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The freshly printed agreement was treated by Jin Qingyan like it was a precious gem.

Seeing the look of happiness on his face, An Xiaoning could not help but pour cold water at him. “For a child to come out from my stomach, I think it’s harder than ascending the skies.”

“Who says ascending the sky is hard? What are planes for in this modern age?” He promised sincerely, “This is not something that’s been set in stone. As long as there’s a chance, I’ll try my best and find the best doctor for you.”

Looking at the glow in his eyes, An Xiaoning made a sound of acknowledgement. But in reality, she did not have high hopes.

But if the heavens were to grant her this miracle, she would be extremely grateful.

She would also work hard to grab hold of her happiness.

“It’s getting late, it’s time to rest. You should go back to your house to rest, I want to sleep alone.”

Jin Qingyan opened the covers and laid down. “I disagree.”

An Xiaoning could only give up the idea. “Tomorrow morning, I need to wake up early to supervise the editing of the movie. You better not disturb my rest tonight.”

“Umm.” For the whole night, he really just hugged her to sleep. To Jin Qingyan, this was much better than the situation a few months ago. He was contented by it.

Early in the morning, before An Xiaoning had even opened her eyes, Mei Yangyang knocked on the door.

“Sis, are you awake?”

“Not yet…”

“You should wake up quickly, I have an important news to tell you.”

“Alright.” After some struggle, she managed to sit up on the bed.

Mei Yangyang waited for twenty minutes in the living room before An Xiaoning finally came down.

“What important news?”

“Come and see the newspapers.” Mei Yangyang passed the morning paper to An Xiaoning. She took a glance at the headlines and immediately questioned, “Does Lin Mingxi specially hunt for men?”

“Exactly. Look at this speed, who can compare to her?” Mei Yangyang continued, “Ye Xiaotian is really remarkable. Mo Li just died, yet he’s marrying Lin Mingxi today.”

An Xiaoning was actually relieved. “It’s good as well this way. Show Mo Li the paper later, so she won’t be in a constant state of anxiety anymore, afraid of Ye Xiaotian capturing her back again. At least now she can live here in peace.”

“Umm, okay.”

Mei Yangyang brought the morning paper to the basement.

“Sister Mo Li, there’s a recent news about the Ye family. My sister asked me to inform you, so that you’ll be more at ease.”

“What… news?”

“Ye Xiaotian’s marrying Lin Mingxi today. The news just got out suddenly, look.” Mei Yangyang passed her the paper. “Looks like you don’t have to be on tenterhooks anymore.”

Mo Li took the paper from her. Under the light, she read the content on the paper from beginning to end.

After reading, she responded, “When I got him to marry me and give the child a status, his mother refused to agree no matter what. Now, she’s acting so quickly. This is the difference, how amazing.”

“Sister Mo Li, Lin Mingxi can’t compare to you at all. Did you know? Lin Mingxi went for a blind date with Tianze before, then met Mr. Jin too after that. When we were at the devil training camp, she went there just for Mr. Jin. What incredible speed, in the blink of an eye, she’s marrying Ye Xiaotian.”

“To me, it’s a good thing. I no longer have to be controlled by him. When I’ve recovered and given birth to the child, it’ll just be the two of us. I’ve already thought it through. When the child is born, I’ll bring it to the countryside to live. News doesn’t spread fast there. I’ve sold my jewelry previously, so I can use that money to buy my parents and Xiao Xun a house to live in. The rest of the money should be enough for me and the child to spend.”

Listening to her plans, Mei Yangyang felt that as long as it was her own choice, it would be for the best.

“Umm, Sister Mo Li, you’ll be happy.”

“I hope so.”

There was complete silence in the Jin residence’s living room. After eating, Mrs. Jin sat on the sofa, knitting a scarf for Jin Qingyue. She had her head lowered, and her fingers continued to move. But maybe because she thought of something that made her burn with rage, she threw the knitting in her hands onto the sofa.

“Mother, what’s wrong?” Jin Qingyue asked upon seeing her sudden movement.

“What’s wrong? Today Lin Mingxi’s getting married to Ye Xiaotian. If not for your brother, she’d already be my daughter-in-law now.”

“You’re angry about this?” Jin Qingyue stroked her belly and said idly, “I think it’s all An Xiaoning’s power, which bewitched Brother. Right, An Xiaoning’s talismans are so effective, Mother, do you think she used some special talisman to enchant Brother?”

Upon hearing this, a thought flashed in Mrs. Jin head. “That’s possible. When you were dating with Shi Shaochuan, she even had the power to make the two of you break up. Even though the effect wasn’t that huge, you two were fighting every day during that period.”

“I already knew then that it was a curse. But seriously, even though we did not break up, during that time, I kept fighting with him for no good reason. This is true.”

Mrs. Jin sprung up all of a sudden. “I’ll go and ask those powerful masters. If An Xiaoning can get pregnant, I have nothing else to say if she’s with your brother. But if she can’t get pregnant now, even though we owe her, we can’t possibly pay her back by letting your brother be the last of the Jin family line.”

“That’s right. Mother, you should go and inquire quickly. They have yet to remarry now. By the time they remarry, it will be too late to handle it.”

As she spoke, her phone rang. Seeing that it was Shi Shaochuan calling her, Jin Qingyue hurriedly got up and went out to pick up the call.

“You seldom call me this early at eight or nine in the morning. What’s the matter?”

“Yueyue, where are you now?”

“I’m at my mother’s place, I just sat down for less than two minutes. What’s wrong?”

Shi Shaochuan explained on the other end, “My company’s going overseas to negotiate an agreement, I have to go over personally too.”

“To where? For how long.”

“Three days, to H Nation.”

“Three days… so long?” Jin Qingyue was dissatisfied. “Let me go with you.”

“You’re carrying a huge belly, how can you run about like that?” Shi Shaochuan continued, “We can video call every day, can’t we? It’s three days, I’ll be back really soon. Yueyue, you need to support your husband’s career, right? Wait for me to be back, I’ll spend more time with you.”

“Alright then.” Jin Qingyue’s tone could not hide her sense of dejection. “If you dare to be seduced by other vixens outside when you’re overseas these few days, I’ll not let you off so easily.”

“How would I dare to?” Hearing her consent, Shi Shaochuan sweetened his voice, “Honey, I can’t bear to part with you. But I’ve no choice, I have to go over personally.”

“Alright. Isn’t it just three days? I’ll wait for you at home.”

Shi Shaochuan responded, “Umm. When I’m not at home, remember to eat and drink well. Wait for Honey to come back.”

“I know. Muah, Honey.”

“Then I’ll hang up, okay?” After Shi Shaochuan ended the call, he let out a huge sigh of relief. Darting a glance at Xu Jingwen beside him, he remarked, “Look, just to go on an overseas trip with you, I have to go through such things. I have to instruct the company not to reveal anything and to lie to my wife. Baby, I’m doing all these just for you.”