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Xu Jingwen gave him a kiss. “Then, let’s start preparing now. My dream last time was to travel overseas to play. Now, it’s finally being fulfilled.”

“I just fed you full, now I’ve no more energy. You pack up now, and we’ll set off immediately!”

Xu Jingwen’s face lit up with happiness. “Umm!”

An Xiaoning had a cup of tea in her hand as she walked out of the police station towards her own car.

As she was about to reach the front of the car, a figure appeared at the rear end of the car. It turned out to be Gu Beicheng.

“Why are you here?”

“I had nothing to do today, so I came to chat with you.”

An Xiaoning rolled her lips. “Get on.”

Gu Beicheng got into the driver’s seat, and An Xiaoning passed him the car keys. “Isn’t it Ye Xiaotian’s wedding today? Aren’t you going to be his best man?”

“I can go later.” Gu Beicheng started the engine and drove the car out of the police station. “Is everything good between you and Jin Qingyan?”

“Very good.” An Xiaoning rolled down the car window slightly, allowing the wind to blow in. The inside of the car became more cool instantly. “How about you, have you found a girlfriend?”

“I want to, but I haven’t found anyone who catches my eye.”

“Leave such things to fate then. There’s no point finding someone if she isn’t the right one.”

Gu Beicheng turned and looked at her. “This logic applies to you very well.”

“Are you complimenting or insulting me?”

“Complimenting, of course. Do you intend to remarry him?”

“I don’t intend to, for now. Let nature take its course.” An Xiaoning stretched out her left hand and rolled up her sleeve. “Look, I’ve been wearing the bangle you gave me. It just gives me a weird feeling.”

Gu Beicheng was perplexed. “What about it is weird?”

“I can’t describe it, but I just feel that it has an aura to it.”

“I’ve had this bangle in my collection for a very long time. It caught my eye because it looked pretty nice. So when you got married, I thought of gifting it to you because I felt that it suits you best. But if you feel uncomfortable wearing it, then stop wearing it.”

An Xiaoning swung her wrist. “It’s fine, I’ve worn it for some time already. I don’t feel uncomfortable, do you know what this weird feeling is like?”


“It’s like I have a special connection with it. That’s why when you first gave it to me, I liked it then. It’s just that I felt jades are quite ominous items, so I didn’t wear it.”

Seeing how she liked it so much, Gu Beicheng felt that it was right gifting the bangle to her. He parked the car by the roadside.

“I heard the movie you invested in is in its final stage of production. If you need any help, just let Brother know.”

“Do you think I’d stand on ceremony with you?” An Xiaoning turned to him and continued, “After some time, the movie preview will be out. We intend for it to premiere on Christmas Day. Before it premieres, we’ll definitely need to do some promotions. Qingyan can arrange for exposure on some variety shows, but some other shows seem to be controlled by a subsidiary company under the Ye Corporation. Brother can settle those for me.”

Gu Beicheng readily agreed. “I’ll talk to Xiaotian about it, your cast will definitely be able to go on those programs. On the day of the premiere, I’ll book the whole theater. Your family will provide you with immense support.”

“Umm. Thanks, Brother.”

This call to him turned Gu Beicheng wild with joy. “Alright, I’ll just get off here.”

As he got off, An Xiaoning got down from the car too. She went around the front of the car and said, “Since you’re going to Ye Xiaotian’s wedding, I can send you there.”

“There’s a lot of media reporters there, you’ll get photographed. Get into the car.”

“Okay.” An Xiaoning got into the car and watched his figure as he left. There was something about the look in her eyes that was unusual.

When she reached home, she found that it was exceptionally quiet.

As she reached the stairway, she vaguely heard low sobs. She could recognize that it was Mo Li.

It was inevitable that her heart would ache. After all, her four, five years with him ended with nothing compared to a blind date whom he only met once.

Moreover, they even had a child together.

After some thought, An Xiaoning still went down to the basement.

“Mo Li…” The bed was large enough so An Xiaoning took off her shoes and laid down beside her, looking at her eyes, which were reddened from crying. An Xiaoning said gently, “Your new life just began, a good life awaits you.”

“I’m crying because of my stupidity. If I hadn’t been saved, I would have left nothing but pain for my family while it would probably not have changed things for other people. Isn’t that so?”

An Xiaoning nodded in agreement. “Yes.”

Mo Li looked up. “So, I’ll live well in the future and raise my child all by myself. I’ll consider that my success achieved.”

“You’ll still be able to meet your true love in time.”

She shook her head. “No, I just want to live my life with my child. I won’t think about other things.”

“Well, that’s good as well. Even without a man, a woman can live a brilliant life as well. Life is so short, we should never put ourselves through suffering. Living a happy life is the most important. Mo Li, I wish you the best.”

Mrs. Ye was extremely happy about Ye Xiaotian’s marriage, but the groom himself did not display even a tinge of happiness on his face.

The wedding was not carried out in a grand manner either.

Due to the rush, everything was kept simple. Even the wedding photos were taken on the spot, and only a few shots were taken. This made the Lin family extremely discontented, but Lin Mingxi reiterated how she did not care about these and that all these that were lost could be gotten back in the future.

The couple were to spend their wedding night at the old Ye residence, and they were to stay under the same roof as Mrs. Ye.

Lin Mingxi was a quick-thinking woman. She did like Jin Qingyan indeed, but seeing that he had gotten back together with An Xiaoning, she changed her target rapidly and gave up on Jin Qingyan.

When her family recommended Ye Xiaotian to her, she agreed on the spot.

She had long heard of Ye Xiaotian and the things he did, but this did not stop her from marrying him.

The wedding today was the second time she had met Ye Xiaotian.

Their first meeting was the previous night, under the witness of both of their parents.

Although they went through the wedding ceremony together and were within close proximity throughout, she actually felt that this man was even colder than Jin Qingyan was.

While Jin Qingyan was considered polite and courteous towards her, Ye Xiaotian completely disregarded her presence.

He made no eye contact with her and did not even talk to her, much less look her in the eye.

After the wedding ceremony ended, he just left like that. From the looks of it, their wedding night would not be consummated.

Lin Mingxi was rather disappointed.

She had come back from the devil boot camp with much more confidence. If he did not return to the old residence tonight, she would find him herself, by virtue of being his new wife.

When night came, Ye Xiaotian did not return home, as expected.

Lin Mingxi went out to find him. She first went to Ming Yuan Estate, then to Ye Xiaotian’s company, and finally, to the nightclub he frequented.

After looking around for more than an hour, he finally found Ye Xiaotian.

He was already drunk at this point and had Gu Beicheng accompanying him.

Seeing that she had come, Ye Xiaotian sneered. “Wow, my new wife came here to catch me?”

“Ye Xiaotian, you know that I’m your newly wed wife too. We did not get married so quickly for you to make me into a fool. Go home with me.”

Ye Xiaotian looked at her and remarked, “Lin Mingxi, from the moment you entered the Ye family today, I wanted you to know how it feels like to live as a wife only in name.”