Mo Li goes on the streets, as long as she’s wearing this, she can go anywhere. No one will be able to recognize her.”

Jin Qingyan stared at the mask, replying, “That day when I went to meet Lin Mingxi, the person I held onto on the streets was really you.”

“Of course, who else could it be?” She placed the mask down. “You men think further and consider a wider scope, but women are sentimental. Seeing Mo Li like that, I felt that I should help her. If she can raise her child safely for the rest of her life, I would consider it a charitable deed done.”

Jin Qingyan hugged her, affectionately leaning against her face. “It’s this you that makes me love you more. I can’t live without you for the rest of my life, how about you?”

“Me? I can live perfectly well without you for the rest of my life.”


“Looks like you need to try harder to make me love you to that extent as well.”

“I’ll try. But, Xiaoning, let’s make a bet.” Jin Qingyan hesitated for a moment, then continued, “If you can get pregnant again, then no matter whether the child can be born, you must marry me again.”

“If I can give birth to it, I’ll marry you again. Otherwise, don’t even think about it.”

“… Xiaoning.”

“Even if you call me Daning, it’s useless.” She insisted on not being affected by his bewitching. “If I remarry you, it’ll be my third marriage. I need to be especially careful about it. How could I just marry you again like that? You really lack sincerity.”

“Alright, we have a deal then. If you get pregnant and give birth to it in the end, then you’ll have to remarry me. You can’t go back against your words.”

“Of course.”

“I’m not assured, I need to get Fan Shixin to print two pieces of a written agreement.”

“Jin Qingyan, enough.” Was it really still him? It was usually women who were afraid of not being able to get married when they had a child. But, look at him — he was afraid that she wouldn’t marry him if she had a child. He must be drunk.

“No, I haven’t had enough.” Jin Qingyan immediately gave his instructions to Fan Shixin.

With that, the well-known Chief Fan wearily made his way there through the bitter cold, just to send the two pieces of written agreement.